WTFSkins Crash Guide

Crash is probably the most sought-after CS:GO-themed game in the online gambling segment. Even though the game has no spectacular graphics, thrilling storylines, complex mechanics, or any similar elements, it became a fan favorite in only a few years of existence.

WTFSkins offers you to enjoy a unique Crash experience with the possibility to wager and win CS:GO skins – all Provably Fair fashion. If you need a full guide about his incredible game, read on to find everything you must know. 

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How Does WTFSkins Crash Work? – The Basic Steps 

WTFSkins’ version of Crash is similar to the game available on other CSGO gambling sites. The game runs on a graph featuring a line representing the multiplier. The multiplier starts as 1x, but as the line moves up in the graph, the multiplier increases accordingly.

The higher the line goes up, the higher the multiplier grows. Eventually, the multiplier will crash at some point in the graph. If you manage to cash out before the multiplier line crashes, you will receive the amount wagered times the multiplier number at that specific point.

If you wait too long or fail to cash out as accurately as possible before the multiplier crashes, you lose the wagered amount. 

WTFSkins offer the “Auto” feature that allows you to set a fixed multiplier for cashouts. This way, you do not necessarily have to do it manually, which is excellent for players wagering with slower internet connections.

The payment methods available for deposits include cryptocurrencies, credit cards, or skins from CS:GO and Dota 2. After depositing funds to the platform, you will exchange them for “gems” to wager on your favorite game (similar to blue chips on traditional casinos).

After a big win, you can visit the “Market” section and exchange your “gems” for high-value skins. Please note that skins are the only withdrawal option available. 

Wagering on WTFSkins Crash – Step-by-Step 

WTFSkins is a fan favorite among die-hard CS:GO gamblers due to the possibility to deposit and withdraw skins. If you want to enjoy an exciting gambling session on the website, all you need to do is follow these easy steps:

  • Visit wtfskins.com/crash using our special link
  • On the top left of the screen, click on “Sign in Through Steam”
  • Use your Steam account to register or log in
  • Once you are properly logged into the website’s crash page, Enter the amount of “gems” you want to wager
  • Click on the “Enter” button featured on the center of the graph to join the game
  • Wait until the multiplier hit the right spot and click on “Cash Out” 

The more accurate your playing is, the more positive your results will be. If you choose to play in “Auto” mode, you can set up different options in the game, such as activating the “Auto Crash” feature, choosing a fixed “Stop at Multiplier,” and establishing fixed bet amounts.

The “Stop at Balance” option allows you to define a specific amount to withdraw from the game. You also have the option to enable the “Auto Sell Winnings” feature, automatically exchanging gems for skins. 

WTFSkins Crash Guide: Strategies for Success 

Crash is a unique game because it manages to combine the best and worst of CS:GO gambling within a single gambling experience. At one point, you start to fall in love with Crash due to its simple-but-rousing gameplay with hair-raising multiplier spikes. 

A few seconds later, you can either be crowned a winner or leave your gems to the house edge. If you lose, the feeling is bitter and hopeless, but you will soon be back to re-claim your pride. 

While any crash game is subject to luck and chance, being aware of certain facts will boost your winning chances.

Did You Say Instaloss?

No matter how fair a gambling platform is, the house edge always wins. Most losses happen when the multiplier is between 1.00 and 1.04. This type of situation is popularly deemed as an “instaloss.”

When compared to other versions of crash, WTFSkins Crash offers better odds than the usual numbers in the segment. Instalosses might happen, but the multiplier tends to crash between 1.5x and 3.5x.

It is not rare to watch the multiplier rise up to 10x or more, even though only the boldest players dare to wait too long to cash out. 

Watch Out for Potential Baits

As you might know by now, the house always wins. A computer algorithm determines when the multiplier crashes. Even though WTFSkins is a Provably Fair site where you can check the randomness of results, the algorithm is programmed to limit the number of wins. 

If you identify consecutive rounds with the multiplier reaching 5x or more, it may be bait. This is part of the algorithm’s mission – it must give out some money to the players, but it must also take the greater percentage to fulfill the house edge.

Any time you feel the multiplier is deceiving you to wager more and more with multipliers that are too good to be true, watch out and weigh up your decisions carefully. 

Is the Strategic Approach the Best Method to Win on WTFSkins Crash? 

Ultimately, CSGO crash gambling sites are a high hazard in which the results depend only on chance and luck. However, some good practices can help you save your gambling budget, avoid unintentional mistakes, and eventually lead you to potential wins.

Do Wager Your Heart Out 

Gambling is the art of controlling your emotions when tensions are piling up in your brain. If you decide to let your emotions control the process, you will fail time after time – especially if you are wagering on crash.

A cold-hearted, clever approach to the game is a fundamental aspect to avoid unnecessary moves and costly mistakes. Remember – let your heart out of the game, and let your brain guide you through the process.

Sustainable Way is the Only Winning Way 

Whether you are a seasoned gambler or a newbie just starting out, you must define your total bankroll before starting the bets.

The more you play, the more winning chances you have. Divide the total amount into smaller bets and use bonuses and promotions (e.g., free gems) to play for free. This way, you will not go bankrupt before scoring a big win.

Frequently Asked Questions about WTFSkins Crash

If you like extreme emotions and constant excitement, WTFSkins Crash was made for you. In the following topics, we answered the most frequent questions about WTFSkins Cash.

Can I Deposit CSGO Skins to Wager on WTFSkins Crash?

Yes, WTFSkins is the favorite gambling platform for players who prefer to deposit and withdraw skins only. Whether you are a fan of CS:GO or Dota 2, you can win high-value skins by playing Crash on WTFSkins.

Is it Possible to Withdraw Cash or Cryptocurrency After a Big Crash Victory on WTFSkins? 

WTFSkins offer several deposit methods including  credit cards, cryptocurrencies, and skins (CS:GO and Dota 2). You can exchange the deposited funds for “gems,” which you will use to wager on Crash. After a win, you can exchange your “gems” for skins using the platform “Market” feature.