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CSGO gambling sites

If you’re looking for the best free CSGO gambling sites, the most trustworthy CSGO gambling sites, or just looking for the best signup bonus for one of these sites, we’ve got our list of the best CSGO gambling sites for new beginners and pros when it comes to CSGO gambling. All you need to do this look through this list, choose one of the sites, grab your hot bonus and place your bets.

Most players know that there are many things to think about before signing up to a new CSGO gambling site or even one of the many CSGO casino sites, but one of the biggest factors is definitely if you can trust the platform. We’ve personally verified each platform below and deposited our own funds to verify them.

Top Rated CSGO Gambling Sites in 2021

1.CSGOEmpire$0.5-$1,000Claim Bonus
2.CSGORoll3 Free CasesClaim Cases
3.WTFSkins0.4 Free CoinsClaim Bonus
4.CSGOFast$0.5-$1,000 Claim Bonus
5.CSGO500100 BUXClaim Bonus
6.Farmskins$1 FreeClaim Bonus
7.DaddySkins5% Profit Bonus Claim Bonus
8. GamdomFree CoinsClaim Bonus
9.Unbox Skins$0.10 FreeClaim Bonus

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Best CSGO Betting Sites 2021

And with over 200 cups of coffee, we’ve finally decided on the 8 best CSGO gambling sites.

What are the best online CSGO gambling sites?

Here is a list of the best CSGO gambling sites:

  • CSGOEmpire
  • CSGORoll
  • CSGO500
  • Gamdom
  • FarmSkins
  • CSGOPolygon
Up To $1447 In Skins & Coins
  • Good Deposit Options
  • Roulette, Cash, Coinflip, Case Opening
  • Great Crypto Payouts
3+ Free Cases + 5% Deposit Bonus
  • Daily Free Cases
  • Great Payment Methods
  • Crash, Roulette, Dice, Case Battles
Get Up To 500 Bux Daily
  • Jackpot, Crash, Match, Coinflip
  • Player Case Battles
  • Easy & Quick Withdrawals
Free Coins Using CR100
  • Free Coins + Bonuses
  • Plenty of Deposit & Withdrawal
  • Crash, Jackpot, Coinflip, Roulette
$1 Free + Cases & Coins
  • Fantastic Bonuses & Promos
  • Great Payment Methods
  • Roulette, coinflip, blackjack, dice
Enter Code CR100 for Free Cases & Bonuses
  • Crash, Coinflip and Roulette
  • Up To 1000 Free Coins
  • Use Code: CR100
$0.50 in Free Coins + Free Skins
  • Roulette, Coinflip, Crash, Blackjack
  • Wide range of payment methods
  • Up-to-date website
5% Deposit Bonus + Free Case
  • Free Cases & Rare Cases
  • Giveaways & Raffles
  • Enter Code CR100 for Deposit Bonus
  • CSGO Roulette & Crash
  • Quick Withdrawals
  • Great Range of Payment Methods

As you can see the above list provides you with a fantastic range of all the game types available on these csgo gambling sites such as roulette, dice games, raffle, coinflip, case opening among other fantastic gameplays you can choose from. 

What Makes These The Best CSGO Gambling Sites?

As they are hundreds of different csgo gambling sites we’ve chosen to use criteria to rank the best sites and use it to rank how well they rank on our list. 

