It's not hard to find a gambling site to play Crash or Roulette, but most of them follow the same standard. RustMoment elevates the whole concept to a superior level with redesigned versions of these two classic game modes.

Read on for a full review of RustMoment:

It's not hard to find a gambling site to play Crash or Roulette, but most of them follow the same standard. RustMoment elevates the whole concept to a superior level with redesigned versions of these two classic game modes.

Read on for a full review of RustMoment:

Is RustMoment Legit?

Founded in 2021, RustMoment is still building its reputation. So far, the website’s background shows no evidence of hacker attacks, scams, or any other severe fault. 

The platform runs on an SSL-encrypted structure that shields communication with the server and fully protects the users’ data. 

The website is currently going through several updates, which is also a good indicator. Hopefully, the new version will bring robust improvements that will help to cement RustMoment’s reputation as a world-class Rust skin gambling site.

Is RustMoment a Reputable Site?

RustMoment is a relatively new gambling option for Rust skin gamblers. Still, the platform already has a solid reputation due to its consistent performance. 

The ease to deposit and withdraw skins made it a popular choice among Rust fans, especially considering the overwhelming number of sites that will rather offer skins from CS:GO or Dota 2 than give Rust skins a chance.

Currently, the website is going through a process of maintenance to eliminate some bugs and processing lags that would make the user experience a bit clunkier. This move also demonstrates RustMoment’s willingness to deliver its users the best of online gambling.

Is RustMoment Fair?

It is not hard to find skin gamblers overconcerned about rigged games. Those who try their luck on RustMoment will not have this problem, as the platform is 100% Provably Fair.

Accordingly, every game mode works based on an algorithmic system that attaches a unique hash (number ID) to each round. Once the result of a game is out, players can immediately pick the hash and verify whether the outcome was random.

This premier technology ensures no one can interfere in the game’s results – neither players nor RustMoment, which guarantees full transparency and fairness. 

RustMoment Casino Games

The game modes available on RustMoment are:

The best way to explain X-Roulette is a combination of Crash and Roulette. First, gamblers place a bet on a chosen multiplier on the wheel. Once the wheel starts spinning, it must stop on a number that is higher than the chosen multiplier.

The wagered amount is automatically lost if the wheel stops on a lower number. On the other hand, if the wheel stops on the chosen multiplier or a superior number, the game will pay out the gambler’s stake times the multiplier. 

X-Crash follows the same standard as most skin Crash games. Basically, it would be best if you placed a bet on a multiplier number, watch the multiplier line ascend in the graph, and cash out as profitably as possible before it crashes. 

The factor that makes this game unique is that users can place multiple bets simultaneously, multiplying their winning chances and making the whole Crash session more exciting.

The mechanics of the other games are similar to what you can find on other skin gambling sites. Please note that the Towers game has three levels of gameplay (Easy, Medium, and Hard), a small detail that makes a lot of difference at the end of the day.

RustMoment Promotions

It is impossible to find any skin gambler who would waive any bonuses or promotions on any given day. 

RustMoment regularly distributes promo codes that players can redeem when registering to the website and claiming free credits. These credits can be used to wager on games for free and win real prizes.

There’s also the possibility to claim free deposit bonuses every time you deposit funds by whatever means available on the site, a useful top-up percentage that makes a big difference when you’re wagering to win.

Nonetheless, the favorite bonus feature on RustMoment is the “Free Coin Faucet.” This bonus allows gamblers to claim free coins every other hour based on set conditions.

Following RustMoment on different social media channels is also an excellent way to participate in generous giveaways and try your luck to drop amazing Rust skins.

Does RustMoment Offer a Good User Experience?

Overall, RustMoment offers a great user experience. The platform was carefully designed and is regularly updated to ensure efficient functionality. Players can freely interact using the live chat feature, which allows them to share their thoughts on game odds and cheer for eventual victories.

Another factor that makes this website unique is that users will find more than the standard games available on other Rust gambling sites. For example, unique modes like X Crash or X Roulette elevate the level of thrill and excitement felt by gamblers. 

The website also changes its layout and appearance depending on the season, featuring new themes for special holidays like Christmas or Halloween.

Coin Exchange Rate at RustMoment

The coin exchange system used on RustMoment followed the same standard as the Steam market. The price of all Rust skins follows a 1:1 standard with the US dollar. 

When a user deposits a skin on the website, the amount credited to the balance is equivalent to the value of the skin. On withdrawals, the number of credits held on one’s balance can be withdrawn in the form of Rust skins.

RustMoment Payment Methods

As expected, the primary payment method for deposits on RustMoment is through Rust skins. It is not possible to deposit skins from other games, as the website is mostly focused on Rust. 

As the platform does not limit deposit methods to Rust skins, it is possible to pay with credit cards and crypto as well. Feel free to deposit funds with Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

The options for virtual assets include Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Tron (TRX), Litecoin (LTC), Monero (XMR), and Tether (USDT). When it comes to withdrawals, the only method available is through Rust skins.

Pros and Cons

Here’s a comparison table between advantages and disadvantages of RustMoment:

Unique game modes Platform’s currently under maintenance 
Interactive on-site live chat Lack of efficient customer support 
Hourly bonuses 
Variety of deposit methods 
Great site for Rust fans 

If you like Rust skins and wants to indulge in online gambling, RustMoment will certainly please you. Unique game modes, a good catalog of deposit methods, and daily bonuses make it an excellent gambling site. 

The customer support service could be significantly improved. Considering the platform is currently going through a major update, it will hopefully be fixed in the new version.

RustMoment Customer Support?

The lack of an efficient customer support system is a recurrent issue in many skin gambling sites. Most sites offer some type of customer support, but it does not mean that the tools available are necessarily as good as they should be.

Likewise, this is one of the aspects of RustMoment that could be largely improved. There is neither live chat nor email support, which is far from ideal. The only customer support tool available is an external link to Discord.

Even though the support team is responsive and shows a willingness to help gamblers, it would not be hard for RustMoment to introduce a live chat support tool as part of its next update.