How To Derank in CSGO

It is hard to believe that Counter-Strike was once a spin-off of the game Half-Life. Over the years, the series has been consolidated as one of the best FPS games ever.

A serious problem affecting the original version was the lack of a proper CSGO ranking system. Finding teammates and opponents was a random process, which made it harder to find other individuals at the same level of play.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive introduced the ranking system, which allows players to face opponents and play with individuals at equivalent levels. However, why would players want to derank in CS:GO? Is it even possible?

Read on for a full guide on how to derank in CS:GO. 

The Basics of the CSGO Rank System

CS:GO has a unique rank system that grants players different titles based on their skills and performance, allowing them to engage in matches with people with a similar level of ability and game sense.

There is no sense in a matchmaking system that puts a complete newbie against a pro-level CS:GO player. To avoid this type of scenario, the CS:GO rank system divides players into different categories, which are 18 in total:

  • Silver (from I to IV)
  • Silver Elite
  • Silver Elite Master
  • Gold Nova (from I to III)
  • Gold Nova Master
  • Gold Nova Master Elite
  • Master Guardian (I and II)
  • Master Guardian Elite
  • Distinguished Master Guardian
  • Legendary Eagle
  • Legendary Eagle Master
  • Supreme Master First Class 
  • Global Elite

Considering your rank is an indicator of your skills on CS:GO, you cannot get without the required levels of effort. To get your first CS:GO rank, you need to win at least 10 competitive matches. 

After 10 wins, you will be automatically assigned to one of the ranks depending on your performance and level of ability in matches. 

Why Would Someone Want to Derank on CSGO?

Once you get a rank on CS:GO, you can only play with teammates and opponents who are either five ranks higher or lower than yours (with exception of a pre-made five-member team).

The term “derank” refers to a CS:GO player that purposely loses one or multiple games to get to a lower rank. While it may sound nonsense and weird, several reasons explain why some CS:GO players derank to lower ranks.

One of the most common reasons is having a lower-ranked account on CS:GO to play with friends that are not well-ranked. Other players might not want the stress associated with high-performance matches, which involve the best players in the user’s state or country. 

Another possible but rarer reason is trying to apply different strategies in lower levels of play. Regardless of the reason, the following section will teach you how to derank on CS:GO. 

How To Derank in CSGO – Easiest Methods Available 

Several methods can be used to derank in CS:GO. The first is losing a certain number of consecutive games. For example, if you lose 7 to 9 games, you will derank to at least one position lower.

Please note that players in higher ranks require a minimal number of losses to derank. Depending on your level, you can lose five competitive games and then win one game to preserve your ELO points.

The ELO points determine your current rank, which largely determines your winning chances against opponents. Simply losing one match after the other may not be a “healthy” strategy.

Another solution is joining the “Derankers” group on the Steam Community and deranking by disconnecting (DC).

After joining this group, you will find several other players willing to derank as well. All you need to do is click on a thread of your interest and find a partner willing to help you.

First, you need to copy your CSGO Player code using the game’s main menu. After copying the code, you need to post it on a thread in the chat room. Feel free to specify the ranks you would want to derank with, as the highest ranks usually derank faster than lower ranks. 

Before joining a partner in a competitive match, make sure that all the parties involved know how to derank by DC. After bypassing technical support, the players can go further with the “Disconnect” plan. 

For detailed information on the DC derank method, you can easily find it in the Steam community “Guides” section. 

How To Derank in CSGO – Summary

Some players simply want to enjoy nice CS:GO sessions with friends without getting crushed by highly-skilled players. Other reasons include not buying a new account to derank, or even going through a personal challenge of starting fresh from intermediate levels (e.g., Silver I).

You will also find superior CS:GO players who want to troll players at lower-rank competitions. No matter the reason for deranking in CS:GO, this short guide will surely help you to attain your goal.