Skinhub Promo Code

Looking for a free promo code for Skinhub? you can use our promo code "CR100" to get a free deposit bonus as well as free cases for up to $1.00. And yes, it's all free with the code above, offering excellent promotions and codes to new users, SkinHub is a go-to location for CSGO gambling.

However, as SkinHub has now closed down, we're recommended the below platforms for you to trade, sell and buy skins:


Skinhub is one of the many trusted case opening sites compared to the likes of Hellcase, where you can access all your favorite weapons and unique skins. We’ve identified a few promo codes that will unlock some profitable bonuses on the site. Use promo code “CR100” to get a fantastic deposit bonus of 5% FREE + $1.00 in coins. A little boost is always suitable for beginners. On this website, you can browse hundreds of different cases. AK 47s, army knives, and customized clothing items, you name it. So, what else can we get from Skinhub? Let’s find out.

More Skinhub Codes

The code we’ve supplied in the section above is sufficient, but you might need one or two more codes as a safety measure as an energetic punter. The code “CR100” works great and will give you a super cool head start with that bonus. There are, of course other codes that you may use and enjoy a list of extras on the website. However, we found the following promo codes to be the most solid.

  • CR100
  • ES100
  • Top100List

Ongoing Free Case Promotions

After signing up at Skinhub, players will appreciate the quality of service and the variety of weapon cases available on the site that offer very attractive odds. While most ordinary cases will cost around $20, CSGO cases will fetch well over $700. Several special promotions on the site will help you out with funds. Another point to note is that Skinhub offers customers the chance to make their own cases. Once you make your own case the site will reward you with a 1% commission when another customer purchases your case.

Skinhub promo code

Super cool, right? Furthermore, Skinhub from time to time publishes some free case promo codes and lucky players get to smile all the way to the bank. The website is hosted by a character called Chris to make your experience on the website more personal. And most times, Chris may just have an amazing promo code for you.

VIP Promotion & Player Coin Rewards

Another great quality that you’ll find with Skinhub is that you can upgrade your CSGO case if you’re not so fond of the skins it contains. You can swap out the unwanted skins and get the stuff you really want. The website heightens the fun with a fascinating daily bonus that provides players a cash boost and keeps them motivated. You can get free skins or a bonus added to your bankroll. The bonus ranges from 2 cents to a whopping $45. Although there is no current VIP program, the site finds other ways to reward customers. Depending on your player account status, you can grab higher bonuses with Skinhub Reward Codes. You can instantaneously refill your account using the website’s convenient payment methods and unlock greater prizes.

How legit are Skinhub’s Promo Codes?

Some players, especially new ones, will find it hard to entrust their hard-earned money to random websites. Therefore, our team checked out Skinhub for reputability. We came upon a few negative reviews online but most of what we found was positive. Besides walking straight and narrow, the website also uses industry-standard security technologies to protect client’s confidence. So, you don’t have to worry about fraud or anything like that. This website has been serving punters all over the world since 2016 and has gained much experience and built a solid reputation for itself. There are some complaints from customers about delays in skins withdrawal but Skinhub’s promo codes have not been reported as problematic.

How To Use The SkinHub Promo Code

It’s great when a website is easily navigable and you can find the options you need without a hint of struggle. Such is Skinhub’s web design. Activating the promo code is thus very simple. Login via Steam or register on the site. After you successfully log in, you will now see a deposit button. Tap on that button, select the amount you wish to deposit and choose your payment method. Select the ‘Have a Promo Code?’ tab, enter the promo code “CR100”, and click ‘Claim’. That’s it. The bonus will show up in your balance immediately. And you can start your fun and lucrative journey at Skinhub.

Skinhub Free Code Summary

As a punter, you’re always looking to enjoy your CSGO games to the fullest. Why not try Skinhub for the best deals? You get extended access to these deals with a set of exclusive promo codes that are so easy to activate. Although the website does not offer a VIP scheme, customers can enjoy daily bonuses ranging from 2c to $45. which is just amazing. Overall, Skinhub is one of the legitimate CSGO case-opening sites you can trust, and it has been operating since 2016.

Frequently Asked Questions about Skinhub Code

What if I don’t like some of the skins in the case that I’ve just opened?

If you’re not crazy about some of the skins in your case, don’t panic just yet. Skinhub allows you to upgrade your case and eliminate all the unappealing parts to you. You can swap the redundant items for the super cool skins you fancy.

Is it possible to deposit skins on Skinhub?

Yes. You can deposit your skins on the platform. It is so easy. All you need to do is head to the deposit page, select the option CSGO skin deposit, and you’re good to go.

Getting free money promo codes on Skinhub?

Is there a VIP program?

Unfortunately, Skinhub does not seem to have a VIP program. However, customers can still enjoy Skinhub Reward Codes that give them access to extended bonuses.