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We’ve reviewed hundreds of CSGO Blackjack sites to determine the best sites the industry has to offer.Below you can find the best CSGO Black Jack site options available. All CSGO gambling sites listed undergo a comprehensive review and must comply with various factors and metrics.

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Best CSGO Blackjack Sites 2022

Blackjack is one of the most famous games at offline and online casinos, with a wide variety of online and live versions. Therefore it’s not surprising to see that CSGO blackjack sites are also very popular, because it’s a fun and easy way to gamble, with a very high RTP that will reduce the risk and allow you to win consistently.

Here is a list of the best CSGO blackjack sites online today:

  • ⭐ CSGO500
  • ⭐ Bounty.GG
  • ⭐ Roobet
  • ⭐ Gamdom
  • ⭐ Duelbits
  • ⭐ Rollbit
  • ⭐ Roobet


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✅ Category✅ Gambling Site
? Best Overall CSGO Blackjack SiteCSGO500
? Best CSGO Blackjack BonusBounty GG
? Best CSGO Bonus SiteRoobet
? Best Match Deposit Bonus SiteDuelbits
? Best Standard Blackjack SiteRollbit
? Best Unique CSGO Blackjack SiteWTFSkins


You will find the best CSGO blackjack games – classic, European, American, Multi Deck, Lucky Lucky, etc – huge welcome bonuses (lots of skins, coins and tokens!), plenty of ongoing promo codes, and many other surprises.

If you want to learn more about CSGO blackjack sites, then our guide will bring the answers you are looking for.

What Is CSGO Blackjack and How Does It Work?

CSGO blackjack is the same as the regular card game you would find at a nearby casino or online casino. They follow the same rules, but the difference here is the currency, which can be skins, coins or tokens. 

Like Regular Blackjack but with Skins

Our recommended CSGO blackjack sites allow you to make a first skin, real money or cryptocurrency deposit, which will be converted in coins or tokens, which you can use to bet on CSGO blackjack games.

CSGO skins have become so valuable that now they are treated as a kind of virtual currency, and that’s why CSGO blackjack has become widely popular as a way to win more skins ,which are worth real money.

Win Coins to Trade for Skins or Real Money

Whenever you win a bet, you will win coins, which you can use to trade for skins at the marketplace of the CSGO blackjack site. You can also use the coins to earn real money, which you can cash out to an eWallet or cryptocurrency wallet (BTC, ETH, LTC, etc.).

Now that you know that it’s practically the same thing as traditional blackjack, let’s check the rules, prizes and instructions on how to play, so you can get started today!

How to Play CSGO Blackjack

Playing blackjack is pretty easy, and the following rules and steps apply to the majority of versions. Let’s show you how to play CSGO blackjack so you can get started today.

Rules to Play CSGO Blackjack

The main rule is to beat the dealer’s hand by getting as close to 21 points as possible. If you go over it, then you lose automatically. 

You can either hit (get a new card), stand (keep your hand and no more cards), split (divide two cards of the same value in two new hands), double (double down your current bet to get a new card and stand), or surrender (surrender and get 50% of your bet in return).

Steps to Play CSGO Blackjack

A round of CSGO blackjack goes down the following way:

  1. You make your first bet
  2. You and the dealer receive 2 cards each
  3. You decide whether to hit, stand, split or double
  4. If you beat the dealer or croupier, then you get paid 1:1.

The dealer can keep getting cards until 17, and if you have blackjack at the beginning of the round, then you win automatically unless the dealer also has a blackjack, which would be a draw and then you would receive your original bet back (push).

Best CSGO Blackjack Games

If you are new to playing blackjack, and even more to CSGO blackjack and gambling games on top CSGO betting sites, then let us give you a quick intro to the best CSGO blackjack games you can find at our recommended sites:

  • CSGO American Blackjack
  • CSGO European Blackjack
  • CSGO Lucky Lucky Blackjack
  • CSGO Live Blackjack

American and European blackjack are the most popular, and the rules and steps we described in the previous section apply to these versions, as well as classic live blackjack games. 

When it comes to variants like CSGO Lucky Lucky Blackjack, it’s important to read the rules beforehand. Keep in mind that these games can pay you up to x500 your bet, bringing you a much bigger return.

How to Select the Best CSGO Blackjack Sites

In case you want concrete reasons on why you should trust our recommended CSGO blackjack sites, then let us explain to you the exact process that we have used to build this exclusive ranking:

  1. Make sure it’s licensed (Malta, UK, Gibraltar, Curazao, etc.) and uses Provably Fair
  2. Make sure that it offers plenty of welcome bonuses and no deposit promos
  3. Make sure that the CSGO blackjack site brings you plenty of blackjack games, as well as other gambling games such as CSGO coinflip, slots, baccarat, roulette, jackpots, etc.
  4. Check that the CSGO blackjack site has an active, full, and vibrant skins marketplace, so you can use your coins to trade for excellent skins that can make you a huge ROI
  5. Check that the site offers you several forms of deposit and withdrawal methods such as Steam, skins, cryptocurrencies, eWallets, etc.
  6. Make sure that the customer support service is active 24/7, and that you can reach out to them via phone, email or live chat – because if you ever face an issue, you will need immediate help.

You can use this same process in case you want to select CSGO blackjack sites on your own, or for other games (Dota2, LoL, Valorant, etc.), or other gambling games for CSGO such as roulette, crash, poker, slots, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions about CSGO Blackjack Sites

If you want more details about CSGO blackjack sites and games, then this section will come in handy. For further help, contact us – because our team is always ready to assist you.

Is CSGO blackjack profitable?

Like any other form of gambling, there’s a potential for profits and losses. Therefore, the key to making CSGO blackjack profitable is to run a tight bankroll management strategy, so you can increase the RTP while collecting profits consistently.

What does soft and hard mean in CSGO blackjack?

A soft hand is when you have an Ace, and a hard hand is when you don’t have an Ace. The Ace can be worth either 1 or 11, and getting an A with a 10/J/Q/K brings you a Blackjack, which pays 3:2.

Can you claim welcome bonuses on CSGO blackjack sites?

Yes, our CSGO blackjack sites bring you different welcome bonuses whenever you make a first deposit (skins, FIAT or crypto), as well as no deposit bonuses and free promo codes for ongoing offers and bonuses