Roobet Roowards Levels Explained: How Does It Work?

Generally, the primary elements considered when an online gambler is choosing the best place to wager his precious money are the games, the banking options, and the bonuses. Considered the world’s foremost crypto casino, Roobet took all these factors to another level.

The platform not only has a unique mascot named Roo but also gives this character the power to benefit players with exclusive rewards. Read on to find an in-depth explanation of Roobet’s Roowards Levels.

What Are Roobet’s Roowards? – Introduction 

If you are looking for a place to have extreme fun with gambling, Roobet is definitely the ultimate solution. Roobet’s well-rounded gambling experience offers thousands of games, including slots, live dealer games, and proprietary games.

Players can deposit or withdraw funds in the form of Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Litecoin (LTC). Offering the top features that a crypto casino can offer, Roobet also has a unique bonus system and VIP Club.

In essence, Roowards is the way found by Roobet to reward loyal users. The more you wager on games, the higher you climb on the program’s ladder to claim better rewards. The system is based on levels, which increase as players wager more on games.

Higher levels unlock exclusive “Roowards” that directly affect your ability to wager more, save more money, and win more. 

The Roowards rewards system automatically includes all the players registered to the platform. Players just need to register, deposit funds, and start wagering on Roobet slot games to earn points.

How Does Roobet’s Roowards Work? 

This incentive program’s goal is to keep users loyal and wagering long-term. Not only they can win occasional prizes, but also have extra balance to enhance their gambling experience and save money on deposits at the same time. 

Roowards allow users to seize advantage of a trio of special rewards, which are based on the user’s activity over different periods. Accordingly, users can be rewarded daily, weekly, or monthly, based on the time spent on the platform.  It all starts with the Roobet free promotional code, and goes on with the following promotions:

Rakeback (Daily)

Rakeback percentages are rewards that allow players to get a share of the house edge on their wagers back. The more you bet, the more the Rakeback percentage increases. 

To reach the first level of Roowards, users need to have wagered at least $1,000. After reaching this wagered amount, the system will automatically raise your level to permanently increase the Rakeback percentage.

Please note that the amount received by players always depends on the wagers from the previous day. 

Cashback (Weekly)

As its name suggests, Cashback rewards allow users to receive part of the amount wagered by them back. Roowards weekly rewards allow you to claim a cashback percentage depending on your level.

Players who achieve this level of Roowards will permanently receive periodic cashbacks on their balances. The amount received varies according to the amount deposited minus withdrawals over the last week. 

These weekly rewards are triggered once a user has wagered at least $1,500. Similar to other Roowards, it will level the player up permanently and increase one’s weekly cash bonus. Using this bonus strategically can boost one’s loss back percentage as well.

Bonus (Monthly) 

The last variant of Roowards is monthly bonuses. The Roowards system bonus is based on the user’s total losses (deposits minus withdrawals) within one month. The amount gained in form of a bonus also depends on the user’s deposit rate, wins, losses, and other factors to be considered by Roobet.

Once a player has wagered at least $2,500, the monthly bonus is triggered and remains permanent without a specific duration. This promotion is great to boost the user’s monthly cashback and loss back percentage based on the performance of the previous month.

Please note that the monthly bonus is not necessarily bigger than the weekly Roowards based on a presumed hierarchy. It is crucial to understand that the amount of monthly bonus may not always surpass the amount of weekly cashback, as different bonuses have different calculation formulas based on distinct periods.

Winning Strategies – How to Use One’s Roowards Strategically for Superior Performance

The different Roowards are credited to the user’s balance on a determined basis, which varies according to each benefit. It is crucial for users to study Roobet’s gambling system and find ways to optimize their bankroll while increasing their winning chances. 

Daily Rakeback allows users to get a percentage of the house edge back, weekly cashbacks allow users to get a percentage of the amount lost within a week back, and the monthly bonus compensates players for the total loss in the previous month with other factors combined. 

Clever gamblers will certainly find strategies to get these numbers together and create a constant influx of bonuses by associating the amount deposited per day, week, and month with the amount wagered on games.

As an automatic feature, Roobet’s Roowards allows any player who signs up to the platform to enjoy these benefits. The platform offers a clear layout where players can monitor their progress through a bar set on the top of the home screen. 

The more you wager intelligently, the more levels you can climb up to become a high-end gambler and claim exclusive Rooward benefits. 


Roobet’s Roowards allow players to get exclusive rewards based on the amount wagered in the platform. In the following topics, you will find answers to the most frequent questions about this unique rewards program:

What Are the Types of Roowards Available on Roobet? 

The website offers a trio of Roowards: the daily Rakeback, weekly Cashback, and monthly Bonus. Each benefit has a specific calculation to determine the amount received by users.

Can I Loss the Roowards Bonuses Once I Have Triggered Them on Roobet? 

Once you have triggered the Roowards bonuses, they will remain active without a specific expiration date. The purpose of the Roowards was to benefit Roobet’s most loyal customers, so it would not make sense to retrieve these benefits after they were granted.