RustBet Review

Finding a gambling spot with high rollers wagering on Rust Jackpot sites or Coinflip is difficult. RustBet went against this trend and made apparently "2nd class" games a huge hit. Do you want to try your luck and have the chance to drop sick Rust skins?

Read on for a full review of RustBet:


Finding a gambling spot with high rollers wagering on Rust Jackpot sites or Coinflip is difficult. RustBet went against this trend and made apparently "2nd class" games a huge hit. Do you want to try your luck and have the chance to drop sick Rust skins?

Read on for a full review of RustBet:

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Is RustBet Legit?

Launched in 2020, RustBet certainly was not one of the pioneers of the gambling industry. Meanwhile, several factors contributed to its quick rise in popularity, especially its extensive list of Rust skins available for withdrawals and a huge number of gamblers avid for fun during long lockdown periods.

So far, it is impossible to feed any trace of suspicion associated with scams or fraud on RustBet. Also, there were no hacker attacks or any similar issues involving the theft of user funds. 

RustBet runs on an SSL-encrypted connection, protecting the users’ data and shielding the connection of the website with the server. 

Is RustBet a Reputable Site?

RustBet has been around since 2020, but this short timeframe was sufficient for the website to attract a ton of players. Looking at the stats, the platform has a significant player base considering the total number of daily visits. 

Although it’s not listed among the world’s top 5 most popular gambling sites, RustBet is already considered a premier choice for both novice and experienced skin gamblers. Since its inception, the website has evolved considerably, especially the built-in marketplace for withdrawals.   

Is RustBet Fair?

Many skin gamblers have had their fair share of disappointment with rigged gambling sites. Those who have never suffered from it might also fear this type of unpleasant experience. Fortunately, it is not a problem for RustBet users. 

RustBet works in partnership with Random.org, which is an expert service provider that runs its Provably Fair system. This unique technology ensures full transparency and fairness, as no one can interfere with the outcome of game modes or upgrades.

Based on robust encryption, this mechanism creates a randomization of results that cannot be discovered before its finally revealed. Each result has a hash (number ID) attached to it, which allows users to pick this code and verify whether the outcome was actually fair.

RustBet Casino Games?

RustBet offers three Provably Fair games – Jackpot, Coinflip, and Upgrade. Comparing all the game modes available, the Jackpot section is the most crowded of them all.

Whether you want to roll high or keep the total wagered amount low, this incredible game offers a solid experience. Depending on how much you’re willing to bet, it is possible to win up to $1,000,000 worth of credits.

Players can either join an existing room or form one with a chosen price threshold. The rules follow the same standard as other Jackpot games, so the more skins deposited into the pot, the higher the winning chances. 

If you like to have fun with the classic “heads and tails” game, RustBet Coinflip will surely make your days a lot better. Similar to Jackpot, this game also has a winner-takes-it-all approach. 

For players who want to get better items in exchange for the ones in their inventories, the Upgrade feature offers an amazing opportunity. 

Keep in mind that these skins are much more than cosmetic items at some point, as one’s ability to overcome obstacles in Rust’s dangerous environment depends on both equipment and character enhancements.

RustBet Promotions

RustBet regularly distributes promo codes, which players can redeem to get free credits and save money on bets. 

The website has a commission rate of up to 10% depending on the total value of skins deposited in a pot or wagered on other games. While it might not sound good, the platform offers an alternative way to avoid hefty commissions in the case of a lucky win.

Every player that adds the tag “#rustbet” to one’s username on Steam can seize advantage of a 90% deduction in the commission. Another great way to save money is the possibility to claim hourly rewards in the form of free credits. 

Does RustBet Offer a Good User Experience?

The website has a simple layout and a straightforward approach to every aspect, including games, payment methods, promotions, and everything else.

If you like to keep things as simple as possible and have the chance to get fine skin rewards, RustBet is the perfect choice for you. There’s a live chat feature available in English and Russian, so players can freely interact and live the whole experience together. 

With a few updates here and there, the platform could be much better. Still, the user experience is not negative – especially if you become a RustBet fan.

Coin Exchange Rate at RustBet

The coin exchange system applied by RustBet is similar to the pattern used on the Steam Market. Every $1 worth of Rust skins is equivalent to one credit, which makes it much easier to maintain an organized bankroll and never wager more than one’s balance permits.

The deposited skins are converted into credits, which can be used to wager on games. When it’s withdrawal time, these credits must be exchanged for Rust skins through the platform’s inventory.

Pros and Cons

Here’s a comparison table between RustBet’s advantages and disadvantages: 

100% Provably FairAll payments restricted to Rust skins 
Multiple Jackpot rooms available 24/7No live chat support  
On-site skin inventory 
Easy registration process 
Possibility to claim hourly credits for free 

If you are the type of gambler that prefers a more sophisticated way to wager on game modes or upgrade skins, you might not be satisfied with RustBet. On the other hand, if you are a die-hard gambler seeking Rust skin prizes, the platform was made for you.

Players can enjoy fun games and interact in a buzzing chat room while trying their luck to win credits and later use the platform’s inventory to instantly withdraw Rust skins. After meeting certain criteria, gamblers can also claim free credits every other hour. 

Still, it would be excellent if players could choose to deposit or withdraw funds with payment methods other than Rust skins. Additionally, the customer support service could improve with the introduction of a live chat tool. 

While RustBet cannot be ranked among the “world’s supreme Rust gambling sites,” it is possible to have loads of fun and drop interesting prizes. 

RustBet Payment Methods

The only payment method available for deposits and withdrawals is Rust skins. While it might sound awesome for die-hard Rust fans, it’s not an advantage for players who prefer varied payment methods.

Many skin gambling sites often restrict payment methods to in-game items, which makes sense if the strategy is to attract solely interested players. 

Nonetheless, even the most purist skin gambler might need to use a credit card eventually. To compensate, all operations are instantly processed and the skin inventory offers a large variety of skin options for withdrawals.

RustBet Customer Support

RustBet could also improve its customer support service. Neither a live chat nor a ticket system is available, so users depend exclusively on an external Discord channel to find help.

The support channel functions with a group-based approach, as only invited members can access and participate in the Discord channel. Still, the ideal approach would be to introduce a live chat feature with instant answers given by a real-world support team.

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