RustyPot Review

Rustypot Review 2021

If you're looking for lightning-fast payouts, an easy registration process, a live chat feature, and are known as one of the top Rust jackpot websites as well as having active coinflip games, si if you're looking for a great Rust skin betting site, RustyPot is a great example.

Be sure to claim a bonus and head over to Rustypot down below, we assure you that Rustypot is one of the best options currently available.

No Bonus

Claim Bonus

Since 2017, this Rust skin jackpot site has been the most popular place to win Rust skins, and for good reason. They have a highly active player base and an amazing number of high-rollers, which means their jackpots often go over £500.  They also use the popular third-party system, to ensure that the outcomes of their games are provably fair, which not every Rust jackpot website can say for itself.

Welcome Offers & Promotions

If you’ve been gambling online for a while, you should know how important bonuses are in the industry. In the viciously competitive business of running an online gambling platform, websites try their best to one-up their rivals in whatever ways they can. This is done to gain more users and increase profits as well as the fun for the jackpot and coinflip lovers.

One of the ways Rust jackpot gambling sites like to reel in gamers is offering as many enticing bonuses as possible. The majority of recommended rust gambling websites like RustyPot usually have multiple welcome offers, giveaways, and promotions that eager players can sign up to win. Claiming a bonus could be the difference between a meagre gambling budget and a good one.

Unfortunately, RustyPot doesn’t offer a very high number of bonuses or skin giveaways. The only one available at the moment is the 5% win bonus, available if you add #Rustypot to your name.

Play On Mobile

Apps are a convenient way for online gamblers to take a break from their computer screen while continuing to play their favourite games. As improvements to phones are always being made, many online gambling websites have developed apps or optimized their website for mobile use as well as desktop use.

While RustyPot doesn’t currently have an app for either iOS or Android, their website seems to be well optimized for mobile use. From what we saw, there’s no difference in quality between the desktop site and the mobile site at all. It loads just as fast, is just as well laid out, and offers all of the same features and functions.

You can play both coinflip and jackpot games just as well. The live chat feature is still there. The jackpot history is where it’s supposed to be. The bonus offer is shown to you as soon as you open the home page and all of the other page buttons are neatly arranged at the top of the screen.

Payment Methods

A reliable range of banking options is definitely a hallmark of a good online gambling website. Players need to be able to transact quickly and efficiently in ways that are the most convenient for them, so websites try their best to accommodate these needs. Rust jackpot and coinflip sites are unique in that they depend on the skin trade to function.

On RustyPot, how it works is players deposit Rust skins into the pot. Depending on the value of the skin(s) they would have deposited, it’s possible to win a bigger percentage. The more you deposit, the higher percentage you get, which means the higher your chances of winning are.

In the coin flip game, you’re allowed to bet as little as 50 cents against another player, with no apparent limit. The winner takes all. You can make payments using PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and JCB to deposit and withdraw funds. Payments are made instantly.

Sister Sites

A website’s affiliations say a lot about how trustworthy that particular site is. If two quality casinos are partnered with each other, someone familiar with one of them has a good idea about how good the other is. You can apply the same reasoning in reverse. If a gamer is familiar with a website that provides a bad user experience or is dodgy in some way, it paints a picture about how untrustworthy any of its sister sites are.

From our knowledge, RustyPot has no sister sites. The website makes it clear that RustyPot is not affiliated with Steam, the Valve corporation, or Rust, to avoid any confusion.

Customer Support

Out of everything we’ve discussed so far, a website’s customer support is by far, the most important indicator of quality. RustyPot offers very good customer support, in our opinion. It’s one of the website’s best features.

Most support is handled through their discord server, the link to which is made available under “support” on the website. The customer service reps are knowledgeable, and they respond to issues in good time. If steam isn’t available to you for whatever reason, you can also contact their support team via email at [email protected].

They also have a pretty decently detailed FAQ section, answering the most commonly asked questions in ways that are easy to understand

RustyPot Pro’s 

Every website has its own unique strengths that they provide. This is depending on the resources available to the developers as well as how much they desire to succeed in the skin trading market. Below are some of RustyPot’s biggest strengths in our opinion.

  • They have dynamic Jackpot and Coinflip gaming options.
  • Loads of high-rollers
  • Instant deposit and withdrawal
  • Easy sign-up process

RustyPot Con’s

While the website may have some great strengths, they are not without a few weaknesses. Here are some of the biggest cons we saw with RustyPot.

  • The animation and audio quality of games needs work
  • Their selection of bonuses is less than impressive.

RustyPot Review Final Thoughts 

RustyPot is a fairly new site, coming online in 2017 and it shows in a lot of ways. They haven’t developed their selection of bonuses just yet. They also don’t have many affiliations with other Rust jackpot sites. Despite this, they offer players a lot of good features. Their website is fully optimized for mobile use. They take skins of any value. And for a relatively small site, their customer service is awesome. If you’re a noob to Rust gambling, RustyPot isn’t a bad place to start in our opinion. Their active player base can really help you get your feet wet and you can win some high-value skins playing here.