Best Rust Trading Sites

Trading sites have gained quite popularity in the last couple of years. Fans of different games are often on the lookout for good platforms that allow them to buy and trade skins. In the case of Rust, devotees of the multiplayer survival game join websites where they can buy and trade weapon skins on a daily basis. Some do it simply for fun, and others hope to win valuable items they can sell at a higher price later.

Best Rust Trading Sites List

Trading sites have gained quite popularity in the last couple of years. Fans of different games are often on the lookout for good platforms that allow them to buy and trade skins. In the case of Rust, devotees of the multiplayer survival game join websites where they can buy and trade weapon skins on a daily basis. Some do it simply for fun, and others hope to win valuable items they can sell at a higher price later.

If you are here then it’s because you want to get the best prices for buying, selling or trading Rust skins. Our ranking of the best Rust trading sites will bring you exactly what you are looking for: tons of liquidity, thousands of valuable skins, and plenty of bonuses and offers.

If you’re ready to take action, then check out our ranking and sign up:


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If you want to learn more about our Rust trading sites and how you can take advantage off them, then the following guide will answer all of your questions.

How We Selected the Best Rust Trading Sites in 2022

Despite the similarities with other FPS games like CS:GO, Rust is uniquely designed to make you feel lonesome and in danger. In the game, you’re in an environment where everything wants you to perish, whether it is the wildlife or other players.

In this “lost-in-wilderness” adventure, you can still rock neat character sets consisting of unique weapons and other exclusive in-game items – the beloved Rust skins.

Even though these in-game items are only cosmetic, they became valuable assets. To help you navigate the process to obtain Rust skins via trading, we assessed hundreds of Rust trading sites available in 2022 to rank the best options.

This guide is a product of in-depth research. We gathered a team of seasoned Rust skin traders, cybersecurity experts, and experienced Rust players to contribute to the assessment process. The criteria used in our analysis go as follows:

Online Reputation

After the rise of the internet, it is hard for sites that offer bad services to hide their flaws and go unnoticed online. If a Rust trading site has no good reputation among consumers, why would it be a trustworthy choice?

Our team of experts assessed tons of online reviews and relied on measurement tools to triple-check each website’s reputation. The goal was to filter the options with bad reputations out of the list from the beginning. 

Market of Skins & Liquidity

A recurrent problem in many skin markets is the lack of diversity and liquidity. When you go online to buy skins, you want to find a trading site where it is possible to find variety and quality. 

Sellers also benefit from diverse markets, as the best Rust skin trading sites are always crowded with potential buyers.

It is crucial noting that we only selected sites with good liquidity. Unfortunately, many case opening and skin sites lack liquidity and expose products that are never available. To avoid it for you, we selected the best Rust skins sites in terms of diversity and liquidity.

Welcome Bonuses

There’s nothing better than receiving a generous welcome bonus when you use a Rust skin trading site for the first time. It is not rare to find Rust skin trading sites that offer free skins as welcome bonuses, as well as discount percentages.

Whether it is in the form of promo codes, coupons, or default features, we selected sites with good welcome offers for new players, so you can get a nice incentive to start trading.


The main reason why gamers tend to rely on third-party sites to trade Rust skins is due to Steam’s limitations and the hardship to obtain excellent items during gameplay. 

In our assessment, we only selected Rust trading sites that offer the best possible prices for all parties involved in transactions – traders, buyers, and sellers. Our ranking consists of trading platforms with significantly cheaper prices.

Additionally, we took a closer look at each website’s fee policy to select options with no hidden or unreasonable fees. 

Payment Methods

When it’s time to pay for Rust skins, you need the best in terms of variety and quality for payments. Our list of recommended Rust skin trading sites combines three characteristics – a good number of payment methods, safe deposits and cashouts, and efficient processing times.

A proper Rust skin trading site must offer several payment options for deposits and withdrawals, such as credit/debit cards, e-wallets (Neteller, Skrill), PayPal, cryptocurrencies, and skins. 

Offers and Benefits for Loyal Members

It is not hard to attract customers with seasonal promotions but keeping them loyal requires additional effort. We checked each website to identify the existence and the quality of ongoing bonuses for existing members and loyalty rewards offered by each site. 

We only selected Rust skin trading sites featuring recurrent offers for existing users as well as exclusive rewards for active users who earn loyalty points. 

Customer Support

Offering responsive customer support is a matter of respect for customers. Our team tested each website to identify the best options in terms of a variety of support tools (live chat, email, ticket, phone), availability, and efficiency. We also assessed how well-written and helpful the FAQ section is.

What Are Rust Trading Sites? – Beginner’s Guide

If you are taking your first steps in the world of Rust skin trading, this guide will not let you down. In the following section, you will find a detailed explanation of what Rust trading sites are, how they work, and how you can buy, sell, or trade Rust skins using them.

Definition of Rust Trading Websites

Rust trading websites are online platforms that allow you to trade, sell, or buy skins and other in-game from FacePunch’s game Rust.

