CSGO500 Referral Codes | Free Codes & Latest Offers

If you’re looking for the best CSGO500 codes, below we’ve listed some of the top referral codes that give you access to free coins to place some bets with. As one of the some trustworthy CSGO gambling sites CSGO500 performs well with their bonus codes.

By entering the referral code ‘CR100’ you will receive a free case and a deposit bonus. It’s incredibly simple to claim this bonus code by heading over to the ‘Free case’ tab and enter the promo code above and click ‘confirm.’

All Available CSGO500 Codes

New customers can find a selection of codes that are currently available to the majority of countries. At the moment, only ‘CR100’ will work on their main platform games such as coinflip or even roulette.

Here is a list of items you can grab, either keep or sell directly for virtual coins:

  • P90
  • AWP With a Dragon Lore Skin (Worth over $1,400)
  • Gut Knife (Doppler)
  • Prisma Key

Remember, there’s nothing to lose on this bonus code, you could win $0.1 or even $2,000 in cosmetic skins to place bets or to use a cashout feature using one of our recommended CSGO cashout sites, which are all trustworthy.

Ongoing Free Case Promotions

CSGO500 also offers a variety of exclusive promotions to loyal and dedicated players. You’ll be able to find frequent giveaways of certain skins which can be either used to place bets or alternatively transfer back into your Steam wallet. Not only this but you can head over to the CSGO500 Twitter page to grab bonus codes to open free cases.

Seasonal bonuses are often common, with higher deposit bonuses and daily, weekly and monthly codes for high-level free cases in which you can win thousands of dollars worth of skins.

You can check back here at CSGORadar or alternatively on the promotions page on the CSGO500 website.

How Does The CSGO500 Referral Code Work?

The majority of CSGO gambling sites will offer some form of referral code, bonus code or promotional offer in the form of a ‘credit’ towards placing bets on the site. When registering as a new customer you’ll often need to make a deposit to qualify, however, sites such as CSGOLive do not require this.

Free cases are often the most popular form of promotion and are transferred instantly into your account in virtual currency upon the value of the skin found in the free case.

How To Use The CSGO500 Referral Code

Below you can find the simple task of activating the referral code on CSGO500 and its alternative codes. You can check if the CSGO500 promo can be used

  • I headed over to CSGO500, signed in using username, email and further details and headed over to ‘Free cases’
  • We choose to use the code ‘CR100’ from the list above and clicked copy and then pasted on the free cases section on CSGO500
  • And this summarised the total signup and activating the referral code which easily allowed me to then make deposits, place bets and view live matches.

If you need further help with any of the bonus codes or any form of registration, you can head over to their live help or contact their email customer support address.

CSGO500 Promotions

CSGO500 generally don’t offer a large list of promotions to get free cases but the single one they do can be used multiple times, once every 24 hours to be exact.

When CSGO500 have multiple promotions available, you can check back here and we’ll update you.

Existing Customers Promotions on CSGO500

Existing customers can also benefit from the bonus code listed above and can receive exactly the same rewards from it. Be sure to check CSGO500 regularly and also on our page for updates regarding loyalty based promotions.

CSGO500 Code Alternatives

With plenty of CSGO gambling sites currently offering plenty of codes you’ll find various alternatives for you to use on any of the below listed alternatives to CSGO500.

Both game variety and code selection can play a huge role in if we recommend a CSGO gambling site to you, and there are a couple of factors that CSGO500 can improve on. We’d recommend checking out the FarmSkins code and also compare it to CSGOLive, Daddy Skins, SkinHub and also popular DuelBits which also offers plenty of CSGO gambling features.

CSGO500 Referral Code FAQ

What is the referral code for CSGO500?

As one of the most legit CSGO gambling sites, you can easily claim the CSGO500 referral code by simply copying and pasting the code ‘CR100’ into the bonus code box on CSG0500.com. This could gets you plenty of skins for free.

Is the CSGO500 referral code legit?

The promotions offered by CSGO500 are completely legit and can be used every 24 hours and can easily benefit players.

What countries do CSGO500 allow?

CSGO500 will generally block users coming from countries such as the USA, UK and Canada, but it appears recently this has stopped.