WTFSkins Review

Active since 2017, WTFSkins has been delivering a high-quality gambling experience for its customers. This platform became well-known over the years due to its extensive list of instantly tradable items available on its P2P skin marketplace.

Read on for a full review of WTFSkins:

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Active since 2017, WTFSkins has been delivering a high-quality gambling experience for its customers. This platform became well-known over the years due to its extensive list of instantly tradable items available on its P2P skin marketplace.

Read on for a full review of WTFSkins:

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Is WTFSkins Legit?

It is fundamental to look at a gambling website’s history to determine whether it went through situations involving hacker attacks, fraud, or scams. WTFSkins’ background is 100% clean, which means skin gamblers can rest assured that the website is trustworthy.

The platform runs on an SSL-encrypted connection. Hence, the communication between the server and the website is shielded with encryption, which hinders attempts from hackers and malicious actors to sneak into it and steal valuable data. 

All the payment providers available on WTFSkins have a well-established reputation as well.

Is WTFSkins a Reputable Site?

Stats from SimilarWeb show that the website receives over 750,000 visits to its page every other month, which demonstrates the platform’s popularity in the CS:GO gambling community.

Over the years, the most active customers from WTFSkins turned into a vibrant community. It is impossible to visit the website and find no users online. Many websites offer Jackpot games, but the games look like derelict sections.

WTFSkins does not have this type of problem, as users can join crowded Jackpot games whenever they want. When it comes to Crash, any visitor will always find the sessions crowded and players wagering actively. 

Is WTFSkins Fair?

As soon as you onboard the website, you will immediately notice an encrypted code displayed under each game. This code is the hash associated with each round of the game, a core element of the Provably Fair system.

With Provably Fair, gamblers can freely check the results of all bets and verify whether they were the product of pure randomness. 

Based on algorithmic technology, this mechanism precludes users and WTFskins from interfering with the outcome of games. This way, users can rest assured of the fairness of results and wager smoothly without the fear of being cheated.

Casino Games

WTFSkins online games

There are three game modes available on WTFSkins – CS:GO Crash, Roulette, and Jackpot. This classic trio represents the holy trinity of CS:GO gambling, as it reunites the fan favorites of the community. 

The Crash game is displayed right on the website’s homepage with a simplistic layout and a close following of avid players. The game follows the classic standard that made the game a superb hit, with a multiplier rising continuously until it crashes down at some point. 

The Roulette section displays a horizontal wheel with 15 spots – seven black spots, seven red spots, and one green spot. The black and red spots pay out double the wagered amount for players who drop them, while the green spot pays 14x the wagered amount in case of victory.

Last but not least, players can indulge in the Jackpot game. The mechanics follow the usual standard – players deposit skins and receive a number of tickets based on the value wagered. The luckiest ticket holder takes all skins deposited in the pot home.

Promotions & Bonuses

The first type of bonus available on WTFSkins includes a series of promo codes. The validity of these bonuses varies, meaning players must seize advantage of them as soon as possible.

Secondly, it is possible to claim a Daily Bonus by depositing money or skins on the website. Gamblers can claim 0.02 gems on their account balances every other day for free.

Still, the best bonus offer available on WTFSkins is the “Leaderboard” feature. The top 50 players with the best daily, weekly, and monthly performances can claim amazing skin prizes based on their position in the ranking.

For example, the top-3 players ranked on the monthly leaderboard are entitled to an AWP Dragon Lore (FN), an M4A4 Howl (FN), and an M9 Bayonet Marble Fade (FN). The more you wager and win on WTFSkins’ game modes, the higher positions you can climb on the rankings.

A Good User Experience?

Compared to other CS:GO gambling sites, WTFSkins does not feature the best-looking user interface. At a glance, the design might look a bit messy with elements randomly spread over the homepage.

Still, there are only a few options you can click on, so no player will have trouble finding the functionalities available on the website. The quality of the graphics and sound is decent. 

Despite these factors, the overall gambling experience is good and can keep players wagering for several hours straight. 

Coin Exchange Rate

WTFSkins players cannot wager directly on CS:GO Jackpot, Crash, or Jackpot using real money. Instead, the deposited funds or skins are immediately converted to gems, the platform’s virtual currency.

The amount of gems in one’s balance does not represent real money, which means it is impossible to withdraw it in cash. 

As stated by WTFSkins in its Terms of Service, players purchase the right to wager on the website using their balance. Hence, the funds and skins deposited can neither be converted nor refunded back to real-world money.

WTFSkins Payment Methods

WTFSkins list of payment methods

WTFSkins offers a varied catalog of payment methods for deposits. As a pioneer skin gambling site, the platform allows players to deposit skins from CS:GO, Dota 2, and TF2. In both cases, the deposits are made through P2P. 

Players who prefer traditional payment methods can choose between Visa/Mastercard, GameMoney, AliPay, UnionPay, UnionPay Bank, and EcoPayz. If you prefer to deposit with crypto, the options available are Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and some altcoins.

The only payment method available for withdrawals is through skins from CS:GO, Dota 2, and TF2 gambling. As expected, users can withdraw the equivalent amount of gems in their account balances for skins.

Pros and Cons

Here’s a comparison table between WTFSkins’ advantages and disadvantages:

Good game modes Poor customer support service 
Provably Fair results Withdrawals restricted to skins 
Solid reputation 
Decent catalog of payment methods 
Amazing skins bonuses 

WTFSkins has two major drawbacks. The first is the lack of efficient customer support, especially as players must wait several hours to get a simple answer through an outdated ticket system.

Secondly, the only payment option for withdrawals is through skins. Although WTFSkins is focused on skin gamblers, it does not necessarily mean gamblers could not have the option to cash out cash or crypto.

Still, WTFSkins’ overall experience surpasses these minor flaws, mainly due to the fantastic skin bonuses based on a performance leaderboard and the transparency associated with its Provably Fair games.

WTFSkins Customer Support

If WTFSkins has any weak points, one must be customer support. First, the customer support tools are limited to a ticket system. Players can request support via ticket and passively wait for a response.

Besides being outdated, this system is non-effective and quite disappointing, as the average waiting period can take several hours. A FAQ section is also available, but the questions cover only a few general topics and do not help players who need technical support.

Considering the platform’s reputation and years of activity in the CS:GO gambling segment, the lack of proper customer service is a negative aspect. 

Code: "Radar30"