Best CSGO Cashout Sites

When looking for the best CSGO cashout sites you’ll need to look for a variety of factors such as fees and security. There are plenty of platforms to sell CSGO skins on instantly and doing this safely and securely for the best prices.

Playing CSGO as normal can earn you some extra cash without needing to invest anything into with these cashout sites. You can simply get free skin cases while playing and head over to these sites and earn some extra cash.

Best CSGO Cashout Sites 2021

Here is a list of the best CSGO cashout sites to sell your skins for real money:

  • Skinbaron
  • CSGOTrades
  • CSGOEmpire
  • Vaxpeer
  • Itrade
  • SkinsCash

How We’ve Chosen The Best CSGO Cashout Sites

We’ve determined these platforms using strict review criteria, and you may have been wondering what that criterion is to be listed on the best CSGO cashout sites. Below you can find how we’ve listed these sites on this list:

Great Customer Service

Obviously, those who have previously used trading platforms like CSGOLounge will know everything there is to use these sites as well as their features, however, newbies may need some extra help when it comes to the sites we’ve listed. To make it onto our list of the best CSGO cashout sites you’ll need to have fantastic customer service.

Easy Withdrawal Methods

If you’re looking for the best CSGO cashout sites, you’ll want the best withdrawal methods. To make it onto our list of the best CSGO cashout sites, easy, safe and trustworthy withdrawal methods is a requirement you must meet.

Mobile Cashout Compatability

Sometimes you may want to cash out when you’re out and about and not near a desktop. Platforms that are able to be accessed using mobile devices and this is an important factor.

Secure & Reliable

Safety, security and reliability is an important factor when it comes to all factors of skin gambling. To ensure platforms place on our list of the best CSGO cashout sites security and reliability is a priority.

Cashing Out and Getting A Good Price

There are plenty of factors that go into the valuation of CSGO skin and it generally comes down to the rarity rules of each skin marketplace. But generally do not set a high price for an uncommon item, you can take a look at other item prices on the marketplace and set your or price around that.


How rare a CSGO cosmetic skin depends upon how rare the listed item is. For example, for a common class item, do not set a high price. For a more rare item like Yellow/Gold, you should list this much higher. For ancient and rare items, do not hesitate to list for a higher price than suggested as these are very uncommon, and buyers will pay a high price.


Float value ranges between 0 and 1, 0 being the most valuable condition. So a weapon skin has a float of 0.04 this means it’s in pristine condition. You’ll get a better price the better the float.


Those wanting to make a profit from buying and selling CSGO skins will need to know that adding stickers to the skin decreases the value of the skin. However, some collectors may pay a higher price for the very rare stickers added to skins, but this is a small selection of buyers.

We’d recommend setting the price at the lowest point possible if you’re up for a quick sale, however, you can increase the price and will eventually sell the item but may take some time.


The pattern of cosmetic skins varies and certain patterns will increase the value you can place them on the market for. Patterns often change and we’d suggest you quickly google up which are the most desired pattern at the time and sell depending on that.