RustyTrade Review

RustyTrade is one of the latest and upcoming genuine rust trading sites that allow you to trade, buy or sell your skins. The website allows gamers to trade skins they don't like for skins they want. It will instantly send a trade offer as soon as you make a request.Selling and buying Rust skins are simple with RustyTrade.com, be sure to check out our review for this platform and make sure RustyTrade is for you.

Online gaming has become a major sector of the entertainment industry, and the skins economy is at the forefront of this growth. Skins are in-game cosmetic items that allow you to modify your avatar, weapons, and equipment without giving you a competitive advantage. Some skins can fetch ridiculous prices in the online gaming skin market. 

Special Offers and Promotions

Keeping your customers coming back, motivated, and loyal to any trading platform is key in winning a reasonable piece of the market share. RustyTrade is keeping the fun popping by raining some freebies now and then. If you are out hunting for cool AK-47 Victoria, Samurai Kozane Do, Worker Pants, No Mercy Pants, or Hazard Move boots type of skins, RustyTrade is known for giving away cool skins via their Twitter account (@RustyTrade). These freebies vary in value from $1 all the way to $50 or even more. This is cool inventory that you can eventually spin around and cash out at skins cash out websites. You can win free skins by participating in various competitions and promotions often posted on the RustyTrade Twitter Account. Active participation on their trading platform is rewarded with some cool armory and swag skins.

Mobile Trading

Rust skins traders want the convenience of any website that is not limited to the desktop version only when trading. Like with CSGO skin trading sites, the latest trend in the Rust skins market is mobile compatibility. A quick search on App Stores and on RustyTrade didn’t indicate them having any mobile app available for download at the time of writing. RustyTrade, however, has a mobile responsive website that can deliver an equally satisfying and straightforward experience.

RustyTrade offers a seamless website user experience compatible with both Android and iOS devices. Skins inventory available on the web version is accessible to customers on the go as well. The only difference is that, instead of clicking on an icon on your mobile phone to open the app, you will have to access the website via a mobile browser. Being a relatively new player in the market may be one of the supposed reasons why a mobile app hasn’t been launched yet. We are hopeful that it is something they are working on and we will keep you posted if we spot any news about the big reveal.

Payment Methods

RustyTrade’s primary purpose is to exchange skins. It does not deal with cash transactions. How does it work then? RustyTrade’s trading process is straightforward. The steps are as follows:

  • Visit rustytrade.com
  • To log on to the website, you use your Steam account. Click on the Steam icon in the middle section of the website.
  • The login page will then open. Log in with your Stream credentials and set your inventory as ‘Public’. Copy and paste the Steam trade URL to rustytrade.com. You can create a Stream account by following the instructions provided there.
  • Pick the items and skins you wish to trade from your inventory, and then choose the bot’s offer to get the items you desire and start the trading process.
  • Once you’ve completed the above steps, you’ll be redirected to your Steam account. After that, you can review the skins you’ve selected.
  • Click the “Accept” button if you are happy with your skins. RustyTrade does not operate a balance system on its website. All trades are made in the trade offer so that everyone is safe. Rust trading websites/bots such as rustytrade.com are slightly different from rust cash-out sites that give you actual money.

Sites affiliation

RustyTrade a site/bot that uses stream integration to do skins trade/exchange is an independent website. Stream is not associated with rustytrade.com, but it is the primary authentication platform that allows transactions to take place on the site. A visible disclaimer on the website suggests that they are not affiliated with Valve Corp. We will continue digging for more information for any affiliated sites and update our review as more information becomes available.

Customer Support

The rust trading process, like anything in life, may have its own glitches from time to time. As a result, a reputable CSGO skins exchange website should have a dependable customer care team that can swiftly and easily resolve customer concerns. RustyTrade is one such exceptional operator that offers its customers cutting-edge customer service. The trading site does not have live chat support but you can visit their FAQ section. If your challenges are still present, you can reach out directly to an agent via the RustyTrade Discord channel. You can also follow the Rust betting site on Twitter (@RustyTrade) and benefit from updates they post on their Account.

Rustytrade.com Pros

We discovered many positive features on rustytrade.com that we believe you are going to like too. We found out that:

  • RustyTrade offers a wide selection of skins, making it the best site to find all your gaming aesthetics.
  • You can find the skin or item that you want quickly and easily on the site with a variety of filters.
  • RustyTrade boasts a strong and active Steam group. This way, you can easily get assistance from people involved in the same game.
  • Their Twitter platform offers many ongoing giveaways and rewards.

Rustytrade.com Cons

RustyTrade has made steady inroads into the gaming skins market since its inception, but it is not without flaws. We identified these areas as potential customer concerns after conducting an in-depth review of the website/web app:

  • It is difficult to find out more about the site or its history by missing the “About Us” page. It would have been nice to have as much information on the front end as possible.
  • Website navigation is not as crispy as one would want. This may slow down the user experience for first-time users.

Rustytrade.com Review Final Thoughts

Video games have revolutionised entertainment and given gamers a profitable way to earn money. The skin market’s business model will continue to thrive as esports acquire worldwide popularity. RustyTrade provides a big skin trade variety. The site allows players to purchase and sell skins. New users also get daily awards, contests, and filtering choices to help them learn faster. New products are added often. If you want some affordable Rust skins, you should check out RustyTrade.