On a trading site, you can deposit an old skin and exchange it for a new one of similar value. Additionally, you can buy or sell Rust skins within a safe e-commerce environment. 

This is the most efficient way to get rid of old Rust skins, sell valuable skins for profit, or buy thrilling items to customize your Rust character – all enjoying better prices than those available on Steam. 

How Do the Best Rust Trading Sites Work?

The mechanism behind Rust trading sites is quite simple – you visit a Rust trading site, check the catalog of items available, and buy the skins you want. Our list of recommended Rust trading websites offers convenient payment methods, such as PayPal and cryptocurrencies, which facilitates the whole process.

If you want to sell or trade a skin, you need to sign up with your Steam account, transfer the skins selected from your Steam inventory, and list them for sale or trade. For sellers, the items will be exposed until another user purchases them.

For traders, the old items will be exchanged for new items of equal or similar value. As compensation for the services provided, the Rust trading site earns a small commission from each transaction completed by buyers, sellers, and traders.

The amount varies from website to website. As long as you stick with our list of recommended Rust trading sites, the commission rate will neither hurt your budget nor your profits. 

How to Buy and Sell Skins on Rust Trading Sites

Even though it is possible to get new Rust skins on the Steam Market, our list of recommended trading sites offers much better prices. To sell a Rust skin on one of these sites, you must upload the skins you want to sell from your inventory to the chosen website.

You are free to set the price of your products, but it is important to pay attention to the average price rates. The price varies depending on the platform, based on the skin’s rarity, availability, demand, and market fluctuations. 

Once someone buys one of your skins, you’ll receive real cash or crypto instead of other skins. Buying Rust skins is quite straightforward – you browse the website’s catalog, choose the item you want to buy, select it, choose the payment method, and complete the transaction.

It is important to pay attention to the bonuses and promotions available on each website, as it may help you to get more expensive skins without spending a ton of your own money. 

How to Trade Skins on our Recommended Sites

The main difference between selling and trading Rust skins is that the latter allows you to get new skins instead of money or cryptocurrency. The first step is to find skins you want to exchange for yours.

Then, you can select the skins you want to trade from your inventory and complete the trading process. The site has built-in features to evaluate the price of your skins and exchange them for skins with similar prices.

Before you complete the transaction, you’ll have the choice to decline or accept the site’s trading offer. In most cases, it is perfectly normal to trade skins from different Steam games, such as Rust skins for CS:GO or Dota 2 skins, and vice-versa.

All About Bots on Rust Trading Sites

The purpose of using trading bots in Rust skin trading sites is to minimize human intervention as much as possible, allowing individuals to save time and effort.

In essence, the mechanism behind trading bots used in Rust sites is the same for CS:GO, Dota 2, and Team Fortress 2 trading sites. These bots automatize the skin transactions between players by matching them according to their preferences.

Our list of recommended Rust trading sites consists of several websites that offer automated trading bots, which boost transaction efficiency and allow for instant skin trading.

Skin trading bots are fundamental if you are interested in bulky skin trading, as they give you a resourceful tool for efficient trading in situations involving higher traffic and hundreds of transactions per minute. 

Traders and sellers interested in strategic skin trading can rely on automated bots to control huge stocks of Rust skins and items without much effort involved. Without bots, it would result in endless hours spent in front of a screen browsing and listing prices.

Rust trading bots use an immense list of reports and databases to identify the best offers and match different people to complete successful transactions. Even though some players might be interested in creating an independent trading bot, it requires programming skills and patience.

A reliable solution is to choose one of the options listed in our ranking of the best Rust skin trading sites to enjoy extremely quick and efficient trading bots. 

It is worth noting that checking transactions before completing them is still the best approach for safety and reliability. While you can use trading bots for expedited transactions, make sure to check the details of each transaction before confirming it. 

Frequently Asked Questions

This guide was created to help understand all the aspects of Rust skin trading and guide you throughout our selection of the best Rust trading sites. If you still have doubts, reach out to us and let us know how we can help you.

In the following topics, we answered the most frequent questions about the best Rust skin trading sites. Enjoy! 

Do Rust Skins have a trade ban?

Similar to other industry-leading games, Rust is secured by the EasyAntiCheat (EAC) system. If you get banned from a game purchased via Steam through EAC, your profile will be attached with the “Game Ban” status. 

Receiving a ban on Rust is quite problematic for individuals who have in-game items on their inventories, as they can no longer transfer these items to a different account after the ban.

Are Rust skin trading sites legit?

With the growing popularity of Rust and other Steam games featuring skins, the number of skin trading sites increased exponentially. 

All Rust skin trading sites recommended in this guide are legit and safe. As long as you stick with the options featured here, you are free to trade, buy, and sell Rust skins without any stress involved. 

Is it a good idea to use bots from Rust skin trading sites?

Yes, trading bots can be valuable allies for skin traders, buyers, and sellers. These powerful automated tools can help you to find instant trades and transaction opportunities with little to no effort required. 

Our list of recommended Rust skin trading sites features several options with automated trading bots, so feel free to enjoy them!