RustCases Review

Offering a robust Rust-themed case opening site, RustCases is another popular gambling hub for Rust fans. Those willing to take a chance on it will be welcomed by amazing opportunities for Unboxing, Battles, and Upgrades.

Read on for a full review of RustCases:

Offering a robust Rust-themed case opening site, RustCases is another popular gambling hub for Rust fans. Those willing to take a chance on it will be welcomed by amazing opportunities for Unboxing, Battles, and Upgrades.

Read on for a full review of RustCases:


Is RustCases Legit?

It is safe to affirm that RustCases is a legit website. The platform is owned by RustChance, a respected Rust gambling site with several years of activity in the industry.

A closer look into the website’s history shows no evidence of hacker attacks or similar issues that would expose the funds’ data or funds to risk. There were no occurrences of scams or fraud as well, which is a strong indicator of the platform’s trustworthiness. 

RustCases runs on SSL encryption, the last-generation technology that protects the communication between the site and its server and creates a layer between users and potential privacy threats.

Is RustCases a Reputable Site?

Finding a good case opening site dedicated solely to Rust is not an easy task. For RustCases’ customers, this quest is long gone. With more than 3.5 million cases opened since its inception, the website quickly became a reference to other platforms in the Rust case segment. 

Whether you choose to visit the site day or night, you will always find at least 100 users online. The number of players actively wagering on the website is quite surprising considering it’s not focused on hyped games like Crash or Roulette.

Based on independent reviews posted online, RustCase has an equivalent rate to its “mothership” website RustChance.

Is RustCases Fair?

As a branch of RustChance, RustCases is also Provably Fair. This system ensures full transparency and fairness in the outcome of all cases through a unique randomization mechanism.

Each roll has a unique hash (number ID) attached to it. This code becomes available for users after opening cases or completing an upgrade. With this encrypted hash in hand, players can check the algorithm source code and verify whether the results were random.

This way, it is impossible for the platform to change the odds to favor particular users. Third parties cannot counterfeit the system either, as it works similarly to a blockchain ledger.

RustCases Case Games

RustCases is not a standard gambling site with game modes like Jackpot, Coinflip, Wheel, or Dice. Exclusively dedicated to Cases, Upgrades, and Battles, the platform rapidly became a fan favorite for gamblers who love to have a good time dropping nice skins from Rust.

After a few seconds exploring the platform, you will find several categories of cases with amazing prizes from Rust, such as:

  • Mid-Tier Cases (e.g., Case from Hell, Gold Cases)
  • Specials Cases (e.g., Base Essentials, Explosive Case)
  • Weapons Cases (e.g., AK-47, SMG, Python)
  • Clothes Cases (e.g., Facemask, Gloves, ChestPlate)

The “YouTubers Collection” is an interesting category, featuring cases from popular influencers like Friduwulf, SebbyK, FancyOrb, Agustabell212, CoconutB Case, Panpots Case, and Volcano Case.

Another great unique possibility to drop incredible rewards is the seasonal collections like “Summer,” Wild,” Christmas,” Halloween,” and “Easter.” If just opening cases is too boring for you, feel free to join a match on Battles or reinvent your inventory with Upgrades.

RustCases Promotions

There are two main bonus offers available on RustCases – the “Free Cases” feature and the “Daily Rewards” promotion. 

The first requirement to participate in the “Free Cases” section is to redeem a special promo code found on RustCases’ social media channels like Twitter, Discord, or Facebook.

Additionally, the website requires players to add the tag #RustCases to their nickname on Steam and have an account at least level 5. 

Seizing advantage of “Daily Rewards” requires players to meet the same criteria and join RustCases on Discord. Like a level-based system, players accumulate XP points over time to enjoy weekly rewards. 

Each day of the week offers a top-up percentage bonus on deposits or a special case for free, depending on the gambler’s level. 

Does RustCases Offer a Good User Experience?

In terms of design and usability, RustCases offers a neat website. At the center of the homepage, players will find the case options displayed by categories. Several categories dedicated to seasonal events remain available for the rest of the year, which is excellent. 

The whole navigation is fluid with no lags or processing delays, especially the animations during transitions. All payment options work as expected and most of them offer instant processing.

Considering the website’s large fan base spread around the globe, RustCases is available in four different languages – English, Russian, Turkish, and Spanish. 

Players can join the live chat feature to interact with each other and make the whole gambling experience more interactive. This is a huge advantage, as it’s not hard to find case-opening sites that look completely “abandoned” or “dead.”

Coin Exchange Rate at RustCases?

Similar to the Steam Market, the coin exchange rate applied to RustCases follows a 1:1 standard. The variety of Rust cases is quite impressive. 

The price range varies a lot as well, going from a few dollars per cage up to hundreds of dollars apiece. Whether you are a penny-pincher or a high roller, you will certainly find a good option for you.

RustCases Payment Methods

Rust case fans would certainly expect to find Rust skins listed as the primary payment method on RustCases. Ironically, this is not the case, as users cannot use Rust skins to fund their account balances.

The main funding source is real cash or crypto, which is used to purchase the cases. After opening the purchased cases and dropping prizes, players can withdraw these skins via Steam.

The payment methods available for deposit include Visa, Mastercard, WebMoney, and Neo Surf. For gamblers who prefer to pay with crypto, the available options include Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Dogecoin (DOGE), Bitcoin  Cash (BCH), and Dash (DASH).

Withdrawals are restricted to Rust skins, but RustCases overcomes this limitation by offering an immense library of items.

Pros and Cons

Here’s a comparison table between the advantages and disadvantages of RustCases:

Huge variety of cases and skins from RustNo Rust skin deposits 
Provably Fair outcomes Customer support could be updated 
Broad price range 
Decent catalog of payment options
On-site live chat 

It is weird to find out that Rust skins are not accepted as a payment method for deposits, which is not a positive spot for die-hard Rust fans. Although customer support works, it could be significantly more efficient if the platform introduced a live chat tool backed by a responsive team. 

Still, RustCases is much more than a version of RustChance without game modes. Despite being launched in 2021, it already has a well-established reputation due to its great case-opening experience.

RustCases Customer Support?

When you click on the “Support” tab at the bottom of the page, you’ll be redirected to a FAQ section. This set of questions only covers very few topics associated with withdrawals and deposits, which is a huge limitation.

At the right side of the section, the website offers two options for players who need a closer support service – to click on “Contact Support” and open a ticket, or email [email protected] to request help.

While a ticket system is not necessarily bad, RustCases could easily add a live chat support tool and make everyone’s lives easier.