Best CSGO Cashout Sites

When looking for the best CSGO cashout sites you'll need to look for a variety of factors such as fees and security. There are plenty of platforms to sell CSGO skins on instantly and do this safely and securely for the best prices.

Playing CSGO as normal can earn you some extra cash without needing to invest anything into with these cashout sites. You can simply get free skin cases while playing and head over to these sites and earn some extra cash.

Best CSGO Cashout Sites 2022

Here is a list of the best CSGO cashout sites to sell your skins for real money:

  • SkinCashier
  • CSGOSelly
  • IdleEmpire
  • SkinBaron
  • Skins.Cash
  • BitSkins
  • CSGOEmpire
  • OPSkins


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Idle Empire

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If you want to learn more about the best CSGO cashout sites, then we invite you to keep reading our guide. You will find everything you need, and if you need further assistance, do not hesitate to contact us.

How We Have Selected the Best CSGO Cashout Sites

This guide was prepared based exclusively on genuine information and data collected by our team of experts. The team consists of a group of experienced online gamblers, CS:GO and iGaming betting specialists, and seasoned CS:GO skin traders. Our assessment is founded on three main pillars: 

  • Relying on real-world experiences on CS:GO skin trading from users of all levels 
  • In-depth research on each website’s background
  • Tests involving the specific criteria assessed on each website 

To prepare our list of best CS:GO cashout sites, we used strict criteria to filter out hype trains or incomplete websites. Based on the level of scrutiny of our analysis, it is safe to affirm that we’ve identified the best CS:GO skins cashout websites. 

In the following topics, you will have an overview of the fundamental criteria used in our assessment.

Security and Reliability

The first element of any CS:GO website is offering security and reliability to its customers. If a website cannot secure a user’s funds or guarantee safe withdrawals, it is not worth the effort. Our list consists only of websites that offer the best in terms of safe withdrawals and security tools.

Efficient Withdrawal Methods

It is not unusual for CS:GO skin traders to complain about how inefficient some cashout websites are or how complex the cashout process is. If a skin cashout website is neither efficient nor offers fast withdrawals, it cannot be part of our list.

Only platforms with seamless withdrawal methods are listed in this guide. Websites that offer instant cashouts are ranked even higher.

Responsive Customer Support

Most CS:GO skin traders are experienced gamblers and know how to handle CSGO skin trading sites. These websites usually feature specific details and functionalities that are not easy to understand for newbies. 

One of the most important factors in our analysis was the quality of the customer support offered by each website, including the variety of support tools and how well-written the FAQ section is.

Mobile Compatibility

It is impossible to imagine a world without smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. In this context, no website that lacks basic mobile compatibility can be part of a list ranking the best CS:GO skin cashout websites.

How to Sell Skins for Real Money at CSGO Cashout Sites

The first step is to determine what your goals are. Before putting CS:GO skins to sell, you must have a well-defined purpose, including the amount you want to receive. This careful approach avoids frustration and prevents you from experiencing disappointments.

If you want to get rid of low-value skins, you cannot expect to make a substantial amount of money out of them. On the other hand, the rarest and most valuable skins are those you must be willing to sell, which is not emotionally comfortable for some players. 

The main reasons behind CS:GO skin sales are:

  • Getting rid of ordinary skins to clean up inventory space
  • Selling good skins for profitable amounts via fast transactions
  • Exchanging low/average skins for better ones 
  • Selling one’s entire skin inventory to quit the game 

Once you’ve decided which CS:GO skins you want to sell, check your inventory to separate them from the ones you want to keep. The next step is to find a reliable website to trade your skins. This is an easy task, considering you have this detailed guide ranking the best CS:GO cashout sites. 

Once you’ve chosen the best website option for your case, you need to register to the platform. Then, you must select the items you’d like to sell and confirm the option. After each buyer’s payment, you’ll receive the amount paid for the skin sold.

Auction-Based Sites vs. Bot-Based Sites 

There are two main types of skins cashout websites available in the CS:GO segment – auction-based sites and bot-based sites. Depending on your circumstances and personal needs, one type may offer more advantages than the other.

