About Us

It’s not uncommon for CSGO gambling to come with relatively plenty of insecure and shady wagering platforms. No doubt, there’s almost nothing you want more than to peacefully place your bets and withdraw when you have won. So, if you are a CSOGO gambler then you’ve come to the right place. At CSGORadar, we have your back when it comes to choosing safe and secure CSGO gambling platforms.

We are dedicated to reviewing and developing quality content related to CSGO gaming and CSGO gambling so that CGSO gamblers can be informed of safe avenues to indulge in their passion.

CSGORadar is composed of veterans in CSGO gaming, CSGO gambling, traders of cryptocurrency, and general gambling pros. Our team also includes CSGO casino specialists and esports/CSGO gambling content writers, respectively.

Some of our top authors include David Zane, Christiania Pasulata, and Ben Hill. So, when it comes to identifying safe platforms, you bet we know what we are doing. What’s more, our company has pretty much everything on the table, including a physical address. You can locate us at 40, East 11th Street, New York, NY1003.

What Does CSGORadar Do?

For starters, CGSORadar.com carefully reviews CSGO gambling websites to ensure they have necessary features that’ll offer convenient gambling and gaming experience to interested players. We are happy to feature a CSGO gambling site, after proper review, of course. We are also open to recommendations of any new CSGO gambling site. First, we will take a quick swipe at each site and provide an unbiased report based on our strict criteria.

Furthermore, our website helps sensitize users on how each gambling site works, which isn’t different from the conventional betting site for football and other popular sports. However, on the CSGO gambling platforms, there are two modes of engaging in punting activities. They are real money betting and Skin CSGO betting.

In addition, CSGORadar also lets users, especially those new to the platform, know the type of games available and the currency or ‘Skins’ used in wagering. For example, CSGO gambling websites like FarmSkins and CSGOFast offer users games like roulette, blackjack, coin-flip, etc. Users will have to use skins, which can be converted to the currencies of the gambling site.

At CSGORadar, we use established and strict criteria in the review of CSGO gambling sites. The following are some of the yardsticks our review team looks out for in rating, recommending, and of course, ensuring you have a safe user experience.

– User-base/Safety / Popularity/ Reliability: This is important as any CSGO website used by numerous CSGO punters is often trustworthy, safe and reliable to a reasonable extent.

– Ease of communication: English is obviously a common language around the world, CSGORader only looks out for and reviews sites with English as their language of correspondence.

– Design: No one likes a lousy user interface, so CSGORadar ensures that we rate and recommend CSGO gambling websites with fantastic and easy to use/navigate design.

– Performance: A one-click-fast response website is also top on the list of yardsticks so that users can have a wonderful gaming and gambling experience devoid of dragging.

– Method of deposit & withdrawals available to users: This is by far one of the most important yardsticks to punters. Therefore, it is equally important to CSGORadar. All CSGO websites rated high or recommended by us have a trustworthy deposit and withdrawal system. Meaning you can easily deposit real money and withdraw if the need arises. We also choose gambling websites with robust funding options or a wide range of options that extends to cryptocurrency and e-wallets.

– Customer support: You’d probably agree with me that a good online business is not complete without an impressive and effective customer support service. There will be undoubtedly slightly difficult moments for some users. For periods like these, no one wants to be left hanging. CSGO also understands this and makes sure our highly-rated sites have a customer support platform to help users navigate difficult issues.

Why use CSGORadar?

The following are the benefits of using CSGORadar:

– We only offer lists of secure, top-rated gambling sites that meet up with all the CSGORadar criteria. Some of them include CSGOEmpire, CSGORoll, WTFSkins, CSGO500, CSGOFast, CSGORun, DaddySkins. FarmSkins, UnboxSkins, etc. This way, you get to have a convenient gaming experience and of course, a secure platform for placing your bets.

– You’ll know which websites that didn’t quite meet up with CSGO criteria, so you can either tread softly or totally avoid them.

– CSGORadar will let you know about sites where you can earn free CSGO Skins and bonuses. For example. We listed the following sites for May 2021: Idle Empire, CSGOLounge, EarnSkins. CollectSkins. Gain GG, GameHag, and Clickloot.

– CSGORadar also looks out for licensed CSGO gambling sites, which provides users with a greater sense of security and reliability. Note that the CSGO gaming and gambling world is a relatively new one. So, tons of gambling websites in this niche are not under the regulation of a licensing body. Nevertheless, this is where CSGORadar comes in. Despite that some CSGO sites may not be licensed, we can help point you in the right direction, so you can know the CSGO gambling site to embrace and the ones to tread with caution.

Mission Statement

To help you find the best CSGO gambling website in the midst of all the shady and insecure platforms out there, CSGORadar has prioritised continuously reviewing existing and new CSGO websites and rate them based on strict criteria.