Rustyloot Review 2022

Are you sick and tired of searching for a solid Rust skin gambling site but cannot find one with great game modes, an extensive skin catalog for withdrawals, and an experience that can get you going on for several hours? RustyLoot is the solution for your case.

Read on for a full review of RustyLoot:

Are you sick and tired of searching for a solid Rust skin gambling site but cannot find one with great game modes, an extensive skin catalog for withdrawals, and an experience that can get you going on for several hours? RustyLoot is the solution for your case.

Read on for a full review of RustyLoot:

Is RustyLoot Legit?

So far, RustyLoot can be considered a trustworthy Rust gambling site. Nonetheless, players must remember that the platform’s history is still not long enough to give users a solid conviction as they would with more traditional gambling sites.

During its fresh run, the platform has been performing consistently and attracting a good number of users with exclusive features and a great Rakeback system.

Given the fact that Rust skins are not regulated assets like cryptocurrencies or fiat currency, there are no legal restrictions associated with the website. As long as you are not living in Afghanistan, Iran, North Korea, or Syria, you can freely wager and have a ball on RustyLoot without being blocked due to security reasons.

Is RustyLoot a Reputable Site?

Considering RustyLoot is not even one year old, the website has a good reputation. Despite being a newly-launched gambling option, they already have many followers.

Still, it is hard to judge this aspect, as it is impossible to know how the platform will develop over time and how it will affect the quality of the games, bonuses, and the overall gambling experience.

It’s safe to affirm that RustyLoot demonstrates to have the necessary qualities and serious potential to climb up higher ranks and became one of the world’s best gambling sites focused on Rust fans.

Is RustyLoot Fair?

RustyLoot runs on a Provably Fair system to ensure full transparency in all bets. This amazing technology based on encryption shares several similarities with the mechanics behind cryptocurrencies, especially the concept of hashing.

While explaining the functional operation of Provably Fair with technical terms is quite complex, this mechanism basically ensures players can have access to a code input to verify whether the results of games were the product of pure randomness.

Even though the concept itself might be complex, checking the results of bets is utterly easy. All RustyLoot players need to do is pick the hash (number ID) displayed on the game they need to verify, click on the “Provably Fair” tab and follow the instructions to check it.

RustyLoot Casino Games

Undoubtedly, RustyLoot offers an excellent gambling catalog for Rust fans. It’s not that hard to find gambling sites dedicated to Rust, but it’s rare to find one with a list of game modes as varied as RustyLoot. If you are a Rust fan, feel free to indulge in:

  • Plinko
  • Mines
  • Wheel
  • Jackpot
  • Coinflip
  • Upgrader

You can explore a dedicated page featuring a variety of online games and skins.

Players who high-hazard high-reward games with the biggest odd variations will feel better with options like Plinko, Mines, and Wheel. Gamblers with a more conservative approach will surely benefit from Jackpot or Coinflip, as these games have a more traditional vibe.

If you feel lucky enough, you can start wagering $1 on Plinko with the Hard mode on and keep multiplying your bet for multiple rows. With a bit of luck, you can multiply this seemingly insignificant amount by up to 959.50x.

The Rust Wheel also offers a thrilling experience for players who like to play on the dangerous side, allowing the luckiest ones to multiply a small amount by 2x, 3x, 6x, or up to 17x.

Dropping a skin you’re not interested in is not a problem, as the “Upgrader” mode allows you to test your luck and exchange it for a better one.

Are RustyLoot Promotions Good?

The first bonus available on RustyLoot is the promo code that allows you to play the first rounds without depositing any money. Hence, you can start wagering without necessarily spending money from your own pocket. Additionally, using the promotion code gives you the chance to win a major award.

There’s also the free sign-up bonus, which requires players to meet no complex wagering requirements or anything similar. Still, if there’s a special bonus that makes RustyLoot stand out, it must be the platform’s Rakeback system.

This system is based on ranks. Each new rank unlocks new rewards, and the only way to get climb up to a higher rank is by consistently wagering on games. For each rank evolution, players receive a special badge that allows them to claim increased Rakeback percentages.

Does RustyLoot Offer a Good User Experience?

Overall, RustyLoot delivers what is expected from a solid skin gambling site. It is not hard to navigate on the website, as all tabs are displayed easily and there’s no complexity whatsoever.

