Rust Stake

Despite being owned by a well-known YouTuber, the birth of RustStake did not end up in a rain of firecrackers. Initially unknown and sometimes ignored, RustStake grew seemingly out of the sudden and managed to become a top-tier Rust gambling site within a short period.

Read on for a full review of RustStake:

RustStake Promo Codes

Despite being owned by a well-known YouTuber, the birth of RustStake did not end up in a rain of firecrackers. Initially unknown and sometimes ignored, RustStake grew seemingly out of the sudden and managed to become a top-tier Rust gambling site within a short period.

Read on for a full review of RustStake:

Is RustStake Legit?

The website was launched in 2021, which makes it a novelty compared to some Rust skin gambling sites. Within this short timeframe, RustStake has been performing consistently and evolving to deliver the best gambling experience to its customers.

So far, it is impossible to find any trace of fraud or scams associated with RustStake. The platform’s background has no occurrence of hacker attacks or any situations that exposed the users’ funds or data to risk. 

Additionally, it runs on an SSL-encrypted connection that shields the communication between the website and the server. 

Is RustStake a Reputable Site?

RustStake is one of the world’s most popular gambling sites dedicated to Rust skins. The platform is owned by JuicyCSGO, a popular YouTuber with more than 455 thousand subscribers on his channel.

Even though Juicy’s primary channel is mostly focused on CS:GO, he also has a Rust channel and other endeavors. Stats demonstrate the website has thousands of daily visits; an element that demonstrates how popular it became within a short timeframe.

Is RustStake Fair?

As one of the best Rust gambling sites available in 2022, RustStake is Provably Fair. Accordingly, gamblers can verify the randomness of the bets and guarantee that no one can interfere in the outcome of games and cases.

Built on a robust open-sourced mechanism with algorithmic technology, the Provably Fair system makes it impossible for anyone to modify the results, which are determined by a hashing mechanism before players have even placed their bets.

Neither RustStake nor players have a chance to alter the results, which makes this technology super-efficient and eliminates the need to rely on intermediaries to audit games and cases, as players can verify everything by themselves.

RustStake Casino Games

RustStake offers a great combination of game modes and cases inspired by the Rust theme, resulting in a unique player experience. Feel free to indulge in:

  • Battles
  • Cases
  • Upgrades
  • Jackpot 
  • Coinflip
  • RustyTime

The trend of the moment is “RustyTime,” a new game with mixed influences of Wheel of Fortune and Roulette. Still, most players concentrate their efforts on more traditional choices like Battles or Coinflip.

While most platforms either do not offer or have Rust Coinflip sections with almost no players, it’s hard to visit RustStake and find less than 50 players wagering on the Coinflip section.

Another interesting fact is that many high rollers also like the website’s Coinflip mode, which is not the standard in the current gambling scene. For gamblers who prefer Cases or Upgrades, RustStake offers a great variety of crates and skins from Rust.  

RustStake Promotions & Bonuses?

The first type of bonus available on RustStake is the possibility to redeem promo codes. After redeeming this “magic password,” players can claim free gems and wager to get the chance of dropping withdrawable prizes. 

There are also the “Daily Cases” and the “Level Rewards” features. The more you wager on games and cases, the more XP points you get to level up. The higher the level, the more rewarding the bonuses are.

Joining RustStake’s Discord channel allows players to participate in giveaways and airdrops that are not available anywhere else. Still, most Rust reward bonuses are reserved for the players ranked higher in the website’s leaderboard.

The “Rusty Legends” features three leaderboards – a Daily, a Weekly, and a Monthly Ranking. The top 30 players in the ranking receive skin rewards according to their positions.

For each $1 wagered on the site, players get one point. After accumulating enough points at the end of the day, week, or month, the most active players can climb up their way through the rankings.

As expected, the best prizes belong to the “Monthly” champions, including high-value Rust skins like the Glory AK-47, the Tempered Mask, and the Tempered MP5. 

Does RustStake Offer a Good User Experience?

At a glance, the website looks neat. At the top of the homepage, billboard-style banners are showing the hottest promotions available.

The menu located on the right side concentrates on all the sections associated with games and rewards. You will find another way to access the games and rewards by scrolling down a bit more. 

This section offers a more detailed view of all the profitable possibilities of the site, such as level-based prizes, affiliate codes, flash giveaways, airdrops, the Rusty Legends feature, etc.

Overall, there are no processing lags or bugs to ruin the navigation on the site. All options are easily displayed, which facilitates the whole gambling experience.

Coin Exchange Rate at RustStake?

RustStake has a digital currency called “Gem.” Still, the exchange rate follows a 1:1 standard, as one gem is equivalent to one US dollar. This is excellent for players, as odd exchange rates tend to lure players into wagering more than they actually have.

Depending on how complex is the coin exchange rate, many players get too confused and give up on trying to understand it properly. Fortunately, RustStake makes everything easier to keep gamblers having a lot of fun uninterruptedly.

RustStake Payment Methods

The primary payment method to fund bets on RustStake is through Rust skins. After signing up with a Steam account, you need to select which skins you want to deposit from your inventory and they will be exchanged for the equivalent amount of Gems.  

For players who prefer to pay with crypto, the catalog of payment methods also includes Bitcoin (BTC), Binance Coin (BNB), Dogecoin (DOGE), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Tether (USDT), Tron (TRX), and USD Coin (USDC).

Withdrawals are restricted to Rust skins. While it might sound too restrictive at first sight, the website’s public consists mostly of gamblers craving skins from Rust. 

Pros and Cons

Here’s a comparison table between the advantages and disadvantages of RustStake:

Great combo of Rust games and cases Withdrawals restricted to Rust skins 
100% Provably Fair Customer support could improve 
Excellent bonus catalog 
1:1 coin exchange rate 
Super exciting experience 

It’s safe to affirm that RustStake is a trustworthy gambling platform. Unfortunately, if you want to withdraw cash or skins from games other than Rust, RustStake does not offer this option. Also, the lack of live chat support is not good. 

Ultimately, RustStake proved to be one of the best sites to enjoy a nice gambling session with provable results and great rewards from Rust, as well as seize advantage of daily, weekly, and monthly bonuses. 

RustStake Customer Support

The platform’s support system is entirely handled through a Discord channel. Players who need help need to join RustStake’s Discord and connect with the #support channel. 

The next step is to click on “Create Ticket,” input the correct Steam ID (easily found on top of the popup) and click on “Submit.” In the new channel, players can open a ticket requesting help. 

In the platform’s own words, players must “wait patiently for staff to respond.” Although this system is not necessarily bad, the ideal support tool would be a live chat with instant answers.