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DaddySkins Promo Codes

Launched in early 2017, Daddyskins has over 1,500,000 users registered on its website. Considering this is a significant new platform exclusively focused on CS:GO skins, these numbers are outstanding.

Unlike other websites that offer a hybrid gambling experience with online casinos, esports betting, and skins, Daddyskins is all about CS:GO. Essentially, the website is a case-opening platform where you can open cases with better odds than in the actual Counter Strike game.

5% Deposit Bonus + Free Case

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Daddyskins Codes & Promotions

Unlike other popular websites that feature CS:GO betting, Daddyskins is exclusively focused on case openings. The platform offers no online casino, no slots, no free spins, no sports betting, or any other gambling options.

Still, the website’s standard is significantly high considering its features. If you are familiar with CS:GO case opening sites, you will not have a problem getting used to Daddyskins. The website has an extensive catalog of cases with prices ranging from cents to several hundred dollars.

Despite the website’s focus on CS:GO, they also offer cases for games like  VGO, League of Legends, and a few other titles. Recently, the platform released a new game where multiple players can open the same case. Once the case is open, the winner is the player who wins the most in value.

Daddyskins allows you to withdraw your winnings in the form of cryptocurrency or CS:GO skins. Depending on the type of skin you want to withdraw, you will need to cash out the price of the skin in BTC or ETH. Use the promo code CR100 to increase your winning chances today. 

Brand Information

🕹️ BrandDaddy Skins
🎁 Bonus5% Deposit Bonus + Free Case
✅ LicensedNo
🧑 Provably FairYes
🎲 Game Modes
📅 Founded2019
🤝 Sister SitesHellcase & FarmSkins
💵 Minimum Deposit$!
📍 AddressUnit 10035 Second Floor 6 Market Place, Fitzrovia, London, United Kingdom, W1W 8AF
💰 Deposit MethodsCSGO Skins, Btc, Visa & Debit Cards
☎️ Contact[email protected]

Ongoing Free Case Promotions

Daddyskins offer different types of promotions. Considering the website is not an online casino or sportsbook platform, it does not feature free spins, additional rounds on slots, dice games, and nothing else but iGaming skins.

The most popular promotional feature is the “Arenas,” which are games played with two, three, or even four players who simultaneously open a line of cases. At the end of the match, the player with the highest total drop value can claim the skins from the losing players.

The website permits players to join Arenas created by other users or create their own Arenas. Another interesting feature is the “Trade-Up Contracts” that allow you to exchange two or more low-valued skins for a better option.

Once you decide to trade up, you will receive skins randomly selected by the platform’s system at a pre-set price range.

Although Daddyskins does not offer slots or table games, you can win a big jackpot by opening the right cases. The Jackpot bonus permits you to win cash for every case you open – including cases opened at Arenas.

For every case opened, a small percentage of that case’s value is pooled into a Jackpot. Once a case is opened, the platform rolls a number attached to that specific case. If the number rolled lands on the right case, the gambler who opened it wins the Jackpot prize.

There are three types of Jackpots depending on the value of each case – small jackpots (between $1 and $4.99), medium jackpots (between $5 and $24.99), and large jackpots ($25 or more). While you cannot get new skins with a Jackpot, you can use your winnings to open more cases and increase your chances to win.

VIP Promotion & Player Coin Rewards

While the website offers no standard VIP or Loyalty program, it has several unique features that make the experience better for all players.

Daddyskins’ “Upgrade” feature allows you to upgrade lower-value skins to better skins. You are allowed to choose a specific skin they want to receive if you win. Please note that the larger the difference in value between the chosen skins, the higher the odds are.

Users also have the option to increase their winning chances and reduce the risk percentage by adding extra funds from their balance accounts to the bets. You can claim exclusive bonuses for every deposit made on the platform by using the CR100 code and other promo codes. 

How Legit Are Daddyskins Promo Codes?

The website is fully licensed and regulated by the Government of Curaçao. Compared to other CSGO-only platforms, Daddyskins offers full transparency and accountability.

Daddyskins has a provably fair hash system where you can verify the authenticity of any RNG-based (Random Number Generation) results on the website. This type of fraud-proof system was also validated by other similar CSGO websites, such as Hellcase

All promo codes, promotions, offers, and case openings are not predictable, as 100% of the results are random. In terms of digital security, Daddyskins offer a reliable secure SSL-encrypted connection. 

Entering Your Daddyskins Promo Code

Claiming your Daddyskins promo code is not rocket science. All you need to do is to visit through our special link, log into the platform, and click on the “Deposit” tab. 

After finding the “Promo Code” option, you can enter the CR100 code or any other Daddyskins CS:GO code to enjoy exclusive benefits. You can also sign up via Steam, Facebook, or Google. The website has a strong presence on social media, so make sure to follow them to enjoy promotions like daily free cases and regular giveaways on Twitter and Facebook.

Daddyskins Free Code Summary

Daddyskins is not a regular online casino, sports betting platform, or any similar option. Focused solely on CS:GO and other iGaming skins, they have built a solid reputation among users as a trustworthy platform.

Overall, if you are into CS:GO gambling, Daddyskins is a recommendable choice. If you are still uncertain, you can be easily convinced by the website’s great reviews on social media, game fairness, convenient payment methods, and special codes and promotions.

If you want to join the website’s winning tier, make sure to create an account and claim a bonus with the CR100 code.

Common Questions About The DaddySkins Code

Is there a free promo code for DaddySkins?

Of course! all new players can use the code ‘CR100’ – which can be used to get a free case plus a 5% deposit bonus on us, totally free. There’s no terms and conditions for this offer and can be used by confirming in the ‘free case’ tab.

How legit is DaddySkins?

The site has been active for over three years, with millions of cases opened by its numerous users. It is totally safe.

What should I do to be able to open cases for free?

By making recurring deposits, you can raise your personal “free case” level.

Will your “free case” number drop as time passes?

Yes, your level will decrease by one sub-level every day (each level has 5 sub-levels).

Can Skins be withdrawn from the site?

Skins may be acquired indirectly from the site for CSGO by withdrawing the worth of the skin and then purchasing the skin you want via