  • Popularity / Userbase – Obviously, lots of punters and fellow players of any csgo gambling site which indicate a trustworthy and reliable website. 
  • English Speaking – In this roundup, we’ll only be seeking out primarily english speaking sites as this article is for english speaking countries only. 
  • Design – With any top csgo gambling site you’ll see that they have a fantastic design with loads of functional to improve user experience and make sure you’re always enjoying yourself on their website. 
  • Performance –  A fast functioning website is always a must in our lists, having a slow website that hardly loads is one of the most annoying things in the 21st century, especially when it comes to gambling. 
  • Payment Methods (Withdrawl & Deposit) – Withdrawing and depositing on a CSGO gambling site is one of the most important factors in our criteria, ensuring you’re able to quickly access your money indicates a trustworthy platform. Some platforms use cryptocurrencies and some use eWallets such as PayPal, both are functional. Skin withdrawals with steam, etc are also factored into the criteria. 
  • Mobile Compatibility – The majority of CSGO gambling sites will have some form of mobile compatibility on their platform or sometimes even downloadble apps, but this is often rare. Most of these platfroms are designed on HTML5 so responsiveness is often great on these sites which makes betting on your favourite game easy to do. Albeit, mobile apps are more convient, their mobile version needs to be great to be listed.
  • Customer Support – The best csgo gambling sites will never leave you in the dark when it comes to support, sometimes certain aspects of these sites will be difficult and having a customer support team can greatly help you avoid any scenario like that. 

About Our CSGO Ratings

As you may know, we have hundreds of different sites to choose from and we need to be particularly careful when it comes to CSGO gambling sites, filtering through hundreds of brands and ultimately spending hundreds of hours researching just to decide mediocre to great CSGO gambling platforms isn’t worth your time.

CSGO Gambling Sites

Ultimately we receive compensation for the placements on the page, you can click through onto the ‘Reivew’ section on the table and check out our review and thoughts on each CSGO promo code completely unbiased. We often turn down sites that do not conform to our criteria and factors.

CSGO Gambling Sites That Didn’t Make Our List

We can’t make a neverending list with hundreds of csgo gambling sites; we’ve only listed the best of the best; down below you can find the runner-ups of our concise list, below are sites that haven’t yet meet our criteria to the degree our above have. 

  • HELLCase
  • DatDrop
  • GoCasePRO
  • Betway Esports
  • Puntt

What Are CSGO Gambling Sites And How Do They Work? 

Essentially, csgo gambling sites operate similarly to normal gambling sites; however, there are really two types of methods you can use to play on these gambling sites; the most common form is skin betting and real-money csgo betting. 

Sites like CS:GO Fast, or FarmSkins run roulette, coinflip, blackjack, and more game types that are frequently run, most often every 45 minutes. Players will deposit skins or currency to convert them into the gambling sites currency, which has their own value based on the skin or FIAT currency uploaded. 

Using Licensed CSGO Skin Gambling Sites

License gambling sites are always a handy badge to have, however, unlicensed betting sites can be trusted especially when it comes to CSGO. Due to the new space, many csgo gambling sites aren’t currently under a regulatory body, some may be under a Curacao body, but nonetheless, they don’t have full regulation. 

However, don’t let unlicensed csgo platforms scare you away, due to the high volume of players, these sites can’t do anything dodgy ‘per say’

Trustworthy CSGO Gambling Sites  

As you know, there are hundreds of CSGO gambling sites, and the sites listed above operate legally and have plenty of safety in place. Following complete research of hundreds of csgo gambling sites, we’ve created strict measures to ensure that each site we review is firstly trustworthy with your funds and skins.

CSGO Gambling FAQs

Which CSGO gambling sites are the best? 

If you’re wanting that question answered, you’ve come to right the place. Here are CSGORadar we’re always reviewing all the latest CSGO gambling sites and constantly re-reviewing them once they’ve added new features. We often compare them one to another and see how they do.

Here is a brief list of important factors:

  • How popular the CSGO gambling site is and how many players it has
  • What types of games the website support
  • If the website offers great welcome bonuses and promotions
  • What types of support it offers and how good it is

Our table above looks through each platform and find out all the ratings from all of the CSGO gambling sites which can be trusted.

Are CSGO gambling sites safe and trustworthy? 

The CSGO gambling sites listed at CSGORadar have all been vetted to be safe and secure with the majority of them having licenses to establish a secure website and been constantly reviewed by boards. If you’re based in the UK, sites such as CSGOEmpire are listed with various review boards to ensure ‘Provably fair’ measures are in fact true.

