Roobet Dice Betting Guide

When an online gambler thinks about crypto casinos, it is impossible not to remember Roobet. With a few years of existence in the gambling segment, the platform managed to climb up the ranks as one of the best spots for die-hard dice players.

Dice games are everything but boring, as they offer simplicity, excitement, joy, and anger – all within the same experience. Read on for an in-depth guide on Roobet’s dice game and all you need to know to stand above the rest of the players, read on this guide.

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Learning How to Play Dice on Roobet – The Fundamentals 

There is no rocket science involved in online dice games, especially if you are gambling on Roobet. The website offers easy navigation and allows even the “newbiest” of the newbies to play and win like anyone else.

Playing dice on Roobet is almost intuitive, as you can see in the following steps:

  1. Visit “Roobet.com/dice using our special” link
  2. Make sure you are properly registered and logged into the website
  3. You will find a dashboard with two options – “Manual” and “Auto”
  4. Select the option that suits your needs and strategies best
  5. Enter the amount you want to bet 
  6. Once you have fine-tuned the settings as you wish, click on “Roll Dice” to run the game

What Makes Roobet Dice a Unique Experience? 

On Roobet, the game of dice is not played with standard six-faced cube dice. Instead, the website offers a unique dice game based on a horizontal line that represents the bets.

The “dice” moves to the right and to the left sides of the line, alternating movements as each result comes out. The place where the dice stop determines whether you win or lose. 

For example, if you set your bet to roll under the 50% mark and the dice cross this line to the right side, you win the bet. While it may sound confusing at first sight, it is pretty easy to understand.

The platform allows players to play demo games to understand the mechanics behind the numbers, so they can practice before start wagering real cash. All you need to do is to create an account and go through the registering process.

Roobet Dice Betting: Winning Tips

 While battling out fierce competitors in the online gambling segment, Roobet managed to create a unique dice experience that combines a straightforward approach, fast rollouts, and multiple bets within seconds. 

Whether you want to wage for big wins or simply enjoy some gambling in your breaks, playing Roobet’s version of dice will bring your mood up. You can play using two different modes – “Manual” and “Auto.”

In both modes, you will easily find the “Multiplier” tab and the “Win Chance” tab showing how much your bet is multiplied and the realistic chances to win on every bet. 

Manual Mode On 

If you are playing “Manual,” you simply have to enter the amount you want to wager and define whether you want to “Roll Over” or “Roll Under” the 50% mark on the line. 

You can multiply your bet times 1/2 or double your bet by selecting one of the options besides the wagered amount. There is also an option to max out your bet to put everything on the line.

Auto Mode On 

If you are playing “Auto,” the settings are pretty much similar. However, you can use additional controls in your favor before the game starts rolling. First, you must pay attention to the “Number of Bets” tab, which will define how long the dice will be rolling automatically.

You can use the automated “On Win” and “On Lose” control tabs to determine the percentage by which you want to reset or increase your bets in these two distinct situations.

Another great feature is the “Stop Loss” and the “Stop Profit” control tabs, allowing you to define where you want to stop – whether you are winning or losing. This tool is actually valuable, as you can avoid playing with your emotions throughout beguiling winning or losing streaks.

Gambling Wisely – Are There Simple Strategies to Help Me Win on Roobet Dice? 

Playing dice on Roobet is truly unique, as you can play more aggressively at times and switch for a “cool down” when the tide is high again. While there is no fixed strategy to win on Dice, some well-applied tips may significantly increase your winning percentage. 

Which Mode Is Best? 

If you want to play fast and seamlessly, the “Auto” mode will certainly fulfill your needs. However, if you want to take time to understand the odds, climb up with the game, and always stay in control of the bets, “Manual” must be your mode of choice.

Please note that Roobet permits you to change from “Auto” to “Manual” at any time, so you will not be stuck in one mode for the rest of your life.

It is possible to seize profitable opportunities by occasionally switching between modes to change the variables. Another useful tool available on “Auto” settings is the possibility to curb drastic losses and safeguard profits. 

In terms of excitement, the “Manual” gaming experience offers more emotion, as you are literally controlling the bets from round to round.

Should I Go Martingale?

The Martingale strategy is one of the classic handbook strategies for gamblers of all levels. The strategy consists of doubling your bets when you lose and returning to your original bet amount after a win.

Theoretically, the big win would recover all previous losses and add a generous profit amount to the original stake. Is it valid to go Martingale? Yes, if you know what you are doing. 

This strategy requires a cold temper and patience, especially if you are gambling Martingale-style on a losing streak. Unless you are patient and precise enough to do it, go conservative and be happy.

Winning on Paroli 

While Martingale is all about recovering from losses, the Paroli strategy is based on seizing winning streaks. Sometimes, many online gamblers fail to surf a big wave because they simply withdraw when things start to get hotter.

This strategy can be explained in a few simple steps:

  • You define an initial bet amount
  • If you win on one bet, you can double your wager on the next one
  • Once you managed to get three consecutive wins, you can withdraw or reset the bet amount to your base amount 

In the event of a loss after one or two wins, you must also reset the bet amount and keep playing safely. An advantage of this strategy is that you do not expose yourself to unnecessary risks while taking advantage of lucky bets.

Frequently Asked Questions about Roobet Dice 

Roobet’s dice experience is all you need to enjoy a solid crypto gambling experience – it is fresh, unique, and exciting. If you are still uncertain about any aspect of Roobet Dice, reach out to us and we will be glad to provide you with further information.

In the following topics, we answered the most frequent questions about Roobet Dice. 

Can I Play Roobet Dice for Free?

No, there is no possibility to play Roobet Dice for free to win real prizes. However, if you do not want to wager to play, you have two options – you can play the game’s demo version to understand the mechanisms behind it, or you can redeem our special promo code to claim a generous welcome bonus.

Is Roobet Dice Provably Fair?

Yes, Roobet prides itself on being one of the world’s most transparent online casinos. No results are rigged or influenced by someone in any way. You can click on the “Fair” tab and follow the instructions to check the code of the latest 100 bets made on the platform.

What is the Best Bet for Roobet Dice?

This answer is really not for us to give. While Roobet is a safe platform, the algorithm that defines the results is completely random. Hence, you are exposed to wins and losses in a similar proportion.

Ultimately, it is crucial to stay realistic and bet as precisely as possible. In this guide, we provided you with some feasible strategies that may help you to boost your winning percentage.