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CSGO Jackpot gambling sites have become incredibly popular, but tracking the perfect one for you isn't always easy. There are two types of jackpot options to bet on – coin and skin jackpot, and each has its 'best' site for this game. Both are self-explanatory.

Below are some of the best CSGO jackpot sites currently around for you to use your coins or skins to gain more in reward.

CSGO Jackpot Sites

Top CSGO Jackpot Sites

The best CSGO jackpot sites bring you the unique opportunity of winning premium skins by playing simple and entertaining gambling games. We have built a ranking of the top CSGO jackpot gambling sites, which will bring you the best skins in the game, huge welcome bonuses, and the biggest variety of games.

Here is a list of the best CSGO jackpot sites in 2022:

  • CSGORoll
  • CSGOEmpire
  • CSGO500
  • WTFSkins
  • Gamdom
  • CSGOPolygon
  • Roobet


Full Star Icon Full Star Icon Full Star Icon Full Star Icon Full Star Icon 9.5/10


Deposit Bonus


Free Cases

  • Check IconPlethora of Games
  • Check IconPayment Methods Options
  • Check Icon3 Free Cases + 5% Deposit


Full Star Icon Full Star Icon Full Star Icon Full Star Icon Full Star Icon 9.3/10




Skins & Coins

  • Check IconTrusted Platform
  • Check IconDaily Promotions
  • Check IconCSGO Coinflip


Full Star Icon Full Star Icon Full Star Icon Full Star Icon Full Star Icon 9.1/10




Bux Use Code: CR30

  • Check Icon500 Bux Free Promotion
  • Check IconExcellent Site Design
  • Check IconWide Game Selection


Full Star Icon Full Star Icon Full Star Icon Full Star Icon Full Star Icon 9.1/10




  • Check IconWide Game Selection
  • Check IconCasino Slot Games
  • Check IconSelection of Payment Methods


Full Star Icon Full Star Icon Full Star Icon Full Star Icon Full Star Icon 9.0/10


Casino Games



  • Check IconOngoing Promotions
  • Check IconProvably Fair System
  • Check IconDaily Giveaways


Full Star Icon Full Star Icon Full Star Icon Full Star Icon Empty Star Icon 8.2/10


Slot Games


Daily Free Coins & Cases

  • Check IconProvably Fair System
  • Check IconCasino Section
  • Check IconBTC, ETH, Ltc + More


Full Star Icon Full Star Icon Full Star Icon Full Star Icon Empty Star Icon 7.8/10


Deposit Bonus


for Free Cases & Bonuses

  • Check IconCSGO Jackpot, Roulette & Crash
  • Check IconGreat Customer Support
  • Check IconCasino Section

✅ Category✅ Gambling Site
? Best Overall CSGO Jackpot SiteCSGOEmpire
? Best CSGO Jackpot BonusGamdom
? Best CSGO Jackpot Crypto SiteCSGO500
? Best Match Deposit Bonus SiteSkinBetGG
? Best Unique CSGO Jackpot SiteRoobet
? Best CSGO Jackpot Roulette SiteWTFskins


If you want to learn more about our selected CSGO jackpot sites, then we invite you to keep reading. 

What Is CSGO Jackpot Gambling?

CS:GO jackpot is very similar to lottery games and closely related to CSGO crash. As a player, you have to submit CSGO skins to a pot, along with other players. You will receive tickets in exchange, and if any of your tickets happen to be a winner, then you will receive the entire pot or jackpot of CSGO skins.

Since you can play for very little, the entry barrier is extremely low, and hence, you can obtain a huge ROI with little risk, depending on how much you are willing to gamble.  

Selecting The Best CSGO Jackpot Gambling Sites

Our selection process has been engineered by CSGO and iGaming specialists, in order to only select the top CS:GO jackpot websites. Here’s how we did it:

  1. Only sites with valid international licenses and a clean online reputation
  2. Only CS:GO sites with a valid audit that ensures the games are 100% random
  3. Only sites with a great variety of Jackpot Games, going from high-roller jackpots to small bets pots, as well as Fast and 1 vs.1 jackpot
  4. Only sites with excellent welcome bonuses, both for skins, FIAT or cryptocurrency deposits
  5. Only sites with an excellent mobile experience, both on the native app and the mobile website
  6. Only sites with an excellent 247/365 customer support service, via email, chat and telephone.

Now that you know about the filters we used at the hour of building this ranking, you can see why joining any of our recommended CS:GO jackpot sites will be an excellent decision.

Also, see our list of CSGO crash gambling sites here.

What CSGO Jackpot Games Can You Play to Win Skins?

Even though the jackpot concept is quite simple, it has been used to design and develop a wide myriad of games. Here you have the most popular CSGO jackpot games you can find at our recommended sites.

Small Low Bets

If you have a modest bankroll of CSGO skins, then you will like the small low bets games that our CS:GO jackpots sites offer. You can participate with skins worth only a few cents, with the clear chance of winning pots worth thousands of dollars, thanks to the number and/or rarity of the skins.

Big Jackpot CSGO Games

If you are a high roller or simply want to obtain the best possible ROI, then you can try the big jackpot CS:GO games that our recommended sites offer. With pots worth thousands over thousands of dollars, you stand the chance of winning life-changing prizes.

CSGO Jackpot Case Games

If you prefer CS:GO cases and opening, then you will also find such games in our listing. You can participate for only a few cents, with the chance of winning valuable cases that contain exotic skins, which can be sold for hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

CSGO Fast Jackpot Games

If you prefer CS:GO jackpot games with a reduced number of participants, then you will like the Fast Jackpot games, which our sites put at your disposal. With just 3-5 participants per game, you stand a greater chance of winning the entire prize yourself.

1 vs. 1 CSGO Jackpot Games

If you want to further increase your chances of winning the jackpot, then you should try the 1 vs. 1 jackpot games that our sites offer. You stand a 50% chance of winning the main prize, making it a great addition to your portfolio of games, so you can win in a more consistent manner.

All about Free Skins on CSGO Jackpot Sites

Because we know that some of you don’t want to make a real money deposit without testing the waters, you will be happy to know that our recommended sites offer free skins that you can use to gamble on CSGO jackpot games.

Get free skins just for signing up

Also known as no deposit bonuses, you can get free skins for jackpot games. They are not worth as much as a traditional first deposit bonus, but they still allow you to participate in jackpots, where you can win legendary skins if you are lucky enough.

Be aware of the wagering requirements

Free skins, no deposit bonuses come linked to strict wagering requirements, such as a higher rollover. Therefore, make sure to create a gambling plan prior to claiming it, so you can increase the chances of actually unlocking it, so you can use the profits to obtain exclusive skins.

Frequently Asked Questions about CS:GO Jackpot Sites

Do you still have questions you want to clear before joining any CSGO jackpot site? Then let us help you, by answering the most frequently asked questions about these gambling platforms.

What is the best CSGO jackpot site?

It depends on the welcome bonuses you want to claim, as well as the games you would like to bet on. You can find different options in our ranking so that you can select the best CSGO jackpot site that meets your exact needs and goals.

Are CSGO jackpot sites rigged?

Our recommended CSGO jackpot sites are completely random and thus fair since they have been audited and they use blockchain tech such as provably fair, to ensure that the RNG of all the games works correctly.

Can I claim welcome bonuses on CSGO jackpot sites?

Yes, our CSGO jackpot sites bring welcome bonuses for skins, crypto, and fiat deposits. You can receive a good amount of coins, tokens, or skins, which you can use to bet on your favorite jackpot games.