RustyPot Review

RustyPot is not just a website solely dedicated to pleasing "Rust skin purists," especially considering the huge number of users actively wagering on the platform throughout the years.

Read on for a full review of RustyPot:

RustyPot Review

RustyPot is not just a website solely dedicated to pleasing "Rust skin purists," especially considering the huge number of users actively wagering on the platform throughout the years.

Read on for a full review of RustyPot:

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Is RustyPot Legit?

Active since 2017, RustyPot is one of the oldest gambling sites dedicated to Rust skins. With the growing popularity of the CS:GO/Dota 2 duo and the massive amount of cash flowing into the most traditional Rust skin gambling sites, the website’s resilience has been demonstrated throughout the years.

A glance at the platform’s background shows no controversial events. It’s impossible to find the occurrence of hacker attacks or fraudulent schemes, which are solid indicators demonstrating it’s safe to trust RustyPot. 

Is RustyPot a Reputable Site?

Despite being focused on a simple duo of game modes, RustyPot is an absolute fan favorite. It’s almost impossible to visit the website at any time of the day and find less than 100 users online. 

Another factor that must be considered is that the Jackpot is not the most popular game mode in the skin gambling segment. The only other game mode is Coinflip, which is also not a hit like Crash or Roulette. 

Still, the platform managed to grow popular throughout the years and maintain loyal followers. The average number of players per game varies between 50 and 75 gamblers, which are record numbers compared to most Rust skin gambling sites.

Additionally, it is not easy to find good Rust gambling sites available out there, which adds up a “touch of scarcity” to the whole experience. 

Is RustyPot Fair?

At the dawn of the skin gambling industry, several jackpot-only sites were involved in controversies and did not survive to witness the industry’s booming popularization. Currently, many skin gambling sites have adopted Provably Fair systems to ensure full transparency when it comes to the outcome of games.

This unique technology is based on a hashing system that randomizes the process that determines the outcome of bets.

Before players deposit their skins on the pot, the results were already determined through a complex mechanism. Neither players nor RustyPot itself can interfere in the outcome of jackpot matches.

After the result is revealed, players can use the number ID attached to each bet to verify whether it was the product of pure chance.

RustyPot Casino Games

Although RustyPot offers two game modes only, even the most demanding gamblers can have fun with the website’s games. The platform’s gambling duo consists of Jackpot and Coinflip.

As its name suggests, RustPot’s flagship is the Jackpot game. Unlike most gambling sites, this Jackpot version was designed for crowds, supporting up to 200 players within a single pot. The more players are involved in a match, the more exciting the session gets.

The mechanics follow the expected standard – players must deposit Rust skins and get tickets in exchange. The winning chances depend on the value of the deposited skins, but it does not mean the game exclusively favors high rollers.

While the spotlight is always on the Jackpot section, RustyPot also offers an entertaining Rust Coinflip game. Following the same old logic behind “heads and tails” games, two players wager Rust skins and bet on one side of a coin.

Once the coin is tossed, each party has a 50% winning chance. Despite the fixed odds, RustyPot offers exciting Coinflip matches involving high rollers as well, which is a rare sight in most gambling platforms.

Bonuses & Promotions

While RustyPot is not the world’s most abundant option when it comes to gambling bonuses and promotions, players can still seize advantage of good offers and utilize them strategically.

In addition to promo codes, gamblers can claim up to 5% in bonuses on top of all wins. The only requirement to participate is to add the tag “#RustyPot” to one’s profile name on Steam and confirm it with the website. 

Winning Rust skins for free is an amazing opportunity that cannot be taken for granted. RustyPot has the “Flash Giveaway” feature, which selects the luckiest players to receive a nice Rust skin.

Similar to a roulette layout, the wheel spins and stops on the winner’s profile. Once selected, the winner can immediately claim the big prize.

If you are the type of gambler concerned about your bankroll, RustyPot allows you to claim a small percentage of all the amount wagered on the platform with the “Grub Bucks” Rakeback feature.

Does RustyPot Offer a Good User Experience?

RustyPot’s design is so simple it looks like a page from blogpost.com. On one side, it makes the whole experience simpler to understand and ensures intuitive navigation.

Nonetheless, demanding gamblers who need cool graphics and animations will not likely be pleased. Registration could not be simpler as well, as users need to use a valid Steam account. Besides, there’s not much to comment on this matter. 

How Good is the Coin Exchange Rate at RustyPot?

There is no complex coin exchange rate or token system available on RustyPot. Instead, the amount held in a player’s balance is equivalent to the deposited value of Rust skins, percentage bonuses, and winning prizes. 

The amount displayed in the account balance follows the Steam standard, which is set in US dollars. 

Does RustyPot Offer Good Payment Methods?

Considering the website was designed as a hub for gamblers craving Rust skins, it is not surprising that RustyPot’s catalog of payment methods is restricted to Rust skins. This fact alone makes the platform stand out, as most Jackpot and Coinflip sites focus on skins from CS:GO, Dota 2, and other famous games.

Players must sign up via Steam, select the skins they want to deposit from their inventories, and choose either to join a Jackpot match or guess on the luckiest side of a coin.

While the platform’s option to offer Rust skin as the only payment method available on the site makes total sense, introducing a few other options would not hurt anyone either. 

Pros and Cons

It’s impossible to judge a book by its cover. Here’s a full comparison table showing the advantages and disadvantages of RustyPot. Let’s take a look at it:

Only Provably Fair games Restricted to Rust skins 
Solid gambling experience Poor customer support service 
World-class Jackpot & Coinflip 
Good bonuses 
Navigation could not be simpler 

While focusing on Rust skins is not necessarily a flaw, expanding the payment options for deposits and withdrawals would be an accurate move. On the other hand, customer support urgently needs an update.  

An absolute hit among Rust skin fans, RustyPot combines a Provably Fair system with seamless navigation. Comparing the proportion between the number and quality of gambling options, the website offers good bonuses.

RustyPot Customer Support

Unfortunately, RustyPot’s customer support system is not as good as it should be. Considering the platform has been active for half a decade, it should have already introduced a modern support system, which is not the case in reality.

To request technical support, gamblers must access the website’s Discord and follow a set of procedures described in the “Support” section to open a support ticket.

As if a ticket system was not outdated enough, the website requires players to use a third party instead of providing a proper built-in tool. 

Code: "CR100"