CSGOFast Review

In full operation since 2015, CSGO is one of the industry's oldest CSGO betting sites. An element that helped the site to stand out among its competitors and survive throughout the years was its unique selection of game modes and partnerships with influential streamers.

Read on for a full review of CSGOFast.

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In full operation since 2015, CSGO is one of the industry's oldest CSGO betting sites. An element that helped the site to stand out among its competitors and survive throughout the years was its unique selection of game modes and partnerships with influential streamers.

Read on for a full review of CSGOFast.

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Is CSGOFast Legit?

Questioning whether a gambling site is safe is a natural move before you start wagering money on it. If this is your doubt, rest assured that CSGOFast is a legit gambling site. 

Not all platforms can proudly boast a background 100% clean of hacker attacks, fraud, or rigged games, making CSGOFast a safe platform due to its solid history.

Established during the dawn of the skin gambling segment, CSGOFast was a pioneer and has been operating in compliance with all relevant regulations since then.

A glance at the platform’s online reviews demonstrates it has a good level of customer support, except for a few comments that usually come from people who failed to read the “Terms of Services” and did not comply with the rules.

Is CSGOFast a Reputable Site?

CSGOFast managed to build a solid reputation since its inception almost ten years ago. Not limited to English speakers, it is possible to switch languages and enjoy the platform as a native from different countries.

The platform’s experience and legit results result in thousands of loyal customers spread around different countries. 

As one of the first gambling sites to support deposits and withdrawals in the form of CS:GO skins, the site has been attracting a huge number from the eSports segment since then.

Is CSGOFast Fair?

No matter how hard you try, it is impossible to scam the results of games on CSGOFast. The website is 100% Provably Fair, which means gamblers can use a hash-based system to verify the randomness of all bet results.

While the Provably Fair system is somewhat complex to understand in technical language, it’s possible to explain it in layman’s terms. This system determines all bet results before the players wager on any game.

Each bet has a unique hash (encrypted number) associated with it before and after the result is up.

Once the results are out, players can click on the “Provably Fair” tab and input the hash associated with a specific game and round to check whether the original hash matches with the next hash.

CSGOFast Casino Games

CSGOFast CSGO casino games

The best term to describe CSGOFast’s game catalog is eccentric. Games are available for gamblers of all tastes, from skin gambling classics like Crash to odd games with weird mechanics like Poggi. Currently, the games available on the site include:

  • Crash
  • Double
  • Slots
  • Classic
  • Fast
  • Hi Lo
  • X50
  • Poggi
  • Baccarat
  • Craft
  • Wheel
  • Tower
  • Cases

Some games stand out more than others, for good or bad reasons. A unique game on CSGOFast is “Classic,” which features several similarities with Jackpot.

Several players must deposit skins in a pot and receive tickets in exchange. As expected, this raffle-style game rewards the luckiest ticket holder with all skins held in the pot.

You can find more CSGO dice sites here.

Another exciting game is “Fast,” which is similar to “Classic” but involves three players. The gamblers’ trio deposits skins into a pot and the game selects the luckiest player to reward with all the skins deposited.

Promotions & Bonuses?

In addition to special promo codes, CSGOFast offers a few regular promotions that players can seize advantage of. The first is the “Free Coins” feature, which allows players to get up to $10 in their account balances for free.

In the “Quest” section, players can complete several tasks and get additional cash on their balances to keep wagering without paying a dime for it. These quests are added regularly, which requires players to check out manually.

As a legit skin gambling site, CSGOFast allows users to register and sign up with their Steam accounts. To claim an additional 15% bonus to one’s XP, the website only requires players to add “csgofast.com” to their Steam nicknames.

Eventually, players will need to make a deposit but it does not mean the experience must be traumatic. CSGOFast grants a variable percentage bonus on top of all deposits. The amount varies according to the payment method chosen for deposits.

User Experience

Overall, the user experience on CSGOFast can be described as seamless. The website was carefully designed to provide fluid navigation and display all functionalities with clear icons.

No matter how inexperienced you might be with gambling sites, you will not get lost trying to find your favorite game on CSGOFast. The main menu is located on the far right of the homepage with all game icons displayed horizontally.

CSGOFast has a feature that is not available in most gambling sites, which is the possibility to open a demo account and test games before committing real cash to gambling operations.

Coin Exchange Rate & Coin Value?

Many skin gambling sites have odd exchange systems that suggest players have more money to spend than they actually do. This is not a problem on CSGOFast, as the player’s balance is displayed in US dollars.

The website also has its gambling currency called coins. 1000 coins are equivalent to $1. As it’s plain to see, players must choose the most convenient exchange rate for them and enjoy the platform in the best way they can.

Payment Methods

Even though CSGOFast is a well-known skin gambling site, players have several payment methods available for deposits and withdrawals. To fund their accounts, gamblers can choose among the following options:

To deposit with cryptocurrencies, feel free to choose between Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and ZCash (Zcash). To cash out their winnings, players can rely on: 

Please note that Bitcoin (BTC) is also available for withdrawals. 

Pros and Cons

Here’s a full comparison table between the advantages and disadvantages of CSGOFast: 

Unique gambling options Multiple website domains can be confusing
Seamless navigation Lacks efficient customer support 
Good bonuses 
Provably Fair games 
Variety of payment methods 

Ultimately, CSGOFast’s pros outnumber the existing cons. Recurrent drawbacks include possible confusion involving the website’s multiple domains and the low efficiency of the customer support tools available.

For online gamblers interested in unique game modes, the possibility to deposit and withdraw funds in various ways (e.g., skins, crypto, e-wallets, etc.), and seize advantage of regular bonuses, the platform is still an excellent choice.

CSGOFast Customer Support

CSGOFast has two options displayed in its section dedicated to customer support – Report in chat and Ticket System. Unfortunately, the only live tool available is dedicated exclusively to technical problems.

Although it is a good way to filter out and select which support requests have priority over others, it’s a restrictive method to make players “opt” for another tool. The live chat feature is unavailable as of the time of writing. 

The only method left is the Ticket system, which requires users to open a request and send a ticket describing the difficulty level involved in the problem. Neither of these support tools is available 24/7 as well.

Code: "CR100"