All the games are displayed both on the top menu and on the left side of the screen, which makes it impossible for anyone to miss any of the gambling opportunities available on RustyLoot. If you encounter any issues, you can contact the site owner for assistance via email.

One of the coolest features available on the website is the live chat dashboard. After joining the chat, gamblers can interact and talk to each other about their winnings, stats, or whatever subject they want to.

Coin Exchange Rate at RustyLoot?

While many skin gambling sites offer confusing coin exchange rates or token systems, RustyLoop prefers to keep things as simpler as possible. Hence, once players have deposited Rust skins to the website, these skins are exchanged for credits.

These credits follow a 1:1 exchange rate with the US dollar, similar to the standard used on the Steam Market. Accordingly, players can actually manage how much they are wagering on games and avoid spending more than they have in their balances.

RustyLoot Payment Methods

As expected, RustyLoop is mostly focused on gamblers who prefer to deposit and withdraw Rust skins. Hence, this is the main payment method used in the platform. Still, players can also use PayPal or Stripe for deposits.

Withdrawals are restricted to Rust skins, which is not necessarily a drawback. The website is brand new, which means additional payment methods can be included over time.

Pros and Cons

It’s impossible to judge the content of a book only look at its cover. Hence, here’s a comparison table between the advantages and disadvantages of RustyLoot:

Excellent website for Rust fansWebsite was recently released 
Solid game modes and upgrades Customer support needs update 
100% Provably Fair 
Rewarding Rakeback system
Thrilling gambling experience 

It’s impossible to predict the future, but RustyLoot has proven to be a legitimate site since its inception. Still, its reputation is not solidified as some older Rust gambling sites. The only customer support tool is a Discord thread, which is not an advantage either.

These minor issues cannot ruin the website’s exciting gambling experience, especially for Rust fans. Provably Fair results, cumulative Rakeback percentages, and thrilling game modes create the perfect combination for gamblers avid for a good time. 

RustyLoot Customer Support

Sincerely, customer support is one of the aspects that RustyLoot needs to update as soon as possible. When you click on the “Support” tab, you will be immediately redirected to a Discord forum.

After registering or signing up, you must join a thread to request technical support or clarify any doubts. The website has a FAQ section with basic questions, but it might not be sufficient for most players. If you encounter issues such as getting banned or not receiving funds, you can open a support ticket to seek resolution.

Ultimately, the best approach would be to introduce live chat support with a dedicated team to help users.

FAQ: RustyLoot GG Review

Yes, RustyLoot GG is considered a trustworthy Rust gambling site, although it is relatively new. The website has been performing consistently and attracting a good number of users with its exclusive features and robust rewards system. Despite its short history, RustyLoot demonstrates the potential to become one of the top gambling sites for Rust fans. However, due to its novelty, it is hard to predict its long-term reputation.

RustyLoot uses a Provably Fair system to guarantee transparency in all bets. This technology, based on encryption and similar to the mechanics behind cryptocurrencies, allows players to verify the randomness of game results. Players can easily check their bets by accessing the hash (number ID) displayed on the game and following the instructions under the “Provably Fair” tab. To verify a bet, simply click on the “Provably Fair” tab and follow the straightforward steps.

RustyLoot offers a diverse catalog of games specifically for Rust fans. Available games include:

  • Plinko
  • Mines
  • Wheel
  • Jackpot
  • Coinflip
  • Upgrader

These games cater to different gambling preferences, from high-risk, high-reward options like Plinko and Wheel to more traditional games like Jackpot and Coinflip. The site ensures that all players can find something to enjoy and ways to potentially win.

RustyLoot provides several promotions and rewards to its users, including:

  • A promo code for new players to start wagering without depositing money.
  • A free sign-up bonus without complex wagering requirements.
  • A unique Rakeback system that rewards players based on their rank. As players wager more, they climb ranks and unlock increased Rakeback percentages and special badges.

RustyLoot primarily focuses on Rust skins for deposits and withdrawals. Players can deposit Rust skins, which are exchanged for credits at a 1:1 exchange rate with the US dollar. Additionally, PayPal and Stripe are available for deposits. Withdrawals are restricted to Rust skins, but the platform may include more payment methods as it evolves.