RustClash Review

Skin gambling is no longer just about CS:GO skins. The skin trade has grown to also encompass titles like Dota 2, Team Fortress 2, and quite recently, Rust. And while RustClash hasn’t been around for very long, it has continued rising as one of the best Rust skin opening sites online ever since it opened in 2021.

Hundreds of players log onto the site every day, ready to gamble and trade their Rust skins. The website offers plenty of the highest quality skins and reasonably priced cases for dedicated Rust gamers to take advantage of.

Welcome offers are undoubtedly one of the best and most sought-after features of any online gambling platform. They can help you, as a new player, to get started on a high note by lining your bankroll so you have more to gamble with. Practically every site offers them as a way to attract more users than their competition and RustClash is no exception.

Signing up to RustClash allows you to claim 3 free cases full of awesome skins when you use the current promo code. It is important to note that RustClash needs you to own Rust on Steam and have at least 5 hours of playtime.  You also need to have your profile set to “public” to be eligible for the bonus.

Play On Mobile

Over the years, mobile phone technology has not stopped getting better. Mobile devices can now do most things that were once exclusive to PCs. As a result, the demand for mobile gambling has risen exponentially over the years, and numerous operators have rushed to develop mobile apps and mobile-friendly websites to accommodate users.

While RustClash is yet to have a dedicated app for either IOS or Android, it seems the website is decently optimized for mobile use. It seems to allow users to play all the same game modes (Upgrade, Case Battles, and Case Opening). You also still have access to the sign-on bonus using your phone as you would do using your desktop. The webpage works slightly better on PC, however, but the difference is negligible.

Payment Methods

While many people gamble for the fun of risk, ultimately, money lies at the root of most gambling activities. So, operators have to support a range of good banking options. RustClash offers a wide variety of payment methods. As RustClash is involved in the skin trade, the main method of payment the site runs on is obviously Rust skins. However, the website also allows you to buy skins using your Visa or MasterCard debit card. In addition to these popular payment methods, you can also use a range of cryptocurrency options including Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum.

Deposit times are lighting fast, with no apparent minimum deposit amount set as of writing. However, the minimum withdrawal is set at $1 and withdrawal requests take up t0 five days to be processed.

Sister Sites

A website’s affiliations are a very important indicator of how trustworthy a website is. That’s because if an online gambling operator already runs a few legit sites, they aren’t likely to, all of a sudden, launch a scam betting platform. But because the RustClash brand is still quite young, it doesn’t have any notable affiliations as of yet.

Customer Support

Customer support, much like bonuses and payment options, indicates the general quality of a website. Ideally, you want to use a platform on which you can receive help quickly if anything goes wrong for you. That’s why many websites invest a lot into features like an active customer support email or phone number, as well as a live chat run by competent representatives.

At the moment, the only way you can contact RustClash is via discord. This option can be very helpful a lot of the time and the moderators are always active. RustClash also has a pretty good FAQ section for common issues. But still, an email address and live chat feature would go a long way in making communication easier for customers.

RustClash Pros 

Every website comes with certain benefits and drawbacks that are unique to its system, and RustClash is no different as far as we’ve seen. Here are a couple of benefits that make RustClash one of the best Rust skin trading sites.

  • It was one of the very first skin unboxing sites online.
  • Consistent giveaways as well as a good signup bonus.
  • Easy-going navigation on both PC and mobile sites.

RustClash Con’s

RustClash naturally has a few blemishes on its record that we feel you should be aware of before signing up. These are the two biggest ones in our opinion:

  • It only offers discord support.
  • No mobile app for either IOS or Android.

RustClash Review Final Thoughts 

RustClash is one of the newer dogs in the town. The website still has space to grow in terms of market recognition, mobile app development, and customer support channels. Despite its youth and inexperience, the website offers several advantages to users. It has fair gameplay, a reasonable welcome bonus, and a solid selection of payment choices. Although it lacks professional customer service solutions, the discord help works well enough given the website’s size. We believe RustClash has a great future if it keeps improving. If you like Rust skin gambling, you should try it.