As its name suggests, auction-based websites work similarly to Amazon. The seller must register himself, create an official account, and put the chosen items for sale. The platform exposes the items to potential buyers, and they decide whether they want to buy the skins.

This type of website permits you to find buyers willing to pay the price you’ve determined for the skins. However, if you need instant or match sales, it is not the best approach.

Trading CS:GO skins through bot-based services offer you a good solution if you need to get rid of low-value skins or want to find interested buyers for good skins as soon as possible. 

These bots buy the users’ skins for a reasonable price, but usually lower than the actual market skin paid for the item. Although it may not offer sellers the best in terms of profit, it is fast and efficient.

On an auction website, you can wait for weeks until someone is interested in your skins. Conversely, CS:GO skin transactions made through bot-based websites are closed in a matter of minutes.

How to Price Your CSGO Skins the Pro Way to Sell at CSGO Cashout Sites

Pricing CS:GO skins require a strategic approach. First, you need to identify how urgent the sale is. If you have time to wait for an offer at a set price, it is possible to increase prices.  However, if the sale is urgent, it may have a significant impact on the transaction price.

Is the CS:GO Skin Rare? 

The core element in determining the value of a CS:GO skin is its rarity. It is impossible to set the price high for standard skins, considering it is not hard to obtain them and people will not be willing to pay for them.

Simultaneously, skins that are less common or even collectors’ pieces can be priced exponentially higher than average or low-quality skins. It’s all about a balance between offer and demand.

Does the CS:GO Skin Have a Special Pattern?

Different CS:GO have distinct patterns. If you have an item with a rare pattern, it can be sold at high prices (especially if the item is a special knife). To check the pattern rarity, you can use your favorite search engine and research the item’s name. 

Does the CS:GO Skin Have a Good Float? 

The Float is a kind of “value” that CS:GO skins carry with them. Depending on this number, the weapon’s appearance changes in-game. The values for determining such an appearance range from 0 to 1 and fall into five categories:

  • 0 – 0.07 (Factory New)
  • 0.07 – 0.15 (Minimal Wear)
  • 0.15 – 0.38 (Field-Tested)
  • 0.38 – 0.45 (Well-Worn)
  • 0.45 – 1 (Battle-Scarred)

When talking about changing the look, it can happen in two ways, depending on the skin. This is because there are weapons that vary in appearance (paint wear and scratches), but there are also those that only change their brightness. Hence, the higher the float value, the lower its brightness.

Does the CS:GO Skin Feature Stickers? 

Stickers are an important detail to determine the value of a skin. In most cases, applying stickers to a skin results in a significant decrease in the item’s value. However, every rule has its exception, and CS:GO skins with stickers are not different.

Some skin collectors are willing to pay hefty sums of money for skins that feature rare and expensive stickers. It is not unusual to find sellers that use expensive stickers to boost the price of a skin, usually around 10% depending on the buyer’s demand.

It is fundamental to note that just putting a standard sticker on a skin will not affect its price – at least not positively. If your skin does not feature a rare sticker or pattern, the price tends to be average.

Frequently Asked Questions about CSGO Cashout Sites

This guide was prepared to help you get the best out of CS:GO skin sales and cash outs. In the following topics, we’ve answered the most frequent questions asked about CS:GO skin cashouts.

Where can I cash out CSGO?

You can cash out CS:GO skins on websites that offer withdrawal services. In this special guide, we’ve listed the best CS:GO cashout sites based on efficiency, security, reliability, price, and accessibility.

Can I get real money from CS money?

Yes, and this is one of the reasons CS:GO skin trading is becoming increasingly popular. It is possible to sell skins obtained in the game for real cash. Depending on the value of the skin, you can obtain a good sum for it.

How do I sell my skin to PayPal?

You need to find a CS:GO cashout site that offers PayPal as a payment method. Immediately check our list to find a reliable option to fulfill your needs. 

What is the best CSGO skin selling site?

It depends on your needs and the types of skins you’re offering. Based on this guide, you can identify your goals adequately and compare them to the services offered by the best CS:GO cashout websites listed here.