Best CSGO Trading Sites – Our Top Rated Online Sites

Finding the ideal CSGO trading site for skins for you isn’t always a simple task, with unregulated and scam based platforms being around we’d highly recommend checking out this list of the most trustworthy and top CSGO trading sites for you.

Skins, which were created as a cosmetic feature, having no impact on the actual gameplay, became a commodity. A multitude of skins trading sites emerged as some of the most extraordinary skins were worth thousands of dollars. You can buy, sell, or exchange your skins for cooler ones or even wager them on select casino sites. Let’s look at some of the top sites in this very lucrative business.

You can find CSGO skins at a lot of trading websites, but the following have proven to be some of the very best in the business:

  • CSGOEmpire
  • WTFSkins
  • Dice Church
  • Skins.Cash
  • SkinBaron
  • RustReaper
  • LootBear

How We Rated This List of CSGO Trading Sites

As we mentioned earlier, a multitude of CSGO trading websites is available on the market. This makes it a challenge for CSGO players to take the best pick. Before you dive in, there are several issues to consider. We created a checklist that you can also use to identify whether or not a CSGO trading site is worth your time.


The first thing we check on all the sites is whether or not they are legitimate. It is a prerequisite to verify if a trading site is above board and whether it follows some kind of regulation. Professional trading sites are licensed by a relevant governing body and will usually display all the operator’s details at the bottom of the page.


The number of gamers who’re currently using a CSGO trading site is a good indication of how good the platform is. So, we look at the popularity of each site and the number of users. We also look at any sister sites to evaluate the level of the operator’s experience.

Bonuses and Promotions

The availability of freebies and special offers can be truly beneficial to players, especially if the terms are fair. We also check out the amount of commission each trading site charges.

Customer Support

Things are bound to go awry at one point or another during your stay at a CSGO trading site. As such, we also consider the variety of banking options and customer support efficiency. These two factors are the backbone of any CSGO skins trading site.

Having worked through hundreds of websites including a selection of CSGO cashout sites, guided by these criteria, we came up with a list of some of the best CSGO trading sites.

How Do CSGO Trading Sites Work?

As we mentioned before, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a video game that has in-game features called skins. These commodities make your shooter in the game look a lot cooler. As gamers move up in the virtual world, they trade their skins to get more valuable ones.

CSGO skins have even skipped the video gaming barrier into online casino gaming. Instead of placing real money on the table, bettors can deposit and withdraw CSGO skins. CSGO skins, therefore, smoothen the process of buying, selling, and swapping skins, be it for cash, online casino betting chips, or for other skins.

Choosing Your Own CSGO Trading Site

While we have a strong selection of recommended CSGO skins trading sites, we understand that different gamers have different needs. As such, we’ll throw out a few pointers that you can use to narrow down a platform that’ll be perfect for your needs.

  • If you’re still new to CSGO trading

Then go for a trading site that offers new players a welcome bonus. You’ll also have to find out if the platform offers regular discounts and low commissions.

  • Are you in it for the long run?

Gamers that are looking to stay put at one trading site may want to look at the types of loyalty rewards each platform has to offer. VIP rewards also make a long stay at any particular trading site worth it.

  • Do you use your smartphone more than your PC?

Then go with a CSGO trading site that has multiple mobile trading options. Whether you prefer using an HTML5 web app via your mobile browser or you’d like to install a native app, the best trading sites should cater to your needs.

  • If you have deep pockets

Then take a closer look at the banking section. A wide range of payment options that can handle large transactions will make your trading experience a lot more enjoyable.

Best CSGO Trading Sites Summary

CSGO skins, which were launched in 2013, are a digital enhancement for weapons that are used in video gaming. Although these features will not give players any advantages during gameplay, they help define a player’s Avatar. There are many CSGO trading websites on the market, offering different types of skins, bonuses, and package deals.

However, it may be hard for traders to know which one to pick. So, we evaluated numerous samples based on legitimacy, availability, and quality of promotions, the operator’s experience, the reliability of banking options, among other crucial benchmarks. We also acknowledge that gamers have different needs and expectations. As such, we also included a checklist that you can use to pinpoint a trading platform that specifically suits your needs.