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If you like to open CS:GO cases but haven't heard about Farmskins, you were probably living under a rock in the past ten years. A well-established site focused exclusively on cases, Farmskins will not let you down.

Read on for a full review of Farmskins:

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If you like to open CS:GO cases but haven't heard about Farmskins, you were probably living under a rock in the past ten years. A well-established site focused exclusively on cases, Farmskins will not let you down.

Read on for a full review of Farmskins:

Is Farmskins Legit?

One of the most popular questions answered on the FAQ section of Farmskins’ website is “Why should I trust Farmskins?”, a valid question given the amount of time the platform has been available online.

Launched in 2016, Farmskins announced its initial operations amid a huge frenzy around CS:GO cases and skins. 

At the time, platforms like CSGOLotto and CSGOWild were considered major hits, but these and many other sites did not survive controversial setbacks and went down in history as failed hype trains.

Self-proclaimed as “one of the oldest available case stores,” Farmskins managed to survive the shady controversies associated with other CS:GO case sites and kept growing at a rapid pace.

Considered a trustworthy platform, the website was responsible for organizing important eSports events with 100% clean results, including:

  • Farmskins Championship #1
  • Farmskins WCA 2017 Europe Qualifier
  • Farmskins Championship #2

Is Farmskins a Reputable Site?

With over eight years of experience in the CS:GO case opening industry, Farmskins managed to build a solid reputation throughout the years. As of late 2022, more than 107 million cases have been opened through the website, which is a pioneer in this CSGO skin gambling segment.

More than one million knives were dropped, which demonstrates how players can get rarer items as long as they are willing to put the money on the line and test their luck on case openings.

According to the independent reviews from G2A, 99.2% of the reviewers like Farmskins. The company is owned by WiseAvant OÜ, a firm properly registered in Estonia. 

If you are overly concerned with hacker attacks, data leaks, and other similar issues, Farmskins shields your funds and data by running on an SSL-encrypted connection.

Is Farmskins Fair? 

A recurring question about Farmskins is the reason the platform has not yet adopted a Provably Fair mechanism. Nowadays, the website is still the only top 10 CS:GO case opening platform not to run a Provably Fair mechanism.

With a Provably Fair system, online customers can verify the results of cases and determine whether the results were actually random. Indeed, Farmskins has not Provably Fair cases, but it does not automatically make it a rigged website.

Considering the number of cases opened through the site, the customers’ satisfaction, and their willingness to come back to have fun with more CS:GO cases, it is safe to affirm that Farmskins runs a private-but-honest random mechanism to determine which skins will be dropped in different cases. 

Farmskins Games?

Farmskins is not a standard CS:GO gambling site with games like Crash, Roulette, or Coinflip. Instead, the platform is exclusively focused on case openings.

If you think buying keys and opening cases is just too slow-paced for you, you can face other players on fierce “CSGO Case Battles” or take a chance to bulk up your inventory with the “Upgrade” feature. 

When it comes to variety, Farmskins has several categories of unique cases. For CS:GO knifers, cases like the “Luxury Knife” will certainly be a delight to the eyes. 

For fans of limited edition cases with varied themes, feel free to buy a Futurama-inspired “Bender” or “Zoidberg” case. These are only a few examples among the hundreds of cases of all types readily available on Farmskins.

Farmskins Promotions & Bonuses

CS:GO skin gamblers who crave constant bonus offers will find a haven at Farmskins. As soon as you register on the site using your Steam account, you can redeem a special promo code and claim a bonus just out of the starting line.

Throughout the calendar year, Farmskins hosts seasonal giveaways inspired by Holidays and other special occasions. The luckiest customers typically receive exclusive bonus cases and skins as a reward for being born under the right star.

If unique bonuses attract you, Farmskins has your back. The platform’s mascot is Gaben, a wise old man who owns “Gaben’s Store.” 

Every time users open cases, they receive a number of Gaben’s bullets, which are special credits that can be accumulated and exchanged for exclusive items at Gaben’s Store.

Does Farmskins Offer a Good User Experience?

At first glance, the website looks cool and unique with a background all done in black and yellow. The homepage always features a poster of Gaben in different costumes according to distinct promotions and seasons of the year.

The whole interface is intuitive, which means no hardship to find all the functionalities the website has to offer. In the past, Farmskins used to suffer frequent crashes, which resulted in a massive number of complaints that affected the website’s reputation.

Currently, these technical issues were solved and users can open cases as they wish without facing an unpleasant 404 screen.

Coin Exchange Rate at Farmskins

The coin exchange system available on Farmskins is pretty straightforward. One US dollar is equivalent to 1000 bullets. Compared to other high-ranked CS:GO case sites, the price range of the cases and skins available on Farmskins is attractive.

Farmskins Payment Methods?

FarmSkins Payment methods review

A strong aspect of Farmskins is the wide variety of payment methods users can choose for deposits and withdrawals. Feel free to fund your account and exchange the deposited funds for bullets with:

Another great way to fund your account balance is through cryptocurrency options like Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Litecoin (LTC), and Ethereum (ETH). 

Withdrawal methods available include skins from CS:GO and Dota 2, as well as Bitcoin (BTC). Please note that Farmskins has efficient withdrawals with proven processing speed. 

Pros and Cons of Farmskins

If you want high-hazard high-reward games like CS:GO Crash, Farmskins must not be the first name on your preference list. Here’s a brief comparison of the platform’s major pros and cons:

Well-established reputation Still not Provably Fair 
A broad variety of cases and skinsCustomer support could improve 
Exciting Case Battles and Upgrades
Unique bonuses 
Ease to Claim Cases for Free

Ultimately, Farmskins offers a lot of fun and nice chances to drop high-value skins. Still, nothing is perfect in life. While players can freely withdraw their skin prizes without trade locks or any similar restriction, there’s no Provably Fair system.

Only Farmskins knows the estimated odds for each case, which requires players to trust the platform until the end. Another drawback is the platform’s outdated customer support system, which should be updated as soon as possible.

Still, none of these hassles is enough to scorch the experience as a whole and ruin your fun. 

Farmskins Customer Support

The quality of the customer support tools provided by Farmskins has plenty of room left for exponential improvements. When you click on “Contact,” their first recommendation for users is to check their FAQ section for common questions.

Lacking enough details, this FAQ section offers only encompasses a handful of questions. For more detailed assistance, the website requests users to email them at [email protected].

This aspect is one of Farmskins’ drawbacks, especially considering their experience in the segment and their apparent unwillingness to update this system as soon as possible. 

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