CSGO Crash Sites - Best CSGO Crash Casinos

Since CSGO gambling began, CSGO crash sites have become popular. Many CSGO gambling sites offer crash for skins and money. We've analysed hundreds of CSGO crash sites.

Below are the best CSGO crash sites to win skins or real money. See the table below for signup bonuses.

Best CSGO Crash Gambling Sites

Here is a list of the best CSGO crash sites currently available in 2022:

  • ⭐ CSGORoll
  • ⭐ CSGO500
  • ⭐ CSGOLuck
  • ⭐ DuelBits
  • ⭐ Gamdom
  • ⭐ CSGOEmpire
  • ⭐ WTFSkins
  • ⭐ Roobet


Full Star Icon Full Star Icon Full Star Icon Full Star Icon Full Star Icon 9.5/10


Deposit Bonus


Free Cases

  • Check IconPlethora of Games
  • Check IconPayment Methods Options
  • Check Icon3 Free Cases + 5% Deposit


Full Star Icon Full Star Icon Full Star Icon Full Star Icon Full Star Icon 9.1/10




Bux Use Code: CR30

  • Check Icon500 Bux Free Promotion
  • Check IconExcellent Site Design
  • Check IconWide Game Selection


Full Star Icon Full Star Icon Full Star Icon Full Star Icon Full Star Icon 9.1/10




  • Check IconCrypto & Skins Accepted
  • Check IconCommunity Based Site
  • Check IconCase Battles


Full Star Icon Full Star Icon Full Star Icon Full Star Icon Full Star Icon 9.1/10


Casino Games


In Free Coins

  • Check IconSelection of Games
  • Check IconDaily Bonuses Available
  • Check IconUnique Crash Jackpot


Full Star Icon Full Star Icon Full Star Icon Full Star Icon Full Star Icon 9.1/10




  • Check IconWide Game Selection
  • Check IconCasino Slot Games
  • Check IconSelection of Payment Methods


Full Star Icon Full Star Icon Full Star Icon Full Star Icon Full Star Icon 9.0/10


Casino Games



  • Check IconOngoing Promotions
  • Check IconProvably Fair System
  • Check IconDaily Giveaways


Full Star Icon Full Star Icon Full Star Icon Full Star Icon Empty Star Icon 8.2/10


Slot Games


Daily Free Coins & Cases

  • Check IconProvably Fair System
  • Check IconCasino Section
  • Check IconBTC, ETH, Ltc + More
✅ Category✅ Gambling Site
⭐ Best Overall CSGO Crash SiteCSGORoll
⭐ Best CSGO Crash BonusGamdom
⭐ Best CSGO Crash PaymentsCSGO500
⭐ Best Match Deposit Bonus SiteDuelbits
⭐ Best Crypto CSGO SiteRoobet
⭐ Best Rust Gambling SiteWTFSkins

As you can see from the above, CSGOEmpire, CSGOFast and Roobet have made it to the best CSGO crash sites. Make sure you look at their signup bonuses for new and existing customers.

How We’ve Selected The Best CSGO Crash Sites

If you’re wondering how we’ve selected the best CSGO crash sites, we’ve listed our criteria when reviewing each platform and the aspects we’ve used to determine their rating.

Bonuses & Promotions

Bonuses and promotions are a good sign for the best CSGO crash sites. You’ll unlikely find any successful CSGO gambling site that doesn’t have an attractive bonus.

Customer Support

While playing your favorite CSGO game, such as CSGOcrash, you may not need customer support assistance. However, newcomers may need assistance with payment methods or perhaps help with issues with games. To make it onto our list of the best CSGO crash sites, the CSGO gambling site needs excellent customer service and easy ways to get in touch.

Fair Wagering

More often than not, CSGO gambling sites contain wagering requirements and often they’re unfair. However, the platform must have fair wagering requirements to make it onto our list of recommended CSGO crash platforms.

Alternative Games

Our recommended CSGO crash websites must have a variety of games. Many of our CSGO poker sites also support CSGO crash, among other games, so sites with alternative CSGO gambling games make it up on our list.

How Do CSGO Crash Sites Work?

Most CSGO crash sites need deposits before adding bonuses. This is usually $5 to $10 in skins, then converted to the platform’s virtual currency.

CSGO crash is easy and enjoyable. It’s as simple as depositing coins, placing a bet of, let’s say, 50 coins, and if you manage to cash out at 5x without it crashing, you’ll receive 250 coins.

Most CSGO crash platforms have ‘Auto Stop’ mode. This assists players with low ping and stops at a predetermined point to ensure cashouts.

