Howl.GG Review

Despite the massive boom of skin gambling sites, the majority of these platforms are still focused on in-game items from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Howl.gg decided to swim against the current and run a legitimate gambling site where players are free to wager skins from Rust, Dota 2, and CS:GO.

Read on for a full overview of Howl.gg:

Despite the massive boom of skin gambling sites, the majority of these platforms are still focused on in-game items from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Howl.gg decided to swim against the current and run a legitimate gambling site where players are free to wager skins from Rust, Dota 2, and CS:GO.

Read on for a full overview of Howl.gg:

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Is Howl.gg Legit?

Established in 2016, Howl.gg became a must-go-to website for Rust skin gamblers throughout the years. Originally dedicated only to CS:GO skins, it went through a period of shutdown. Eventually, the platform came back, expanded its roster, and decided to operate differently.

Currently, Howl.GG has self-proclaimed itself as the world’s “premier rust gambling” site. As far as cybersecurity is a concern, the website offers solid SSL encryption and other additional tools to make the whole gambling atmosphere safer for everyone.

A brief look back into the website’s history is sufficient to realize that Howl.gg was never involved in scams or fraud, and nor were users exposed to hacker attacks. 

Is Howl.gg a Reputable Site?

Since the website was re-launched, Howl.gg has been active in the Rust community to attract new users and solidify the existing bonds with its regular customers. In terms of web traffic, the site frequently hosts more than 500 players online at the same time.

The website’s live chat feature is often crowded, no matter at which time of the day you decide to give it a check. This interactive system boosts the connection between players and allows participants to greet each other when they win.

This friendship-based environment has a large influence on the website’s reputation. According to independent reviews from Trustpilot, the website has a higher support level than most Rust skin gambling sites.

Is Howl.gg Fair?

Many novice gamblers often feel insecure when they wager on game modes in a new skin gambling site for the first time. Even seasoned skin gamblers might feel it sometimes, especially considering more experienced players could have experienced similar events in the past.

If you want to avoid this unpleasant feeling, Howl.gg offers an efficient answer. Powered by a Provably Fair system, the website allows users to verify the randomness of all results through a unique hash-based mechanism.

While all this conversation might sound complex for some users, it’s super easy for anyone to take the game’s unique hash, go to the “Provably Fair” section, and input the encrypted number into the round verifier.

Howl.gg Casino Games

Howl gg casino games

The platform’s proprietary games include Jackpot, Coinflip, and the Wheel. The casino section offers a long list of slots and live dealer games developed by world-class companies like Evolution, BetSoft, Game Art, and others.

It’s safe to affirm that Howl.gg is a reference in the skin gambling community regarding Jackpot. Many website offer Rust Jackpot but when users visit the game dashboard, the section looks derelict and empty. 

As there is no skin Crash or Roulette, Howl’s Jackpot game quickly became the website’s flagship and an absolute fan favorite for Rust skin hunters.

The mechanics could not be simpler – players deposit skins in the pot and receive several tickets based on the total value of the items deposited. Once the pot is closed, a ticket will be randomly selected and its owner will be declared the winner.

Promotions & Bonuses

Howl.gg allows players to enjoy a crazy number of special offers associated with codes. Promo codes, Flash codes, Referral codes, Creator Codes are some of the variants available on the site, each easily redeemable.

The website’s most notable bonus feature is the “Rain” bonus. Every 30 minutes, a rain of free credits is distributed to players interacting on Howl’s live chat. This gigantic prize pool is collected as a small percentage of each bet.

Each small percentage contributes to the Rain pool, which can be seen on a rolling wheel fixed right below the website’s top menu.  

Gamblers can also indulge in daily free cases. To participate in this promotion, one must have a Steam account at least level 5 and create an account to join Howl’s official Discord server.

As you advance to superior levels, the quality of possible case rewards increases significantly. Howl.gg has a solid presence on Twitter, which makes this social media fertile soil for constant giveaways and contests.

Contests work similarly to giveaways with an element of competition to make things more exciting. A good example of a rewarding contest is receiving an  AK Glory $400 bonus for wagering $100 or more on coinflips and winning at least eight consecutive times. 

Does Howl.gg Offer a Good User Experience?

Based on hundreds of positive reviews shared by skin gamblers online, Howl.gg offers intuitive navigation and seamless UX. 

The chat room is always buzzing, making the experience more enjoyable as gamblers do not have that “empty room” feeling typical of many skin gambling sites.

The combination of Provably Fair games, nice rewards, recurring bonus options, and the possibility to deposit and withdraw skins from Rust makes Howl.gg one of the coolest gambling sites you can spend time on.

Coin Exchange Rate Value

1 USD equals 1480 credits on Howl. Similar to other skin gambling sites, Howl.gg allows players to deposit skins and exchange them for credits to wager on games.

Once players have accumulated credits on their account balances, they can withdraw the equivalent amount of credits in the form of skins. 

Howl.gg Payment Methods?

Howl gg payment methods

Howl.gg offers a great variety of payment methods. This is one of the platform’s advantages when compared to its competitors in the same industry. Feel free to deposit funds using:

  • Rust skins
  • CS:GO skins
  • Dota 2 skins
  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Litecoin (LTC)
  • Visa/Mastercard
  • Kinguin gift cards
  • PayPal gift cards
  • GPay gift cards

For withdrawals, you can easily get your hands on the amount held on your account balance through skins or cryptocurrencies.

Pros and Cons

Any honest review must go through all the fundamental aspects of a gambling site before a verdict. Here’s a comparison table of the advantages and disadvantages of Howl.gg:

Great variety of skinsHouse edge up to 6% on Jackpot and Coinflip
A haven for Rust fans 
100% Provably Fair 
Good gambling options
Responsive customer support 

Not only does Howl.gg offer Rust gambling but also is a top-rated Dota 2 gambling site for players. It is not easy to find gambling sites that treat Rust skins as 1st tier items, which adds an extra point to Howl.gg’s scoreboard. 

Still, nothing is perfect. With the spotlight directed towards Jackpot and Coinflip, the platform’s favorite games have a quite house edge percentage associated with each of them. Depending on the player’s victory, the house edge can go up to 6% of the total amount won.

Howl.gg Customer Support

When it comes to customer support, Howl.gg exceeds the most optimistic expectations. Users have two options when they need to request support – the platform’s server on Discord or the tools available on the site.

All users need to do is click on the “Support” tab at the top menu to get redirected to the appropriate section. In either case, the knowledgeable support staff willingly helps all gamblers who talk to them.

Code: "RADAR30"