R1 Skins Review

R1 Skins is a new CS:GO gambling site dedicated to case opening and upgrades. A fact that is unknown to most users is that this is the sister site of Farmskins, a world-class reference in the segment.

Read on for a full review of R1 Skins:

R1 Skins is a new CS:GO gambling site dedicated to case opening and upgrades. A fact that is unknown to most users is that this is the sister site of Farmskins, a world-class reference in the segment.

Read on for a full review of R1 Skins:

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Is R1 Skins Legit?

R1 Skins is owned by WiseAvant OÜ, the same Estonia-registered company that runs Farmskins. A well-established case opening site, Farmskins is an absolute fan favorite.

The platform’s background shows no evidence of scams or fraud, as well as hacker attacks or any other stains that would make it a non-trusted site. Just like Farmskins, it also has no Provably Fair system, which is not an advantage. 

Is R1 Skins a Reputable Site?

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While following the path built by Farmskins, R1 Skins has not yet proven to be a world-class case-opening site. There’s no information available on the number of visits made to the site per week or month, and it is not easy to find independent reviews posted on sites like Trustpilot.

Still, there are complaints either, which makes an in-depth assessment a lot harder. This uncertainty makes R1 Skins a neutral website in terms of reputation, especially as it has a lot to work to solidify its image in the segment.

Is R1 Skins Fair?

R1 Skins is not Provably Fair. The website has no specific section dedicated to this topic, there’s no hash number displayed on cases or upgrades, and no external partner site is taking care of this aspect.

It’s worth noting that the lack of Provably Fair does not necessarily mean that R1 Skins is rigged. The issue dwells in the fact that players can rely only on trust, which is far from ideal considering how the skin gambling industry has evolved in recent years in terms of transparency. 

R1 Skins Case Games

R1 Skins is not a standard gambling site with game modes like Crash, Coinflip, Towers, or any other similar options. Instead, the platform is solely focused on Cases and Upgrades.

All the categories of cases are displayed right at a glance on the platform’s homepage. Different sections feature distinct options based on themes, which are:

  • Classic Cases
  • R1 Rage Cases
  • R1 Elite Cases
  • R1 Shot Cases
  • R1 Paint

The cheapest cases are the Classic Mild-Spec variations, which can be bought for a mere $0.29. Prices escalate according to the potential prize drops. A Classic Restricted case costs $1.49, a Classified case costs $3.49, and a Covert case costs $5.99.

As expected, knives and gloves continue to be the rarest (and most expensive) drops. A Classic Knives case costs $129.99, while a Gloves case costs $99.99. 

All the categories with the “R1” prefix in the name offer highly customized cases with themed drops. The price range varies a lot. For example, an R1 Paint Spray case costs $0.25, while an R1 Shot Fresh Meat case (mostly knife drops) costs $149.00. 

Players tired of old skins or who did not simply like the ones dropped on the platform itself can rely on Upgrades to improve their inventories.

R1 Skins Promotions

As a new competitor growing amid an industry driven by players craving amazing rewards, R1 Skins offers a solid catalog of bonuses to stay competitive and keep customers loyal to its proposal.

The most basic bonuses derive from promo codes, which are the easiest way to get free credits and open cases. The “Daily Bonus” feature allows players to claim skin, cases, credits, or keys for free, all depending on the luck of each participant.

The more you deposit on R1 Skins, the higher your daily bonus level increases. Once the bonus reaches a specific threshold, the bonus is enabled for seven days and then reset on the 8th day.

Players can also indulge in Giveaways and Cashback Cases. Giveaways are raffle-styled promotions by which players can drop a variety of skins, usually top-notch pieces like the Asiimov M4A4.

With Cashback Cases, players get a percentage of the total amount paid for each case opened in the form of keys. The percentage of cashback varies between 1% and 10%, so the more expensive the case opened, the higher the cashback amount.

Does R1 Skins Offer a Good User Experience?

It could not be easier to navigate R1 Skins’ website. The platform’s layout is simple and has no lags. All the categories are well organized by themes and seamlessly displayed throughout the homepage. 

All you need to do is to scroll down and find the best choice for your taste (and budget). Even though the site is run by the same group that controls Farmskins, the layout is completely different.

At the top of the page, there’s an ever-updating live feed where players can check the latest drops made on the site with the name of the lucky receiver randomly selected to claim it.

Coin Exchange Rate at R1 Skins?

R1 Skins follow a pattern similar to the Steam Market on skin prices. Each digital credit is equivalent to one US dollar, a much-welcomed choice from them that facilitates the entire gambling process for players.

Payment Methods?

Similar to its famous sister site, R1 Skins support several payment methods for deposits. Offering a broad catalog of options is good for both players and the platform itself, as it enables them to reach a wider audience and attract more gamblers. 

For players who prefer to deposit funds with traditional payment methods, it is possible to rely on credit cards from Visa/Mastercard and UnionPay and Ali Pay.

Additionally, there are over 100 different payment processors available via G2A Wallet. For those fonder of virtual assets, the crypto options include Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH), and Litecoin (LTC).

Withdrawals are restricted to skins, so players can properly set up the Trade URL and withdraw all the skins won via Steam.

Pros and Cons

Here’s a comparison table between the advantages and disadvantages of R1 Skins: 

Great variety of cases No Provably Fair system 
Good option of deposit methods Customer support could improve significantly
1:1 coin exchange rate 
Solid bonus features 
Fluid navigation 

It’s impossible to highlight any other flaw existing on R1 Skins besides the lack of a Provably Fair system and the limitations associated with the customer support service. Despite these two issues, the website is great and delivers an entertaining experience for case-opening lovers. 

The platform’s navigation is easy to go through, case options are abundant, and prize offers are actually rewarding in terms of cost-benefit. 

Customer Support

Besides the introduction of a Provably Fair system, it urgently needs a live chat support tool. All the options available on the website are concentrated on the “Support” tab, which is slightly hidden among the tabs located at the bottom of the platform. 

After clicking on it, you will immediately be redirected to the corresponding section featuring the following message: “Need help? We’ve got your back.” Bellow this description, players can click on “New Ticket” to request help.

Right after this option, there is a FAQ with three questions, which is far from sufficient. The website also indicates the email address [email protected] for technical support, even though it’s not very different from ticket support. 

Code: "RADAR100"