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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) has taken the iGaming community by storm. Many websites are offering all kinds of CSGO promo codes but not all of them are reliable. eSports fans are forever looking for the most profitable deals online, and we might just have some answers right here. After checking out a collection of various CSGO promo codes, players can use the promo code "CR100" which you'll receive up to $1,000 worth of skins and a 5% deposit bonus for FREE!

Free Bonus + 5% Deposit Bonus

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Despite the website’s massive traffic numbers, the network is never “clogged” and the user interface is always clean, running smoothly with no delays involved. Currently, Hellcase features two iGaming options – CS:GO and Dota 2. 

Nonetheless, it is plain to see that CS:GO is the website’s core. A quick comparison between the number of users seeking CS:GO skins and Dota skins is enough to identify it. If you want to join this unique platform, claim yourself a bonus using the “CR100” promo code.

Hellcase Codes & Promotions 2022

Unlike many CS:GO gambling websites that combine multiple functionalities, Hellcase focuses exclusively on CSGO case openings. Hence, there are no casino games, sports betting, or other gambling options besides CS:GO gambling.

If you are familiar with CSGO skin betting sites, opening cases, and trade-ups are not a novelty. In addition to the “CR100” code, users have exciting promotions and bonuses to boost the whole experience.

In comparison with other similar CS:GO websites, Hellcase features a well-designed case opening process. Players not interested in a particular skin dropped can exchange it for money and use the funds to open new cases.

Considering the only asset you can cash out is CS:GO or Dota skins, it offers players a wide range of possibilities. Before selling a skin, you are free to search for better prices on different in-game marketplaces. Sometimes, Hellcase does not update the prices of rare skins.

Users have a variety of payment methods for deposits and withdrawals. Deposit methods include:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin
  • Dogecoin
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • Shadow Pay
  • PayPal
  • CSGO Skins
  • Dota 2 Items

For skin withdrawals, users can rely on CSGO Skins, CSGO P2P, Dota 2 Items, and Game Keys.

Brand Information

🕹️ BrandHellcase
🎁 BonusFree Bonus + 5% Deposit Bonus
✅ LicensedNo
🧑 Provably FairYes
🎲 Game Modes
📍 Website
📅 Founded2018
🤝 Sister SitesDaddy Skins & Datdrop
💵 Minimum Deposit$1
💰 Deposit MethodsPaypal, Neteller, Paysafecard & Debit Cards
☎️ Contact[email protected]

How to Enter Your Hellcase Promo Code

If you want to claim the “CR100” or any other promo code on Hellcase’s website, here’s how to do it:

  1. Open your Hellcase account via Steam
  2. Make your first deposit by clicking the “Add Money” button
  3. Click on “Use promotion code or wallet code”
  4. Enter your special code “CR100”

After selecting this option, you’ll easily find the box marked specifically for promo codes. Enter the {CODE HERE} code or any other promo code and confirm it by clicking on “Apply”.

Ongoing Free Case Promotions

Compared to other CS:GO gambling websites, Hellcase features better odds than average. Aligned with an efficient withdrawal system, it is a massive advantage for players. The two main types of ongoing promotions available at Hellcase are daily bonuses and giveaways, but here you have all the great benefits you will enjoy when you become a member of Hellcase!

Daily Bonuses at Hellcase

The “Daily Bonus” feature was designed to reward the most active users on the platform. If you visit Hellcase every day, you are entitled to special items and additional funds in your account balance.

Giveaways by the Lots

The “Giveaway” feature has specific requirements that players must meet to participate. As you complete “Giveaway” tasks, you’ll receive entries for different promos. Each entry increases the player’s winning chances, so the main goal is to collect the maximum number of entries.

Play the Mixxer for Extra Promos and Bonuses

Although the platform features no slots or similar games, it offers exclusive minigames available for all users. The first minigame is the “Mixxer”, a Russian roulette game where you combine your favorite cases to have a chance to win one for free.

Battle for Cases to Win Big Prizes

One of the most exciting experiences available at Hellcase is “Case Battles.” This feature allows several players to open the same cases simultaneously. Once all cases are opened up, the player with the most valuable one wins all the skins.

If you are not willing to participate in battles yet, you can still enjoy them by watching players combat each other for top-tier skins.

Upgrade Your Skins in the Fun and Easy Way

The “Upgrade” feature permits you to select skins you would like to upgrade and also select top-tier Hellcase skins you would like to win. If the upgrade is successful, you can win the desired skin. If things do not go as expected, you lose the skins selected from your inventory.

VIP Promotion & Player Coin Rewards

There is no VIP promotion or loyalty club based on levels or rankings. Instead, players can immediately be part of an exclusive team by paying a premium subscription. With the Premium subscription, you have access to a unique user experience.

The benefits include exclusive access to unique CS:GO cases, giveaways, and an overall experience above the standard level. Premium users get free tokens every month. Also, they are entitled to a dedicated support agent focused on 24/7 priority support ticket processing.

If you are part of the Premium team, Hellcase gives you early access to all recently released features on the website. There are three options for paid plans, which are Silver, Gold, and Diamond. They cost $5, $15, and $25 per month, respectively.

We’d have liked a normal V.I.P program instead, but this is still a good option, especially if you want to use Hellcase as your principal CSGO gambling site.

How Legit Are Hellcase Promo Codes?

Featuring no breaks in its operation since its launch, it is a fully registered business based in Singapore, a famous tech hub for startups around the globe. All CSGO case openings, battles, and competitions are backed by a provably fair system.

In terms of digital security, the website runs on a shielded SSL-encrypted connection. Therefore, they make your online security a serious matter, especially since they have not experienced data breaches.

The only setback is the support ticket system. Although it is available 24/7, the solution is quite outdated and could be replaced with a live chat system. 

Hellcase Free Code Summary

Overall, Hellcase offers a superb experience in terms of case opening and unique CS:GO gambling features. Features like “Case Battles” and “Mixxer” boost the user experience and avoid monotony, which is highly important for advanced skin gamblers.

The website is fully licensed and regulated, offering support for most countries. Both deposit and withdrawal options do not disappoint players, especially as withdrawals are particularly fast and efficient.

Ongoing promotions include the {CODE HERE} code, daily free bonuses, and giveaways. If you want a more exclusive user experience, you can opt for a Premium subscription and enjoy the Silver, Gold, or Diamond plans.

Frequently Asked Questions about Hellcase Promo Code

If you still have doubts about the Hellcase promo code, then this section will come in handy. For more assistance, feel free to contact us.

Can I withdraw skins from Hellcase?

Yes, you can. Hellcase fully supports CSGO skins withdrawal, so you can get them straight into your inventory at any time you wish.

Can you open cases at Hellcase?

Yes, Hellcase is also a CSGO case opening site, and it has plenty of options. For example, you can open high risk cases, which also contain highly valuable skins and items, or you could opt for cheaper and safer cases. There’s plenty of every type of CSGO user.

Why is the Hellcase promo code not working?

The Hellcase promo code might not work if you have already used it, or if you haven’t entered it correctly or if your accounts or your items are not eligible for the selected promo code.