Thunderpick Promo Code

Looking for the coolest legit promo codes for CSGO casino gaming? We may be able to help you with that. After evaluating an assortment of promo codes online, we found a few that were commendable. Every punter needs a boost to their bankroll so that they can enjoy gameplay a little bit more. This is exactly what you will get from Thunderpick promo code CR100. And the site has all the games to satisfy your gaming needs.

5% Welcome Bonus of Up To €500

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Thunderpick is a modern online gaming outlet, offering some exciting casino games, sports betting as well as cool eSports attractions such as CSGO and Dota 2. Here you can watch live streams, bet on ongoing matches or challenge other players to a face-off. With the bonus code “CR100”, new players can redeem a 5% welcome bonus of up to €500. This means when you make a deposit, Thunderpick will credit your account with extra cash. How you use the bonus funds is entirely up to you, from CSGO roulette to CSGO match betting. So, let’s look at Thunderpick promo codes in more detail.

Thunderpick offers fantastic promotions for new and loyal customers and keeps them on their feet with a wide variety of activities. The website is the ideal destination for enthusiastic players of different levels. The CR100 is a pretty cool promo code but players may be searching for more codes. Thunderpick will on certain occasions offer optional codes to CR100.

The following codes are also ideal and, if they are available, you may be able to unlock some cool giveaways such as free skins or free weapons and other bonus rewards.

  • CR100
  • ES100
  • Top100List

So, look out for these codes and take advantage of the great promotions that come with them.

Ongoing Free Case Promotions

After signing up and claiming the welcome bonus, you get to enjoy the extra funds. When you play that bonus through, you’ll be glad to know that there’ll be plenty of other specials to discover. The eSports website, on selected occasions, offers an array of giveaways for existing players, including free case promo codes. Check out their social media platforms for the latest on bonuses and you could be smiling from ear to ear with a free case. Now, a free case is the coolest thing a CSGO enthusiast can ever get. The case will be filled with different weapons which will enhance your game. You may also use the case to wager. A specific code will be released for the promotion.

VIP Promotion and Player Coin Rewards.

Some players really apply themselves to the games and therefore spend more time and cash. Thunderpick extends a special invitation to such customers and makes them VIPs. The VIP Club gets you a front-row seat for special giveaways. The site has daily bonuses for all the regular players where you can win a gift worth up to €150 in prizes. Thunderpick has a rank system where players are classified according to how much they play. There are 5 levels on the ranking system which are, in ascending order, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, and Challenger. Customers earn Rank Points and move up whenever they play, refer a friend, or complete various tasks. So, get ready for an exciting roller coaster ride.

How Legit are Thunderpick Promo Codes

Pretty much every gaming site promises its customers great things with potentially lucrative bonuses. But many punters may be concerned about the legitimacy of any new codes. We verified that Thunderpick has a license from Curacao and is generally known to be reputable. The website is above board all around and offers professional gaming services. For example, CSGO casino sites offer bonuses that show quite a lot of promise but then attach impossible wagering requirements making it unfair for the player. Thunderpick has a pretty cool playthrough requirement of only 200% on the deposit amount plus the bonus. The Paloma Media-owned gaming platform has been serving players from a vast selection of countries since 2016. In a nutshell, this is a portal that you can trust. Thunderpick promo codes are legit.

Claiming The Thunderpick Promo Code

We have shown you how generous and legit this code is but how do you get them? First things first, you must be from a country that is not restricted on the website. With the easy navigation, you just look for the ‘Join’ button and the registration form will appear. You can also log in through Steam. After you input your email and password, you are good to go. The website will then link you to the deposit page.  You can make your deposit using any of the cryptocurrencies available on the site. And there you go. Thunderpick will then credit the 5% bonus to your account immediately.

Thunderpick Free Code Summary

Punters looking for legit, and genuinely rewarding bonus codes can find them at Thunderpick, an ingenious eSports website that also offers a great variety of casino games and a sportsbook. Thunderpick offers a 5% welcome bonus with code CR100. Other promo codes include ES100 and Top100List. Thunder pick is a licensed gambling platform that has a great reputation and its promo codes are legit. We recommend that any player take some time and check out this site.

Frequently Asked Questions about Thunderpick

How does the Thunderpick promo code work?

Thunderpick extends a 5% bonus to a newly signed-up player. The customer can claim and use this extra cash to play on the website. The bonus amount is capped at €500, while the minimum deposit is just €1.

What’s a Thundercoin?

Thundercoin is a virtual currency created by the website, we’ve seen this across other sites like CS Money. Players will sometimes receive their prizes in Thundercoins and they can convert to cash. €1 is equivalent to 100 Thundercoins. You can then use any of the cryptocurrency platforms to access your funds.

What are Thunderpick Ranks?

Thunderpick Ranks is a loyalty reward scheme where players are ranked according to how many activities that they partake in. There are five categories which are, in order of low to high, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Challenger. So, you move up a rank when you play or refer a friend to sign up on the site.

Are there any daily promotions on Thunderpick?

Yes. You can win a variety of exciting prizes or a gift card worth up to €150.