CSGO Case Opening Sites

CSGO has become a lot bigger during the last 2 years, and thus the demand for the best CSGO case opening sites has increased. They allow you to earn free skins, all by opening cases, which can help you to earn a lot of money, since skins can be pretty expensive (think of Dragon Lore!).

Nonetheless, not all the CS:GO case opening sites are made the same, and that’s why we have only selected the top of the cream - here you have it:

Best CSGO Case Opening Sites

  • CSGOEmpire
  • CSGO500
  • CSGOLuck
  • FarmSkins
  • CSGORoll
  • Helltv.store
  • Daddy Skins

If you want to learn how we have picked every single one of our recommended CSGO case opening sites, then keep reading. You will also learn how to make the most out of these sites, to earn incredible skins.


Full Star Icon Full Star Icon Full Star Icon Full Star Icon Full Star Icon 9.3/10




Skins & Coins

  • Check IconTrusted Platform
  • Check IconDaily Promotions
  • Check IconCSGO Coinflip


Full Star Icon Full Star Icon Full Star Icon Full Star Icon Full Star Icon 9.1/10




  • Check IconCrypto & Skins Accepted
  • Check IconCommunity Based Site
  • Check IconCase Battles

CSGO Society

Full Star Icon Full Star Icon Full Star Icon Full Star Icon Empty Star Icon 8.0/10


Daily Cases



  • Check IconExcellent Range of Skins
  • Check IconSign Up Bonus
  • Check IconLive Chat Support


Full Star Icon Full Star Icon Full Star Icon Full Star Icon Full Star Icon 9.1/10




Bux Use Code: CR30

  • Check Icon500 Bux Free Promotion
  • Check IconExcellent Site Design
  • Check IconWide Game Selection


Full Star Icon Full Star Icon Full Star Icon Full Star Icon Full Star Icon 9.0/10


Free Spins on Slots


Free + Cases & Coins

  • Check IconCase Opening Site
  • Check IconCrypto Accepted
  • Check IconOngoing Promotions & Cases


Full Star Icon Full Star Icon Full Star Icon Full Star Icon Full Star Icon 9.5/10


Deposit Bonus


Free Cases

  • Check IconPlethora of Games
  • Check IconPayment Methods Options
  • Check Icon3 Free Cases + 5% Deposit

Daddy Skins

Full Star Icon Full Star Icon Full Star Icon Full Star Icon Empty Star Icon 7.6/10


Deposit Bonus + Free Case

  • Check IconLarge Playerbase
  • Check IconPlenty of Cases
  • Check IconFree Skins Promotions


Full Star Icon Full Star Icon Full Star Icon Full Star Icon Empty Star Icon 7.5/10





  • Check IconWide Range of Cases
  • Check IconDaily Free Cases
  • Check IconPromotions

1CSGOEmpire$0.1-$100Claim Bonus
2CSGO500100 BuxClaim Bonus
3FarmSkins$1 FreeClaim Bonus
4CSGORoll3 Free CasesClaim Bonus
5DaddySkins5% Profit BoostClaim Bonus
6GamdonFree CoinsClaim Bonus
7DatDrop1 Free CaseClaim Bonus

Why Are CS:GO Case Opening Sites Popular? – Benefits & Facts

CSGO case opening sites have boomed in popularity because they bring you an easy, fun, and cheap way to collect amazing and valuable skins and items, as well as coins and tokens that you can use on CSGO gambling games such as roulette, poker, jackpots, dice and minesweeper. 

Valve introduced the concept of case opening sites for the first time, but as early CSGO gamers can tell, the price per key was too high. Our recommended case opening sites reduce the cost considerably, so you can open for cases for higher chances of obtaining exotic, valuable skins for the game, or to sell for an excellent profit.

Skins have become a sort of virtual currency, and hence, the number of case opening sites has gone through the roof, since there’s a high demand. Our ranking will help you to find the best offers by joining the top case opening sites.

How Do We Choose the Best CSGO Case Opening Sites?

Since there’s now a huge number of new CSGO case opening sites, you need to be careful at the hour of choosing one. To prevent scams and bring you the best experience, we have applied the following selection process:

  1. We start by analyzing the history, record and online reputation of the CS GO case opening site. If it has got good and authentic reviews, high ratings, and a history free from scams or scandals, then we proceed with the rest of the steps
  2. Then, we analyze the quality of their offers for case opening. We make sure that you can find cheap as well as expensive cases, so that you can have a chance at getting amazing skins that you can sell for a good profit
  3. After that, we make sure that the site brings you good welcome bonuses and regular free giveaways, so you can get the best return possible for every skin, token, or money you deposit in the website
  4. We then analyze the quality of the platform’s additional games, such as minesweepers, CSGO blackjack, poker, roulette, crash, etc. So you can have additional ways of earning good skins, by using your profits from the cases you open
  5. Finally, we ensure that the CSGO case opening website brings you fast and effective customer support service 24/7 via phone, email or live chat.

Every step is simple in theory, but analyzing every single site takes several hours of work. Save yourself from the struggle – sign up at any of our recommended sites today to claim a huge welcome bonus, to start opening cases to win amazing skins and items!

Valve vs. Third Party CSGO Case Opening Sites – Which Is Best?

Valve started the frenzy of case opening offers for CS:GO since they saw the great success of this model in games like Dota2. Nonetheless, at over $2 USD per key to open a case, it was profitable for Valve, but not so much for us, the gamers.

That’s how the third-party CSGO case opening sites saw the light (which are the ones we recommend), to offer the same as Valve but at a much lower price, in addition to tons of gambling games to win more skins for a minimum bet. 

Therefore, our recommended third party CSGO case opening sites will always be your best option, because in addition to lower prices, you have additional ways of winning extraordinary skins, which would cost you a lot more money by buying keys at Valve. 

The choice is clear, so join any of our recommended CSGO case opening sites today because there are great offers, cases and legendary skins waiting for you!

Frequently Asked Questions about CSGO Case Opening Sites

If you have questions about CSGO case opening sites, then this section is what you need. We are going to wash away all of your doubts with concise, direct answers. If you need extra help, our team is one message away – contact us to assist you!

Are CS:GO case opening sites legit?

Our recommended CSGO case opening sites are 100% legit since they are licensed, audited and supported by the community because we only select sites which users can vouch for the cases that the platform brings. 

Can I win real money by opening CSGO cases?

Yes, CSGO skins are worth real money, and hence, you can win real money by investing in opening CSGO cases at our recommended sites. Since they are cheaper than Valve’s, you can expect to obtain a higher ROI.

Are CSGO case opening sites worth it?

According to the stats, you can expect to get 60% back for all the CSGO cases you open. It means that, if you invest $1000, then chances are you will get $600 back, but this is a general statistic that accounts for all the users opening cases. 

This is a game of luck, which means that you can very well get an average or common skin, as well as an exotic one like a Dragon Lore, which you can sell for thousands of dollars, all with a minimal investment.