Switching to ‘auto stop’ can let you apply the Martingale approach, a typical CSGO roulette strategy,

CSGO Crash Sites with Promo Codes

CSGO Crash is more profitable when you have a good promo code in your hands, and that’s why we built this ranking. You’ll get the chance to claim awesome welcome bonuses, so you can have a bigger bankroll to bet on CSGO Crash.

Every single one of these CSGO Crash promo codes has been selected carefully to make sure that they offer

From getting free skins and coins to obtaining cashback on your bets, our CSGO Crash promo codes are everything you need to supercharge your gambling experience. Wait no more and claim them now.

How Can I Play CS:GO Crash Games?

Playing CS:GO crash games is pretty easy, and they work in the same way as many other casino games. Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Make a skin, real money or cryptocurrency deposit on the CS:GO crash site
  2. Get the corresponding number of coins or tokens
  3. Choose your favorite crash game
  4. Make a bet
  5. Ride the multiplicator before it crashes
  6. Cash out the winnings.

Once again, the key here is to cash out before the multiplicator crashes; otherwise, you will lose the full amount of your bet!

Keep in mind that the rules and steps might change depending on the type of CSGO crash game you are playing. Therefore, read the instructions before betting on your tokens or coins.

CSGO Crash Gambling Strategies

CSGO Crash is one of the riskiest gambling games out there, but also one of the very few that can multiply your bet by the thousands. So, it’s worth playing it, but only if you follow this approach:

  • Assign a specific bankroll for playing CSGO Crash so that it doesn’t affect your budget for other games or expenses in real life
  • Set up profit goals and loss limits so you can protect your bankroll
  • Use a Fibonacci sequence to play CSGO Crash but set a specific multiplier to reach, so you can get out on time before it crashes
  • Always cash out profits.

There’s no perfect gambling strategy for CSGO Crash, but this approach will help you to obtain more profits while minimizing the risk. Remember that Crash is highly volatile, so bet at your own risk!

Types of CS:GO Crash Sites

Our ranking contains different types of CS:GO crash sites, and here you have a good summary on what you will find:

  • Gambling sites exclusively dedicated to CSGO crash: These sites usually have the best marketplaces, offering you a wide myriad of skins, games, and prizes focused on taking your CS:GO experience to the next level
  • Casino sites with CSGO crash games: These are online casinos that have included certain CS:GO crash sites, although they lack the skins variety of exclusive CS:GO crash sites
  • Crypto CSGO crash sites: They are usually only dedicated to CS:GO crash, but they heavily focus on crypto payments and deposits, bringing you excellent welcome bonuses and more privacy.

Now that you have a clear idea of the kind of sites you can find in our exclusive listing choose your favorite one and start playing!

Pros and Cons of CSGO Crash Sites

If you’ve never played CSGO Crash before, comparing the pros and cons is worth comparing. Here’s what you need to know to see if this game is the right fit for you.


Here’s what makes CSGO Crash one of the most popular games nowadays:

  • It’s easy and fun to play – even for total newcomers to the world of CSGO Gambling
  • It can multiply your bet by x100, x500, x1000, and even more
  • CSGO gambling sites offer juicy and generous promo codes for playing Crash
  • You can play CSGO Crash to win legendary skins.


Even though CSGO Crash is great, it still has a few downsides. Here’s what to consider if you want to play it:

  • It’s highly risky and can easily reduce your bankroll if you’re not careful enough
  • There’s no perfect gambling strategy for Crash.

If you think that potential bigger profits are worth the risk, then you’ll love CSGO Crash!


We review all new and existing CSGO crash sites, however unlike most comparison sites, many don’t make our list. We leave no stone untouched with our thorough review.

CSGO crash is a fun and easy game. Our list lets you pick a gambling site to enjoy.

What are the best CSGO crash sites?

Based on our experience of gambling sites and countless hours of research, we’ve ranked and listed the best sites which include CSGOEmpire, CSGOFast.com, Roobet and CSGORoll

What are the safest CSGO crash sites?

All the CSGO gambling sites listed on this page are completely safe. If you want a no deposit CSGO crash site, our listed sites CSGOEmpire, CSGOFast and WTFSkins all offer no deposit playing, using promo codes offered above.

Which CSGO crash sites accept PayPal?

Sites such as WTFSkins and CSGOFast both offer PayPal as a form of payment.

Can I deposit real money on CS:GO crash sites?

Yes, some CS:GO crash sites allow you to make a real money deposit in USD, AUD, CAD, GBP, EUR, etc. Make sure to read the Terms and Conditions.