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If you’re here then it’s because you need the RustReaper promo code to claim a great bonus, and we’re here to bring you exactly that. An exclusive set of bonus codes for this website, along with advice on how to make the most out of them.

Here you have the list of RustReaper promo codes you can claim now:

  • CSGORadar

Here at CSGORadar.com we have the latest codes for RustReaper since 2020 – so make sure to claim your favorite promotion, activate it and get your exclusive bonus directly credited to your account.

How to Claim the RustReaper Promo Code

You can claim and activate the RustReaper promo code in just 5 minutes – follow these steps to get your bonus right now:

  1. Select your favorite promo code from our listing
  2. Go to RustReaper.com
  3. Sign in via Steam
  4. Click on “Rewards”
  5. Enter your code in the promo code cell
  6. Click on “Claim” and get your bonus.

Now that you’ve entered and activated your promo code, RustReaper will credit your account with the bonus instantly. Now let’s see where you can use it, so you can start generating good profits with your bonus.

What is the RustReaper Promo Code – Definition and Purpose

As its name clearly suggests, it’s a code that allows you to access exclusive promotions at RustReaper. From getting free cash and free skins to obtaining exclusive cashback and rakeback rates, these promo codes will make your Rust gambling experience a lot better.

RustReaper uses the promo code as a way to attract more users – the same way online casinos have been doing since they ever appeared online. It’s the same mechanism, and it allows you to start off with an advantage.

Best Places to Use the RustReaper Promo Code

RustReaper brings you great games where you can use the promo code bonus. Here you’ll find a brief description of each opportunity, so you can start using the bonus today to reap the greatest benefits.

Rust Crash

If you want to obtain gigantic profits, then Rust Crash is the way to go. Just get out in time before the multiplicator crashes and you can easily multiply the bonus of your promo code by x100, x500 or even x1000+! Remember that this is a high risk game, so administer your bankroll accordingly. 

Rust Roulette

Here you can use your promo code to bet on three colors: red, black, or green. Red and black pays 2x whereas green pays 14x… and you can also bet on the Joker, which pays 7x. As you can see, you can easily increase your promo code money.

Rust Plinko

Just like Crash, if you like high risk games, then Plinko is another worthy option for your promo code money. If you play with the High Mode with 16 rows, then you can multiply your bet by up to 1,000x! 


It’s the same game as the classic Hi-Lo. If you like poker, then you can use the promo code money here, so you can start accumulating profits that you can later cash out for real money. 


If you want to keep the risk low and actually have a gambling strategy that’s proven to work, then you should bet your promo code money on blackjack. Just make sure to administer your bankroll properly, so you can cash out your profits at the right time.


If you like slots, then you’ll be happy to know that you can find dozens of titles at RustReaper, and yes, you can use your promo code money to bet here. With the free coins you’ll get, you can attempt at getting a lucky spin that will multiply your bet by the hundreds!

Skins Upgrader

Finally, if you have a skin you wish to upgrade, then you can use the free coins to fuel the Upgrader. Simply choose the amount of coins you want to bet, select the skin and let the Upgrader do the rest.

Benefits of the RustReaper Code

If you’ve never used a promo code before, then let us show you all the great things you can do thanks to it on RustReaper. You’ll be motivated enough to claim it right now to accumulate some serious profits.

Free Coins

Be it that you want to test the waters, bet it all on a risky gamble or simply increase your bankroll, what’s not to like about free coins? 

Test Risk Free

If you want to play without risk at RustReaper, then the promo code is all you need. Simply claim it, use it to gamble and collect all the profits you can.

Claim More Promos

By claiming the promo code you might get access to other promotions in the future, such as more free coins, free skins or even cashback or rakeback.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you still want to know more about the RustReaper promo code, then this section will fulfill this purpose. For further assistance, you can contact us at any time and a member of the CSGORadar.com team will gladly assist you.

Can I get free coins with the RustReaper promo code?

Yes, you can get free coins with the RustReaper promo code. All you need to do is to choose the right code, claim it and the website will credit your account with free coins. You can use them to play any game you like, as well as Skin Upgrader.

Are the RustReaper promo codes legit?

Yes, RustReaper is Provably Fair and no users have presented relevant complaints against the platform. Therefore, the promo codes are legit in consequence and you can use them without problems. 

Does RustReaper release promo codes on Instagram?

Yes, you should follow RustReaper on Instagram and their other social media profiles, so you can take advantage of special promo codes and giveaways that won’t be available through other channels.

Can I win real money with the RustReaper promo code?

Yes, you can use the promo code to win real money. Be it on crash, roulette, Hi-Lo, slots or blackjack, you can win profits that you can later cash out via your favorite payment method.