LootBear Review


LootBear has been giving away enticing CSGO skin rewards since 2018. Although the website is still relatively new compared to the vast majority of similar platforms, the operator thrives to provide an unparalleled experience. Starting from the welcome package, members are eligible for a weekly free trial and a 10% discount offer to match. Apart from the freebies, you can expect a fruitful journey on both the mobile site and desktop. The LootBear banking section is tailored to suit different needs, so you’ll likely find the site to your satisfaction.

Welcome Offers & Promotions

For a tenderfoot brand in the cutthroat CSGO skins gaming industry, LootBear has done surprisingly well when it comes to keeping abreast of the latest trends. The platform regularly offers free promo codes to help kickstart new players’ gaming adventures.

You will receive an impressive welcome offer when registering for Lootbear and grab a 7-day free trial as well as a 10% discount, eligible upon your first plan. To access this welcome offer and more, you can either generate a Steam link or make use of the following promo codes:

  • CR100
  • ES100
  • Top100list

Lootbear Review: Rent CS:GO Skins with Confidence

Mobile gaming accounts for approximately 50% of revenue generated by the online gaming industry. With the gradual improvement in mobile technology and internet connectivity, this percentage is bound to increase in the coming years. Any CSGO skins website worth its weight in gold will offer a state-of-the-art mobile platform. Despite being fairly new, LootBear is already thriving in the mobile gaming sector, hence its popularity with on-the-go gamers. The website travels well across iOS and Android devices. While we couldn’t find a mobile application on the Apple and Google stores, you can access the website using a browser of choice, including Safari and Chrome. The mobile site is simple in nature and well organized, making it easy to navigate. When it boils down to product variation, the portable hub is fully stacked with almost every skin available on the desktop version.

Payment Methods

A fast and convenient banking system is the cornerstone of any reputable real money gaming enterprise. At LootBear, gamers can bask in the peace of mind they deserve knowing their finances are in order. As a CSGO trader, you make money when people rent your skins. So, to get started, you can make a deposit of as little as $5 up to $200 using a credit card or your PayPal account. Crypto gamers can choose from Bitcoin, LiteCoin, and Ethereum. The process incurs a 3% processing fee. For cryptocurrency deposits, the fee amounts to $10. The minimum withdrawal limit is set at $20 via PayPal.

If you wish to rent CSGO skins from suppliers, there are 3 packages to choose from, namely Prime, Prime Pro, and Prime Gold. Let’s unpack these packages:

  • LootBear Prime: 2 simultaneous rents for $150 max item value + 8-day free subscription.
  • LootBear Prime Pro: 4 simultaneous rents for $400 max item value + 8-day free subscription.
  • LootBear Prime Gold: 5 simultaneous rents for $1200 max item value + 8-day free subscription.

Sister Sites

Being a new kid on the block, LootBear is the subject of much scrutiny. To get an insight on how the website fares, we took a look at the matured sister sites. From the makers of LootBear is its bosom buddy, ZenGaming. The brand holds an impeccable reputation as the host of one of the world’s largest and fastest-growing markets for virtual sports products. Its popularity in the market is unquestionable as you’ll find tons of reviews about the brand. Typical of popular brands, ZenGaming is not without its flaws. Most of which border around its new design. So, what does this say about the newly fangled LootBear? Not only does it share the untainted reputation of its sister site, but the architecture is user-friendly. You also won’t have any challenges manoeuvring the simple website.

Customer Support

LootBear boasts a devoted customer support team that goes the extra mile to ensure your stay is comfortable. Unique to the best CSGO skins trading websites, there is a fully-fledged micro-site that serves as a customer support center. So, if you’ve come across a few bumps along the road, visit the Help Centre at help.lootbear.com. The Help Centre is divided into 4 categories, allowing for easy navigation. You’ll find a total of 21 Rental FAQs and 14 Supply FAQs. There are also a few articles about Terms and Privacy. Another way to get help is through their social media handles – Facebook and Twitter. For the orthodox gambler that prefers conventional methods, write an email to [email protected].

LootBear Pro’s 

While running through our LootBear review, we took some time to narrow down a few features that particularly deserve our thumbs up.

  • Highly secure platform with state-of-the-art security protocols.
  • A pioneering site where punters can buy and sell skins simultaneously.
  • A transparent refund policy for skins suppliers.
  • Gamers can earn money from renting out their skins.
  • Play with expensive skins free of charge (7 day trial period).

LootBear Con’s

Despite rallying up many devoted users, LootBear has its fair share of flaws. However, as you’ll find, these are minor and can easily be overlooked. For the sake of transparency, let’s unpack the downside of the platform.

  • Withdrawals can only be done using PayPal.
  • Lack of peer-to-peer trading integration.

Final Thoughts 

LootBear is the go-to CSGO website for the avid sports gamer looking to access skins faster than a hiccup. The mighty bear roars a peerless trading site that allows you to rent out your skins. This is in addition to the basic buying and selling of skins. Moreover, the platform has a transparent refund policy, and you can track your funds at your convenience. Another feature deserving of a thumbs up is the alluring welcome and promotions package. The only letdown on the site was the limited withdrawal options and lack of peer-to-peer trading integration. Hopefully, necessary amendments are underway. All in all, it appears as if LootBear is geared up for success.