RustBet Promo Code 2023

If you’re looking for a legit RustBet promo code, then you’ve arrived at the right place. We have an exclusive list of active bonuses that you can claim today, and we’ll show you exactly how to do it.


If you’re looking for a legit RustBet promo code, then you’ve arrived at the right place. We have an exclusive list of active bonuses that you can claim today, and we’ll show you exactly how to do it.

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Free Case
Code: "CR100"

For starters, here you have the list of our exclusive RustBet promo codes (only brought for the CSGORadar.com community!):

  • CR100

From free Rust skins to free coins, there are lots of benefits you can unlock thanks to these codes. Just make sure to choose the right one, so that you get the bonus you prefer.

You don’t know how to claim and use these promo codes? Worry not – our guide in the next section will show you the steps to follow.

How to Claim and Use the RustBet Promo Code

You can claim your bonus code in only 5 steps – here you have the list to follow:

  1. Visit rustbet.com 
  2. Click on “Sign In” 
  3. Use your Steam account to register 
  4. Once you’re registered, go to the top menu and click on “Free Case” 
  5. Enter the Rustbet code “CR100“, redeem it and enjoy!

As it is plain to see, there is nothing complex involved in the process. What are you waiting for? The right moment to redeem the RustBet promo code is now! All you need to do is follow the short guide above to claim a free case bonus. 

Reasons to Claim the RustBet Referral Code Today

If you are a fan of Rust, you will certainly enjoy RustBet’s promo code. While most Rust skin gambling sites focus solely on CS:GO, Dota 2, and other games, this relatively new platform offers you the opportunity to have fun and get prizes in the form of Rust skins.

Launched in 2020, the website has evolved a lot since its first version. After redeeming your promo code, you can use the bonus to wager on Rust Jackpot or Coinflip. 

Besides these two games, the platform also allows users to enjoy the exclusive “Upgrader” feature, where they can upgrade their inventories with new Rust items like a Glory AK-47 or a Tempered Mask. 

Users who add the tag #rustbet right beside their usernames on Steam are entitled to a reduction of 90% in house commissions. Depending on the skins deposited in the platform, they might not charge a commission at all. 

The website features a live chat where players can interact with the community 24/7. The combination of all these factors makes RustBet a great choice for Rust players and gamblers. 

Obtaining the Maximum Benefit from the Promo Bonus

Jackpot and Coinflip are games well-known for their higher odds, which tend to discourage players from wagering better items and stick only with modest bets.

RustBet does not follow this simplistic logic, as it presents itself as a prime gambling solution for both high rollers and penny-pinchers.

If you want to place small bets and test your luck on a Jackpot session or Coinflip round, feel free to do it, as RustBet does not discriminate. A good tactic to make the best of the website’s promo code bonus is to multiply your earnings on Coinflip.

Always played 1vs1 with fixed 50% odds for each player, Rust Coinflip allows you to start modestly and wager constantly to multiply your earnings. 

Combining this strategy with the “Upgrader” feature offers you another solid tool, as you can get additional skin and upgrade them for better items. With this combination, you will not need much time to bulk up your Rust inventory on Steam. 

Is the RustBet Bonus Code Legit?

Despite being relatively new in the Rust skin gambling industry, RustBet has proven to be a reliable skin gambling option since 2020. 

Throughout its short run, the website has plenty of positive reviews on third-party websites and boasts thousands of players who are constantly wagering on Jackpot or Coinflip.

In addition to its clear reputation, RustBet features a Provably Fair system that ensures all results are random and transparent. Associated with Random.org, the system has a two-pronged solution to determine the winner.

The first hash is generated by the website and displayed to players before the roll. Once the bet is closed, the other hash is generated by Random.org, and these two strings are combined to calculate which ticket will be the winner. 

For every random number requested from Random.org, the website increments the serial number associated with RustBet’s API key. Several players have tested the mechanism and attested to the fairness of this unique hash-based system.

Additionally, RustBet runs on an SSL-encrypted connection, demonstrating that users can freely visit and enjoy the website while being assured of safety. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Rust enthusiasts must give RustBet a try. Redeeming the RustBet promo code will only make your experience much more enjoyable. 

While the gaming catalog might look small at first glance, you will not need more than this solid duo to have loads of fun and get neat Rust skins. Here are the most frequently asked questions about RustBet and its selected promo codes: 

Are RustBet Promo Codes Valid?

Without a doubt, all the promo codes listed in this article are 100% valid, redeemable, and effective. All you need to do is to visit rustbet.com, sign in using your Steam account, and click on the “Free Case” tab to redeem one of our selected promo codes.

What Are the Payment Methods Available on RustBet?

As a gambling site solely focused on Rust skins, RustBet only accepts deposits and withdrawals in the form of in-game items from Rust. 

Users can connect to the website with their Steam accounts and upload skins from their inventories to wager on Jackpot and Coinflip, or even upgrade them using a special built-in feature.

Am I Required to Make a Deposit Before Redeeming a Promo Code on RustBet?

No, users are not required to deposit Rust skins or anything else to redeem one of the RustBet promo codes featured on our exclusive list. 
Code: "CR100"