SkinBet GG Review - Bet Your Skins Here?

One of the first gambling sites to adopt a Provably Fair system, SkinBet.GG has been operating for four years now. In June 2022, the platform decided to go through a 180º change and voluntarily shut down to update its gambling experience in its entirety.

Read on for a full review of SkinBet.GG:

SkinBet GG Review

One of the first gambling sites to adopt a Provably Fair system, SkinBet.GG has been operating for four years now. In June 2022, the platform decided to go through a 180º change and voluntarily shut down to update its gambling experience in its entirety.

Read on for a full review of SkinBet.GG:

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Is SkinBet.GG Legit?

Since its inception in 2017, SkinBet.GG has experienced no hacker attacks or scams involving the website’s image. As of late 2022, SkinBet is going through a maintenance period to bring new updates with its new launch.

The website has been completely refurbished, as the SkinBet team is changing directions towards a new plan. As part of the new premier, the platform promises it will focus on CS:GO and Rust skins with features like:

Additionally, they’re promising to rebuild the platform’s multi-level rank system and its affiliate system as well. All these new features will be accompanied by a whole new level of rewards, which will largely surpass the competitors’ share.

Once it’s re-opened, players can rest assured of SkinBet’s legitimacy and indulge in the website’s cases and bonuses.

Is SkinBet.GG a Reputable Site?

Considering SkinBet.GG was operating for four years straight before deciding to take a small break to update the website, their reputation could not be better. Regarding web traffic, the platform had an average of 85,000 visitors per month.

Every time you visited the site, it was impossible not to find between 100 and 150 players interacting in the chat and playing games. While the maintenance period continues, SkinBet’s reputation remains untouched.

No players’ funds were stolen or blocked during the process, which helped increase users’ respect for the platform.

Is SkinBet.GG Fair?

With SkinBet going through a maintenance process, many users might question whether the new version will bring the same provable results as the old version. The team has been clear that the platform will still be 100% Provably Fair.

For those unaware, the Provably Fair system is an algorithmic mechanism that uses encryption to ensure randomness in the results of bets. This way, neither players nor SkinBet can manipulate the outcome of cases and game modes.

Users can use a hash number associated with each bet to verify whether the results of each specific round were generated exclusively out of luck and chance. 

Does SkinBet.GG Have Good Games?

If compared to most major skin gambling sites, SkinBet offered a strict catalog of game modes. The standard games available were CSGO Jackpot, Coinflip, PVP/PVE Blackjack, and Lightning Roulette.

Mostly focused on Jackpot, it attracted players who prefer to wager on game modes with a winner-takes-it-all approach. Coinflip was also popular, but not as trendy as SkinBet’s Jackpot.

Currently, SkinBet.GG is putting a lot of effort into its biggest update to this date. From now on, the platform will offer a uniquely designed version of its flagship, which is Jackpot. 

Additionally, gamblers will also indulge in superb case openings and fierce case battles. This new face of SkinBet promises superior performance in comparison with its older facet.

Are SkinBet.GG Promotions Good?

While the public awaits to see bonuses and rewards for the new version of SkinBet.GG will bring up, a little look at the current version’s catalog gives us a trustable forecast. In addition to the popular SkinBet promo codes, players could claim rewards upon completing small tasks.

These quests were mostly free, usually surveys or tasks like downloading a mobile application. Another amazing bonus that must be on the new version is the Rain bot. This feature allows players to create a shower of coins in the chat. 

To participate, the requirement was to have made at least $5 in bets within the last week. When the bot comes out, eligible players participating in the chat had two minutes to make a captcha. The total amount was split among all eligible users interacting in the chat.

Speaking of regular promotions, SkinBet.GG must certainly keep the “Key Drops” feature in its new version.

Every hour, players had two chances to participate in key drops, which required them to complete a task shown in the live chat to get a free key. With these free keys, players could open cases and take a chance to drop amazing skins.

Does SkinBet.GG Offer a Good User Experience?

Despite not being considered a top 5 world-class gambling site, SkinBet.GG was well known for its simple design and the ease to find anything you searched on the website. For the new version, the website promises a new layout with an exquisite design. 

This period dedicated to maintenance and refurbishing will certainly bring positive news, like the enhancement of positive points and the improvement of recurring flaws that were the reason for constant user complaints.

Coin Exchange Rate at SkinBet.GG

As SkinBet.GG is still going through maintenance, and the coin exchange rate applied in the new version is still uncertain. The old coin exchange rate was 1:1 with every coin wagered on games being equivalent to one US dollar.

SkinBet.GG Payment Methods

Until its temporary shutdown, SkinBet.GG had a nice catalog of payment methods for both deposits and withdrawals. To fund their accounts, the primary method was depositing skins from CS:GO and Dota 2.

Not uploaded directly from Steam, these items could be transferred to SkinBet via SkinsBack or ShadowPay. Players with a more traditional vibe can use the good old credit card (Visa/Mastercard) to deposit funds and get credits.

For crypto heads, the options of digital assets included Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Litecoin (LTC), and Ethereum (ETH). For withdrawals, the only payment methods available were:

Hopefully, the platform’s new version will bring more payment methods available for withdrawals and lower the wagering requirements, which were set at 100% of the wagered amount before the temporary shutdown.

Pros and Cons of SkinBet.GG

Given SkinBet.GG is still under maintenance with the version promised to be launched next summer, this review will compare features from both versions – the current and the promised one. Here’s a comparison table of SkinBet’s advantages and disadvantages:

Provably Fair pioneer Still under maintenance 
Easy to navigatePromised new features are still uncertain 
Good bonuses 
Excellent for Jackpot fans 
Solid reputation 

When compared to other major skin gambling sites, SkinBet.GG can be considered a 3.8 out of 5. One of the first CSGO gambling platforms to adopt a Provably Fair system, SkinBet has always focused on a high-quality gambling experience.

Recurrent drawbacks like outdated customer support, a much-needed expansion of its list of payment methods, and the addition of new features are part of the promised updates launched with the new version. 

SkinBet.GG Customer Support

SkinBet.GG customer support was based exclusively on a ticket support system. Hence, players who desire to request assistance should fill out a ticket and wait for a response from the support team.

While a ticket system can be used efficiently for customer support, this is not the ideal tool considering the massive competitiveness of the CS:GO skin gambling segment. 

Instead, the platform should offer live chat support, which is element players expect to see as part of the new update. Still, SkinBet’s FAQ section was well-written and informative, especially compared to most gambling sites.

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