How to Withdraw on Duelbits

Duelbits offers excellent odds on a wide array of gambling options, which results in significant wins for players of any level of experience. After winning a few wagers, it is natural for players to withdraw some of the money. Is it simple to withdraw on Duelbits? 

Overall, there are no complexities involved in the process, but you must pay attention to detail to avoid mistakes. Read on to find all you need to know about withdrawals on Duelbits.

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Withdrawing on Duelbits – Payment Methods

When compared to the number of deposit methods available, the catalog of withdrawal methods available on Duelbits is limited to cryptocurrencies and CS:GO items. 

Unfortunately, users have no option if they want to withdraw funds in the form of fiat currency. This fact may be a drawback for online gamblers that are not crypto enthusiasts, especially if they want to withdraw directly to a specific currency such as USD, GBP, or EUR. 

However, crypto withdrawals offer enhanced privacy and security, as no intermediaries or banking entities are involved in the process.

Currently, you can withdraw funds from Duelbits using Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Ether (ETH), Dogecoin (DOGE), and CS:GO items. The following section will explain how you can withdraw crypto or CS:GO items from Duelbits.

Explaining the Withdrawal Process on Duelbits – Step-by-Step

The first step to withdrawing from Duelbits is to choose the best method for your case. Depending on your circumstances, withdrawing skins can be an advantage, as they can be sold for profit on marketplaces or exchanged for coins on other gambling platforms.

Conversely, withdrawing crypto ensures you’ll have the amount stored in a personal wallet and ready to be used in investments, trading, or payments for products/services. Regardless of your option, make sure to choose wisely.

Once you have decided, click on the “Cashier” tab and select “Withdraw.” The dashboard will show you the withdrawal methods available.

Withdrawing Cryptocurrencies on Duelbits 

If you want to withdraw crypto, you must have a proper cryptocurrency wallet. There are several options available, including hot wallets and cold wallets. Generally, cold wallets tend to be safer as they are not connected to the internet, which avoids hacking issues. 

Many users rely on platforms like Coinbase to create a wallet, which is also valid in terms of convenience. Choose the best wallet to fulfill your needs and follow the steps to withdraw your crypto on Duelbits:

  • Select one of the cryptocurrency options in the “Withdraw” dashboard
  • Enter the amount of crypto you want to withdraw 
  • Copy the “deposit address” on your wallet 
  • Double check the address to verify its accuracy 
  • Paste the “deposit address” of your wallet into the appropriate box
  • Click on “Submit Withdrawal” to confirm the transaction

Once the transaction is confirmed, it may complete within a few minutes. Most transactions are instant, but they might take a bit longer if the network behind a given cryptocurrency is “clogged” with an overwhelming amount of transactions for validation.

Also, pay attention to the deposit address code. For instance, if you are withdrawing Ethereum, the deposit address must correspond to your Ethereum address. Transferring crypto to the wrong address will result in unnecessary headaches and stress.

While Duelbits does not charge withdrawal fees, the blockchain network where the transaction is processed requires a small fee. Generally, Litecoin (LTC) is the option with the lowest withdrawal fees. 

Withdrawing CS:GO Items on Duelbits 

If you decide to withdraw skins, make sure to turn your Steam profile to “public” mode and enter the proper “Trade URL.” Once you’re connected to Duelbits, you are free to withdraw skins by following these steps:

  • Click on the “CS:GO Items P2P” option in the withdrawal dashboard
  • Choose the skins you want to withdraw from the website
  • If the selected item features a green icon, the seller is online, and the skin is available at any time
  • If the selected item features a red icon, the seller is offline, and you must wait until it’s available
  • Once you’ve selected the chosen skins, click on “Withdraw Selected Items” 

Duelbits offers an extensive list of skin options for withdrawals. The prices listed in the dashboard are fairly accurate, usually varying between a 7%-15% range. If you have the patience to wait long enough, it is possible to find prices with 0% price variation. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Withdrawals on Duelbits

In the following topics, we answered the most frequent questions about the withdrawal process on Duelbits.

Can I Withdraw Funds from Duelbits via Credit Cards or Fiat Currency?

While it is possible to deposit on Duelbits using credit cards and e-wallets, the only withdrawal methods available are cryptocurrencies (BTC, LTC, ETH, DOGE) and CS:GO items.

Do I Have to Pay Withdrawal Fees on Duelbits?

Duelbits does not charge withdrawal fees. However, blockchain-based transactions incur network fees. The fee rate varies constantly, which you can check below each crypto withdrawal method on the “Withdraw” dashboard. 

What Should I Do If I Haven’t Received My Crypto Withdrawal Yet?

Most crypto transactions are instant. In specific situations, the Duelbits system may submit certain withdrawal requests to manual review, which can take anywhere from one hour to 12 hours to complete. 

If you’ve withdrawn crypto but did not receive the funds after 24 hours, immediately contact the Duelbits support team to find a solution.