How To Get CSGO Souvenir Drops

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive created a massive economy around in-game items. Players can drop items and skins by buying keys and opening cases. If they are lucky enough, CS:GO drops can result in amazing prizes.

As you might expect, rarer items tend to have a higher value. While most players prefer to buy CS:GO items directly or simply indulge in CSGO gambling while trying to get good items, many players are still fond of Souvenir Drops.

This unique way to get CS:GO items are not always available, otherwise you’ll need to drop hundreds of thousands on CSGO sites like CSGORoll, which means users must obtain as much knowledge as possible to seize advantage of these scarce opportunities.

Are you willing to take a chance on CS:GO Souvenir Drops? Read on for a full guide with strategies and tips.

What Are CSGO Souvenir Drops?

Souvenir Drops are events where Valve Corp. randomly gives away in-game items to CS:GO fans, which happens only during majors. A major is a sporadic event sponsored by Valve but often organized by a company selected by Valve itself. 

When a player is randomly selected in a Souvenir Drop, he receives a special Souvenir case. By opening the case, the lucky player can drop exclusive items and skins, which can be stored in inventory or sold for real cash in marketplaces.

In the CS:GO community, the term “Souvenir” is used to describe the quality of items obtained during these major events. Souvenir items usually have a unique finish, which makes them coveted prizes among the CS:GO community.

How Can I Get Cases on CSGO Souvenir Drops?

You can get a case drop during Majors either by watching matches via in-game GOTV or live streams on Twitch. If you prefer to use Twitch, make sure that your Steam account is connected to your Twitch account.

As the tournament progresses, the number of players rewarded per match increases. During the Grand Finals, the players have the best odds, which are 0.1% of getting a drop.

While nothing is possible for those who believe in themselves, dropping Souvenir cases during Majors requires an overwhelming level of luck involved in the process. There are no secrets or tendencies, it’s all random at the end of the day.

Obtaining a CSGO Viewer Pass 

You cannot access and watch CS:GO majors with a Viewer Pass, which is also an in-game item purchased during Majors. Players can also gift each other with Viewer Passes and send them to friends one week after purchasing them.

Each account can only activate one Viewer Pass. Hence, you cannot use more than one Viewer Pass per account registered on Steam. Another important aspect is purchasing Souvenir Package redemptions, which can be done only with a Viewer Pass.

The expiration dates for redemption vary. When you are watching CS:GO Majors, it is fundamental to check the official CS:GO blog and verify the end date for redemption set for that specific tournament.

Are There Strategies to Get CSGO Souvenir Drops? – Realistic Overview

There’s no special secret or hidden strategy that you can use to get CSGO Souvenir Drops. All you need to do is keep watching CS:GO matches streamed on GOTV or Twitch to have a chance to win.

During the tournament rounds, Valve Corp. randomly distributes cases to the luckiest players. If you are lucky enough, you can drop an exclusive tournament case and open it to get prizes.

Still, the chances are below 1%, which means you cannot have an unrealistic approach to the process. Here’s a list of factors you must pay attention to: 

Do Not Believe “Fake News”

Several websites feature articles with fake information promising to teach “strategies” and “tricks” that can be used to increase your chances of dropping Souvenir cases during CS:GO Majors.

It is not hard to find content stating that having an Operation Coin can get you a lucky drop. Nonetheless, the chances of dropping a Souvenir case are equal for everyone watching a CS:GO Major.

Some affirm that typing specific commands on the tournament’s stream chat increases the fan’s chances, which is not true. If you believe it and try this “strategy,” you will be 100% trolled.

Another fake strategy is simultaneously watching a Major’s stream on OTV and Twitch. No matter how passionate you are about watching the same CS:GO matches at the same time, it will not help you to drop Souvenir cases.

The Longer You Watch, the Better Your Chances Are 

There are no shortcuts. The only way to drop Souvenir case is to watch CS:GO Majors non-stop. But how to do it when you have a life? It’s simple – you can leave your computer turned on Twitch and let the matches play throughout the day.

This way, you do not necessarily need to “watch” all matches but you are automatically connected to an official Stream and exposed to random Souvenir Drops. Just make sure your Twitch account is connected with your Steam account.

F.A.Q About CSGO Souvenir Drops

Obtaining exclusive items through CSGO Souvenir Drops is not a matter of strategy or savvy. At the end of the day, your chances exclusively depend on chance and luck. 

Use this guide wisely and get your luck tested when the next CS:GO Major occurs. In the section below, we’ve answered the most frequently asked questions about CSGO Souvenir Drops.

How Can I Get a Chance on CSGO Souvenir Drops?

Valve Corp. regularly organizes CS:GO events called Majors, which are global tournaments. You can watch these tournaments on GOTV or Twitch to have a chance to get a Souvenir case.

What Can I Do to Increase My Chances of Winning CSGO Souvenir Drops?

There is nothing participants can do to increase their chance to drop CSGO Souvenir cases during Majors. It’s all dependent on luck and chance, as Souvenir cases are randomly dropped as the tournament progresses.

Is There a Requirement to Have Access to CSGO Majors’ Streams?

The only requirement is to purchase a Viewer Pass during a major or receive a Viewer Pass as a gift.