DatDrop Promo Code

DatDrop is already one of the kings when it comes to case opening, and that’s why we have built this page, to bring you the best DatDrop promo code and other promotions.

If you want to claim it now, then here you have it: Radar30.

3+ Free Cases

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If you want to learn more about the DatDrop promo code, other promotional codes, offers, and bonuses, then we invite you to keep reading.

Datdrop Codes & Promotions

We always want more, and that’s why we have built this listing of other exclusive DatDrop promo codes, so you can stock up with all the free promos you want. Here you have it:

  • Radar30

Now that you are ready with all the DatDrop free codes that we can bring you, let’s check how to use and claim them, to load up your account with free coins and skins.

How to Enter The DatDrop Promo Code

DatDrop makes it easy to claim the promo code, and here’s how to do it in only 5 steps:

  1. Create your DatDrop account
  2. Verify your DatDrop account
  3. Click on the “+” next to your username tab
  4. Click on “Use Promo Code”
  5. Claim the code and enjoy the free bonus!

Keep in mind that some codes might require you to make a first deposit, but you can find the details so that you know what promos are 100% free.

Features You Can Enjoy with the DatDrop Promo Code

Besides the standard case openings and random skin wins, DatDrop offers two exclusive features – Battle Opening and Upgrade. If you want to know which skins other customers have already opened, all you need to do is check the live feed at the top of the page.

It is possible to find famous CS:GO cases available in the actual game, like Operation Phoenix, Huntsman, and many others. 

How to Deposit to Claim the DatDrop Promo Code

The deposit methods available at DatDrop include:

  • Credit cards (G2A Pay, GameMoney)
  • Cryptocurrency (Ethereum, Litecoin)
  • Skins (Skinpay, Waxpeer)

When it is time to withdraw your skins, you cannot do it directly from DatDrop’s website. Instead, you must withdraw your skins to your Steam account in the amount equivalent to the value of the specific items in DatDrop’s inventory.

If a user spends only part of his or her available budget while confirming a withdrawal, the remaining balance amount will be returned to the user’s DatDrop inventory in the form of skins.

Ongoing Free Case Promotions

DatDrop as the exclusive case-opening site that it is, allows you to claim free cases every single day. The value of the free drop will vary depending on your level, which ranges from level 1 to level 5, based on the number of deposits you’ve made.

The value of every free case will vary depending on your level, here you have a good overview:

  1. Level 1: $3
  2. Level 2: $25
  3. Level 3: $50
  4. Level 4: $75
  5. Level 5: $100.

If you’re Level 1, then your free case will be worth up to $3.00, but you can only win one of the prizes, and it’s worth noting that the least valuable items have higher odds, while the most valuable have small odds.

VIP Promotion & Player Coin Rewards

Unfortunately, since it’s a site only focused on case opening, you cannot join a casino-like VIP program. However, as we have already seen, it offers a system that allows you to win free cases on a daily basis, based on your level.

All you need to do is to join the platform using our DatDrop promo code, attach your Twitter user, and follow the official DatDrop account. The system will verify it automatically, so that you are eligible to claim free daily CSGO cases.

Free Skins and Coins from the DatDrop Promo Code

The two most interesting features available at DatDrop are “Battle Opening” and “Battle Royale.” Here’s how you can put your DatDrop promo code to good use.

Battle Opening

“Battle Opening” is a multiplayer game played in rounds for up to four participants. Once you create a round, the platform selects what crates will be available during the game. After the players join the round, the combat begins.

The team who opens the more profitable crates wins the whole deal, including the skins dropped in the opponents’ cases.

Battle Royale

“Battle Royale” is an exclusive game available at DatDrop. This multiplayer game has a tournament-like system that permits four to 72 players to play simultaneously. Each game consists of two to six rounds, based on the number of players selected.

In each round, players face each other in matches of 1×1 or 1x1x1. The winner of each match advances to the next round to fight other winners. The battle continues until the result of the last match determines the ultimate winner.

The plot twist is that no single player leaves the game empty-handed. The big winner wins the best rewards, but all participants get prizes.

How Legit Are DatDrop Promo Codes?

DatDrop is operated by Meetic Group LP, a company registered in London, UK. The platform’s reputation in the CS:GO segment, boasting an outstanding number of over 1 million users who opened more than 277 million CSGO cases, and that includes the ones claimed by our promotional codes.

The platform’s CS:GO gambling mechanism is provably fair. Hence, users can verify the results for cases, battles, and upgrades for fairness. Therefore, the DatDrop promo code and platform are 100% legit.

DatDrop Free Code Summary

The DatDrop free code is an absolute beast, because it allows you to win free cases that can contain valuable items, which can be sold for a handsome profit. Furthermore, the more you deposit at DatDrop, the more valuable the daily free cases will get, and that is more than enough to join this hot case opening site with our promotional code: “Radar30“.

F.A.Q about the DatDrop Free Code

If you still want to know more about the DatDrop promo code before using it, then this section will provide the information you need. For more assistance, feel free to contact us.

Is the DatDrop free code the same as the DatDrop referral code?

No, they are not the same. The DatDrop free code allows you to claim a welcome bonus when you join the website, whereas the DatDrop referral code is a special code that you can bring to other users and friends to join DatDrop, so that you can receive up to 10% in commissions based on what the referred users deposit.

Is the DatDrop promo code really free?

Yes, the DatDrop promo codes you find on this page are 100% free, so go ahead and use them.

What games can you play with the DatDrop promo code?

DatDrop is an exclusive case opening site, but you can use the free skins to bet on games like Battle Royalte and Battle Opening, so you can win more.