Roobet Roulette Betting Guide

The game of Roulette is almost synonymous with the term “casino gambling.” If you like to wager on online Roulette, Roobet offers you the possibility to earn big prizes within a easy and fun system.

While there is no complexity involved in the game, Roobet makes the experience highly exciting by combining easy navigation and good winning odds. This guide will show you how to wager on Roobet’s Roulette to make the best out of every bet.

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Roobet roulette play direct

How to Play Roobet Roulette – The Basics

Roobet’s version of the classic Roulette does not feature the old red, green, and black. Instead, they run a simple game with a horizontal wheel that starts running faster and faster until it stops in a determined symbol.

The symbols featured in the wheel are metal coins. You have three colors to choose where you want to bet – bronze, silver, and gold. Once the wheel starts spinning, the game begins to run. If the wheel stops in your chosen coin, you win a multiplier of your bet. 

The steps to start wagering on Roobet’s roulette are not hard at all:

  1. Visit Roobet.com/roulette
  2. Make sure you are properly registered and logged in
  3. Enter the amount you want to bet
  4. Click on the coin you want to bet on
  5. Wait for the roulette to roll
  6. If the wheel stops on your chosen coin, you will receive a prize corresponding to your bet times the multiplier
  7. If the wheel does not stop on your chosen coin, you can withdraw or try again until you win 

For some Roulette enthusiasts, it may sound like a boring experience, as the platform does not offer live dealers or similar additional features. However, Roobet offers roulette 24/7 for any players available online, which means you can wager anytime you want from anywhere. 

The Odds and Infrastructure of Roobet Roulette

It is not hard to understand the mechanics behind Roobet’s roulette game. Bronze and silver coins pay 1:1 odds. Hence, you profit $1 for every bet. Golden coins the payout is 13:1, which means you profit $13 for every bet.  Read on to find out how to use Roobet’s odds in your favor. 

Calculating the Expected Value 

In gambling, the term “expected value” refers to the average amount you would win or lose per game after a large number of bets. For example, let’s say you’ve played roulette ten thousand times in a week and lost a total of $100 throughout these spins.

In this case, the expected value of this game is $0.01 lost on average. To find the exact expected value of Roobet, the answer is to multiply the winning probabilities for the amount you would win.

With this result in hand, you must subtract the probability of losing multiplied by the amount you would lose in this case. This way, it is possible to determine the expected value.

The Numbers Don’t  Lie

Roobet’s roulette has seven bronze coins, seven silver coins, and one single golden coin. If you bet 1 dollar on a bronze or silver coin, you have a 7/15 chance of profiting a dollar and an 8/15 chance of losing a dollar.

This way, the expected value is about – $0.067. If you want to bet on the golden coin, the math is quite similar. You have a 1/15 chance of profiting $13 and a 14/15 chance of losing $13, which results in an expected value of – $0.067. 

As it is plain to see, you can always expect to lose 7% of a bet, in the long run, each time you roll the coins on Roobet. 

Statistically, 46.6% of the spins are expected to land respectively on bronze or silver. Only 6.7% of all the spins will land on gold.

The Best Strategies for Roobet Roulette

While playing roulette on Roobet is not as risky in terms of losses as playing crash or other games, you still need solid strategies to profit.

It is Not as Simple as Always Bet on Bronze or Silver

Some players might look at the numbers and conclude that the best strategy is to wager on bronze or silver coins and wait until a winged win arrives. This approach is not profitable, and we explain why.

For example, let’s say you have a total bankroll of $100 and you want to wager $1 on silver for each bet. In the long run, this strategy will make you bankrupt, as it is based on randomness and offers no sustainability. A similar scenario would occur with bronze-only bets.

Don’t Go the Martingale Way

It is impossible to talk about roulette strategies without talking about the Martingale strategy. In this strategy, the rule is to multiply your bet every time you lose and reset it to your base amount when you win.

Many online roulette players use this strategy continuously, as they think it will eventually result in a big win if you haven’t won in a long time. However, this theory is not true, especially if you are betting on Roobet.

Roobet’s roulette system is not like the traditional roulette. The spins on Roobet are all independent, which means that the result of each spin has nothing to do with any of the results before it.

For example, let’s say you have a $100 bankroll and you going to bet 1 dollar on silver at a time. For every loss, you will double your bet and keep the wheel rolling over. After a win, you will reset the bet back to $1 again.

While this strategy may work until you reach the thousand-game mark, you will eventually go bankrupt after reaching multiplying your initial base amount to $500. The expected value remains similar if you choose to wage on gold or bronze.

The Paroli Solution

The Paroli strategy is a well-known roulette strategy used for years in physical and online casinos. This is an inversion of the Martingale strategy, as it allows you to surf on winning streaks.

It is not hard to understand – for every bet you place, you need to double the amount for every win. For every win, you must double the bet until the winning streak stops. But how to know when to stop? The Paroli strategy has the answer.

After three consecutive wins, you can either change your bet to another coin or withdraw your prize. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Roobet Roulette 

Playing roulette is not a walk in the park, but it is not rocket science either. As long as you play smartly and constantly enough, Roobet offers fair odds and good winning chances at minimal wagered amounts.

In the following topics, we answered the most frequent questions about Roobet’s roulette experience. For further information, reach out to us and we will be glad to answer your questions.

Is Roobet Roulette Legit?

Roobet is considered one of the world’s most transparent online casinos. All games played on the platform run on a Provably Fair system, which means all results are 100% random.

If you want to check the fairness of a bet, you just need to click on the “Fair” tab at the bottom of the website and you can input the code (hash) of your bet to check the results for the previous 100 games.

Can I Get a Welcome Bonus on Roobet Roulette?

You can start wagering on Roobet without depositing a single coin. The exclusive “Free Funds” promo allows you to earn Roobidos (Roobet’s virtual currency) without depositing funds to your account.

All you need to do to claim this offer is to use the special promo code to enable the promotion. 

Is the Martingale Strategy the Best Solution to Win on Roobet’s Roulette?

Not necessarily. While this classic strategy is useful and may result in a fair amount of wins, after a certain period it will not work as expected.

Doubling your bets after two or three losses followed by a win may work, but it will not work after a 10-12x losing streak. If you want to ensure sustainability and boost your winning possibilities, it is fundamental to know the right time to withdraw, and that’s by following your profit goals and loss limits.