WTFSkins Roulette Guide

When it comes to case opening, CS:GO gambling and winning top skins, WTFSkins comes up as one of the leading names. And you can also play the WTFSkins Roulette to win amazing skins, diamonds, and premium prizes.

This guide will show you how to play it and what strategies to use to win big time. We play it ourselves, so you’ll get exclusive insights from gamblers that walk their talk. 

Now, let’s get started so we can help you to go from zero to hero in the Roulette at WTFSkins, to stock up your inventory with new and premium skins.

How to Play WTFSkins Roulette (Even as a Beginner)

If you’ve played roulette at other CS:GO gambling sites, you will find the experience quite similar. If not, worry not, because even as a beginner you can master this game in only 5 steps:

  1. Sign up/in on WTFSkins and choose Roulette
  2. Choose the amount of diamonds to bet
  3. Choose your betting option (Red, Black or Green)
  4. Wait for the next round to start (every 13 seconds)
  5. If you win, the game will automatically reward you.

As you can see, the game goes straight to the point. All you need to do is to place your wager, choose a betting option and let the game do the rest.

However, there’s a feature that makes the WTFSkins Roulette different from other CS:GO gambling sites, and it’s the Bonus Pot. We will explain all about it in the next section.

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What is the WTFSkins Roulette’s Bonus Pot and How to Win It?

The Bonus Pot is a big fund of diamonds that rolls every 3 minutes, and it rewards all the people who wagered during the round. So, all you need to do is to place a wager when a new round of the Bonus Pot starts, but whether you win or lose it will depend on luck.

The Bonus Pot is the same as a Jackpot, which you can find at slot games. But this one grows at a 0.40% rate from all the bets placed on WTFSkins Roulette. 

The chances of hitting the Bonus Pot are equal to the wagered bets divided by 1,000,000. So, if gamblers have wagered 15,000 diamonds in the last 3 minutes, then chances of winning the Bonus Pot will be 1.50%. 

Now, if the Bonus Pot hits, how much will you receive? It will depend on your share of the wagered bets. Following the previous example, if you wagered 1,000 diamonds in the last 3 minutes, then that brings you a share of 6.66%, and that would also be the percentage of the Bonus Pot that you would receive.

Remember that if the Bonus Pot doesn’t hit, then you need to wager again in the next 3 minutes to qualify for a share of the jackpot. The Bonus Pot will keep growing until it hits, so it’s a good idea to keep betting, so you can have a shot at winning it.

WTFSkins Roulette Pay Table and Odds

Now that you know how to play and how the Bonus Pot works, it’s time to talk about the odds and pay table. Here’s what you need to know.

Pay Table of WTFSkins Roulette

The payment will depend on the betting option you choose. As you have only 3 to choose from, here is the pay table:

  • Red: 2x
  • Black: 2x
  • Green: 14x

The Green pays more because there’s a smaller number of it, whereas Red and Black have the highest number of cells. 

The Odds of WTFSkins Roulette

The odds of the betting options are based on the number of cells they cover in the roulette. Therefore, here you have the stats:

  • Red: 48%
  • Black: 48%
  • Green: 6.66%

The Green is what gives the house an edge, and what makes it suitable for CS:GO gambling. Now that you are aware of the odds, it’s time to talk about the strategy that works best for WTFSkins Roulette.

Why the Fibonacci Works Great for WTFSkins Roulette

Before we talk about the Fibonacci, you should know the basics of bankroll management. Here are some pointers:

  • Use money you can afford to lose when building your bankroll
  • Set clear profit goals for the day, week and month
  • Set clear loss limits for the day, week and month
  • Always cash out a percentage of your winnings once you hit a profit goal.

Now, it’s time to dive into the strategy and how we use it when we play WTFSkins Roulette. 

The Fibonacci Sequence for WTFSkins Roulette

It’s same the sequence you learned in high school, which goes like this:

1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233, 377…

It can go ad infinitum because the unique requisite is for the next number to be the sum of the two immediate previous numbers. However, how can you use it for WTFSkins Roulette? You need to apply the following criteria:

  • If you lose a bet, then you move up one number in the sequence
  • If you win a bet, then you move down two numbers in the sequence.

The mistake that most players commit is that they start using the Fibonacci sequence as soon as they start playing, regardless of the previous results. And this is how most gamblers lose money on WTFSkins Roulette.

If you want to use the Fibonacci strategy correctly, then you need to supplement it with patterns. Let’s see how it works in the next section.

Patterns on WTFSkins Roulette

WTFSkins allows you to check the last results in Roulette, as well as the number of red, black, and green rounds in the last 100 spins. This is what you need to find winning patterns, so you can apply the Fibonacci strategy correctly.

You need to scan the last results to find any of the following opportunities:

  • Anywhere from 8 to 10 consecutives rounds where Black won
  • Anywhere from 8 to 10 consecutives rounds where Red won
  • Two rounds or less where Green won in the last 100 rounds.

These stats let you know when it’s a good time to start using the Fibonacci strategy. For example, if you found 8 consecutive rounds where black won, then it’s a good time to start betting on red using the fibonacci. Let’s see how to do it with a practical example.

Practical Example

Let’s say that you have found that black has won for the last 8 rounds and you decide to apply the Fibonacci to land a winner on red. And you have the following bet size and bankroll:

  • Bankroll: 5,000 diamonds
  • Bet size: 5 diamonds (0.1% of bankroll)
  • Profit goal (per session): 1% 
  • Loss limit (per session): 1%.

You start the fibonacci with a bet of 5 diamonds on red, and here’s the simulation of what happened:

RoundFibonacciMultiplierBet Size (Diamonds)ResultProfit or Loss (Diamonds)

In the end you would end up with a profit of 20 diamonds which is 0.4% of your bankroll, and hence, you can either stop here or play another Fibonacci once you’ve found another pattern. 

Let’s say that, later in the day, you find another pattern, this time 10 consecutive rounds of red. Now it’s time to start betting on black with the help of a fibonacci sequence:

RoundFibonacciMultiplierBet Size (Diamonds)ResultProfit or Loss (Diamonds)

This time you will end up with a profit of 10 coins, which is 0.2% of your bankroll. Now you’ve met 60% of your profit goal for the day. You can keep wagering based on the patterns you find, or you can stop here and call it a day. Remember that the goal is to keep increasing your bankroll.

Frequently Asked Questions about WTFSkins Roulette

If you still have questions about this game, then this section will bring the answers you need. For more assistance, contact us via email or message.

Is WTSkins Roulette legit?

Yes, WTFSkins Roulette is Provably Fair. All the results are random and transparent, since you can check them whenever you please.

Can you play WTFSkins Roulette for free?

No, but you can claim a free bonus of diamonds by using our promo code, so you can play WTFSkins Roulette without risk.

Is it possible to win the Bonus Pot?

Yes, all you need to do is to place a bet during the 3 minutes of the Bonus Pot, and if it hits, then you will win a share of it based on how much you wagered.