RustChance Review 2023

Not quite long ago, it was not easy to find Rust gambling sites with extensive lists of game modes and a crowd of active users. Fortunately, this harsh reality changed and RustChance was one of the first platforms to kickstart this changing wave.

Read on for a full review of RustChance:

RustChance Skins

Not quite long ago, it was not easy to find Rust gambling sites with extensive lists of game modes and a crowd of active users. Fortunately, this harsh reality changed and RustChance was one of the first platforms to kickstart this changing wave.

Read on for a full review of RustChance:

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Is RustChance Legit?

RustChance was launched in 2017, which makes it a pioneer of the Rust skin gambling industry. At the time, most online gambling hubs were solely dedicated to CS:GO skins, which shows the platform’s determination to stand out and thrive.

For half a decade, there were no occurrences of hacker attacks or funds stolen from users. The website’s background is also clean from situations involving scams, fraud, or even “bait” marketing strategies (e.g., fake bonuses).

Currently, RustChance is considered a world-class gambling platform for Rust skin fans, especially those who prefer games like Jackpot and Coinflip. Regardless, there are plenty of fair gambling options for all tastes.

RustChance Review: A Closer Look

Here’s a list of the advantages and disadvantages of RustChance:

World-class experience for Rust fans Withdrawal limitations  
Only Provably Fair games Customer support could improve
Great variety of game modes 
Solid reputation 
Special bonuses and promotions 

RustChance is not perfect, but the existing drawbacks could be eliminated with simple updates.

There’s a daily withdrawal limit, which is a restrictive approach. Despite this limitation, the list of skins available for withdrawal is superb. Additionally, although the ticket support system is not bad, the ideal customer support tool would be a live chat.

Ultimately, these flaws are not sufficient to ruin the whole experience. Exciting games, great promotions, Provably Fair results, and high-value skins form a golden combination that is super hard to beat.

Is RustChance a Reputable Site?

One of the oldest gambling sites dedicated to Rust fans, RustChance has a well-established reputation. Stats from expert monitoring sites point out that the website receives over 500,000 monthly views.

These numbers are incredible per se, especially considering the number of years the website has been available. One of the key reasons behind the platform’s success is that it has been delivering a consistent service throughout the years. 

Is RustChance Fair?

In addition to its established reputation, RustChance is 100% Provably Fair. This super-effective mechanism based on robust encryption allows players to verify the randomness of bets.

Although the technical explanation of the subject is complex, it’s a system based on unique hash numbers. Each game has a hash attached to it, so users can use this number to check the outcome of different rounds.

Neither RustChance nor anyone else can interfere with the results, as the Provably Fair system works similarly to a blockchain ledger. 

Does RustChance Have Good Games?

There are several gambling options available on RustChance, which are:

  • Jackpot
  • Coinflip
  • Wheel
  • Crash
  • Landmines

In terms of variety, this website is one of the best spots on the internet to indulge in a good Rust gambling session. A classic game in its own right, RustChance dedicates two different sections to Rust Jackpot – the “High Rollers” and the “Low Ballers.”

As it’s plain to see, whether you want to put a lot of skins in the line or wager lower amounts based on a specific strategy, RustChance allows you to enjoy the game as you wish.

The Coinflip game follows the same standard as other popular skin gambling sites. The odds are always fixed on 50% per player, which is a good aspect for conservative players. 

It’s worth noting that RustChance’s version of Coinflip often has high rollers participating in matches, which is not a frequent sight in most skin gambling sites. The Wheel game works similarly to Roulette, only featuring a different name.

For those interested in crazy ups and downs, there’s always the option to try one’s luck on Crash. RustChance also offers a version of Landmines that allows multiple players to wager at the same time, placing different stakes and avoiding the “bombs” as much as possible.

Are RustChance Promotions Good?

Although RustChance’s bonus catalog does not look bright, it has solid offers for players willing to take a chance. The first type of bonus available is the promo code, which can be activated by clicking on the “Redeem Code” tab and following a set of seamless steps.

There are also seasonal events based on Holidays and special occasions. For example, the Halloween season is celebrated with a special bonus currency called “Candy,” which can be accumulated and later redeemed for cases.

These cases contain exclusive rewards that are not available elsewhere. It is also possible to redeem these sweet coins into giveaway tickets that allow players to join monthly and hourly raffles on partner website RustCases.com. 

Does RustChance Offer a Good User Experience?

At RustChance, gamblers are the most important factor in the website’s equation. Since its inception, the platform has been introducing features and adapting its structure to deliver a better service.

At a glance, the layout looks fine. All the tabs are displayed on the top menu, which could not be more intuitive for players. No matter how novice or seasoned you might be as a gambler, the whole experience is utterly smooth.

There’s an on-site live chat where players can interact and talk to each other while wagering on different game modes. This feature makes users more interested in sticking with the site, as it’s impossible to have that “forever alone” feeling that is recurrent in online casinos.

How Good is the Coin Exchange Rate at RustChance?

The coin exchange rate used on RustChance is similar to the system applied to the Steam Market. The website has its own native currency, which is called “Flames.” Each unit of this unique currency is equivalent to $1 worth of deposited skins.

Even though this system has a different currency name, the proportion between these virtual coins and the US dollar is 1:1, facilitating the whole payment process.

Does RustChance Offer Good Payment Methods?

All the payment methods available on RustChance are restricted to skins. Mostly focused on Rust, the website allows users to deposit skins from Rust, CS:GO, and Dota 2. The deposited skins are immediately converted into Flame tokens, which can be used to wager on games. 

Please note that withdrawals are restricted to Rust skins, which have a full inventory dedicated to them on the website. While many players use other Rust gambling sites to exchange skins without necessarily wagering on games, this is not possible on RustChance.

Before withdrawing any skins, players necessarily need to meet certain wagering requirements. The platform works based on the concept of a withdrawable amount, which is nothing more than the value you can currently withdraw from your balance.

There’s also a daily limit applied to withdrawals, which resets to the default number day after day.

How Would You Rate the RustChance Customer Support?

To request support on RustChance, players can click on the “Support” tab located at the center of the top menu. 

Following this step, the next move is to click on “Support Tickets” and then select “Create Ticket.” After submitting a ticket, the player must wait until the website’s support team answers the queries.

Providing a ticket-based system for customer support is not necessarily bad, but it’s certainly an outdated solution. The introduction of a live chat tool would be the ideal update to make RustChance’s customer support service a 5-star standard. 

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