Roobet Crash Betting Guide

One of the most exciting experiences in the world of online gambling is to wager on crash games. This game combines the best and worst of gambling, because while you can leave the room with your pockets full, a drastic change in the multiplier may result in a big crash and leave you with nothing.

Gambling results indeed depend on luck, but there are several techniques and strategies to increase your performance significantly. We’ll show you them all in the following guide.

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How to Play Roobet Crash – The Basic Steps 

Considered one of the world’s fastest-growing online casinos, Roobet is listed among the favorite spots for die-hard crash players. The website is easy to navigate and allows you to rely on several payment methods to place your bets.

To simplify the process, the following steps explain how you can wager on Roobet Crash:

  1. Visit Roobet.com/crash
  2. Make sure you are properly registered and logged in
  3. Select one of the two-game options available – “Auto” or “Manual”
  4. If you select “Manual,” you need to enter the amount you want to wager and the multiplier at which you want to get out (auto cashout amount)
  5. If you select “Auto,” you can fine-tune additional settings, such as “Total Bets,” Stop on Profit,” and “Stop on Loss.”
  6. Confirm your options and click on “Place Bet” to start

After placing a bet, you just need to wait for the game to run, in which the multiplier grows exponentially until it crashes down. You are allowed to cash out at any point and multiply your bet by the amount shown on the screen.

When a gambler waits too long to cash out, the multiplier may crash, and the multiplier reaches zero. Depending on the situation, the multiplier can immediately crash a second after it starts rising and all players lose their bets.  

In other cases, the multiplier may increase to the thousands or hundreds of thousands, which results in massive prizes for the luckiest and smartest players. 

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All about Roobet Crash – A Smart Revision

When you play crash, the multiplier will crash on a determined point randomly selected by an algorithm. No one knows when and where the multiplier will crash, which makes it hard to predict the odds in different situations.

After a full assessment and in-depth research, our team found solid information and statistics that may help players to understand the odds of Roobet Crash.

Beware of Instalosses 

Before going to the numbers, it is fundamental for players to understand the facts behind the statistics. Most losses occur when the multiplier is between 1.00 and 1.04, which is often referred to as an instant loss or “instaloss.”

Players who shoot too high too soon are more exposed to “instalosses,” which will eventually liquidate one’s balance after multiple wagers. It is true that “luck favors the bold,” but you must be smart.

Most of the time, the best way to play safe is to keep expectations low and wait to make the accurate move.

Wagering Realistically 

Similar to other gambling games, a computer algorithm is responsible for deciding when the multiplier crashes. If the algorithm is seemingly giving out a generous amount of money when most players are on a winning streak, it is possible to expect a sudden “instaloss.”

Why? Because the algorithm must be fair – it has to give out some money to the players, but it also has to take money from wagers to balance the mechanism. The term used to describe situations in which the algorithm incites you to wage higher is “bait.”

You Can Still be a Champion 

While the cold numbers may not show a pleasant viewpoint, it is possible to foster the hope to reach a big multiplier before a crash. Currently, a statistic made out of 1000 consecutive plays found that the chances to hit a win multiplied by 2 or higher are less than 10%. 

Every once in a while, you can let the multiplier run higher and higher to seize the opportunity to win big. However, the move requires accuracy and luck, as you must play smart to profit on Roobet. 

The Best Strategies for Roobet Crash

Now you have a realistic picture of your odds on Roobet Crash. In the following topics, you will find some of the strategies used by seasoned players to obtain huge winnings.

Hurry Not, Move Wisely 

One of the key aspects of crash games is that the odds are always against the player. Hence, the first step is to control your emotions. Many players lose because they play with their hearts, not their minds.

The game’s algorithm is set up to create a huge feeling of excitement. While it is essential to make your wagering fun, no seasoned player will let their emotions take control and expose their bets to unnecessary losses.

It is not hard to lose control in crash games, especially when the algorithm plays the “bait” and boosts players’ eagerness to bet more and more. 

Control the Size of Your Bets, Profit Goals, and Stop Loss 

When you are playing crash, every round is a fierce battle. Take time to define the amount you are willing to bet on every round, planning the total amount you want to divide into smaller bets.

Make sure to set up your profit goals and use the “stop loss” mechanism in your favor. With the right setup, you can surf “lucky” waves and curb loss streaks as needed.

Conservative Mode On

As it is plain to see, the majority of crashes will happen between the 1x and 1.04x mark. Roobet allows you to set up a fixed multiplier within these marks. Hence, you can play with a greater winning percentage.

If you want to keep playing in the long run, the best strategy is to stay within the safety lines and wager constantly. With a solid gambling plan in place, you can keep playing until you identify the best moment to put everything on the line for a huge win.

Act Like a Straight Shooter 

Most players do not play constantly, as they play too emotionally, wager too high, and act too soon. The winner’s password is constancy – place small bets every day and rely on the right setups.

Also, you must pay attention to the game. Many players simply place a bet and leave the multiplier run free while watching passively. Keep your eyes on what the other players are wagering and the winnings/losses occurring at all times.

Be careful of “winning streaks” followed by dreadful crashes and constant baits to lure unprepared players into oblivion. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Roobet Crash

This section will answer some of the most frequent questions about Roobet Crash. If you need further information or assistance, make sure to reach out to us and we will be glad to educate you.

Is Roobet Crash legit?

Roobet prides itself on being one of the world’s most reliable online gambling platforms. All results are transparent and verifiable through a Provably Fair system. 

When a game is Provably Fair, you do not need to trust the platform, as each result can be verified to ensure the platform’s reliability. No result can be “chosen” or “pre-determined,” which guarantees the legitimacy of each result.

Additionally, the company has been operating since 2018 and has a solid reputation in the online gambling community.

Can I Get a Welcome Bonus for Playing Roobet Crash?

Roobet is one of the most generous gambling websites when it comes to bonuses and promotions. You can use our special Roobet promo code to claim an exclusive welcome bonus.

You can use these free bets strategically and shoot for the stars to reach x10, x20, x100, or even greater multipliers.

What is the Biggest Possible Multiplier on Roobet? 

Theoretically, the highest crash on Roobet could reach over 65000.  While nobody has ever waited to reach this colossal multiplier, the maximum winning amount on Roobet is $15,000. Looking at the numbers, it is not hard to imagine why players risk so much within a few seconds!