All CSGO gambling sites are required to have safeguards to keep all customer data completely safe from attacks and need to be assessed them.

How many CSGO gambling sites are there? 

There are hundreds of CSGO gambling sites and plenty of normal CSGO betting sites that offer skin betting, but the answer is there is an endless number of CSGO gambling sites, however, you need to know which ones are trusted and not. With scams like the website CSGO:Wild you need to ensure your deposit is safe.

We’re constantly studying and reviewing online CSGO gambling sites and after years of experience and playtime, the number currently stands at around 85, with hundreds not being trustworthy.

Depositing on a CSGO gambling site

With some bonuses offered, you can play CSGO gambling sites without needing to deposit, however, once you are required to deposit there are various ways you can do this. With payment methods like PayPal or cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Etherum or others, and obviously, CSGO skins can be translated into virtual coins to play with.

A limited amount of CSGO gambling sites will accept credit cards and debit cards.

What are CSGO gambling bonuses?

CSGO bonuses are no different to any type of betting bonus, with free cases, skins and deposit bonuses being offered to new players as well as ongoing promotions to loyal and dedicated players.

What types of skins can I when with CSGO gambling sites

The types of skins you can win with CSGO gambling sites are endless, from the rarest AWPs to common P250 skins, but, you can get these all for free with free case bonuses from sites like CSGOEmpire or CSGORoll.

Types Of CSGO Gambling Sites

There are plenty of types of csgo gambling sites you can use with plenty of fun, from jackpot to coinflip betting; all of these can have huge enjoyment and differ in risk. 


Like real table roulette, CSGO roulette is the most popular version of csgo betting and uses both skins and normal currency and converts it into coins, jewels or various website currencies to play roulette on said csgo gambling site. 

CSGO Roulette is commonly simplified to normal roulette; CSGO roulette tables have 15 numbers instead of 37. With csgo roulette, you can also only place a bet on red, black or green, and the normal roulette game allows you to have a plethora of bet types. 


As one of the most exciting and focussed CSGO gambling methods, crash betting is fantastic in all areas. Often a ‘Rocket ship’ will increase and increase until it eventually crashes and every user will lose their bets if the rocket ship crashes, it’s like a jackpot type bet, but with an instant crash. 


Jackpot CSGO gambling is incredibly enjoyable to play and is incredibly popular with mini-games like CSGO minesweeper, all users will throw the bets into the pile and only one person will win the entire pot, the risk is high but so is the reward for users, and can even benefit from a small investment. Commonly, the more one player puts stuff into the pot, the higher the chance of that user winning. 


Coinflip is a fairly self-explanatory game type when it comes to CSGO. You place a bet on the side of a coin, and the coin flips, whichever it lands on you get your odds of which side you placed. 

Match Betting 

Like football or golf betting, two CSGO teams will go head-to-head and battle, and with CSGO match betting you place a bet on whatever market you want to place on, and there are loads. 

Compare Software Providers

You’ll be able to find plenty of software providers power various CSGO gambling sites, for example, CSGOPrime has added slots to their platform which are powered by specific software such as DragonFish or Virtue Fusion. You’ll also have platforms like CyberBet which have both CSGO skin betting and also esports-based sites which have added-in software such as Dragonfish or Microgaming slots and software.

Some software providers have a superior advantage, such as Microgaming or even Jumpman gaming which both renowned for their fantastic slots and software to various gambling sites.

Best CSGO Gambling Sites Final Thoughts

We make it our priority to actively review new and existing csgo gambling sites and rate them based on our thoughts and strict criteria, and many of them don’t make it onto our list. As you can see we go through a deep process to ensure that no stone is left unturned on any CSGO gambling site. It’s not solely about the look and performance of the platform in question. 

At the top of the criteria, these best csgo gambling sites should be fun to play on and come with zero worries, that’s why we’ve built CSGORadar, to ensure that every CSGO player knows what’s what when it comes to CSGO platforms.