Knifex Review

Are you searching for a new CS:GO gambling hub to enjoy thrilling games and cases while depositing skins? You don't need to wander around the internet any longer, as Knifex is the perfect combination of the classiest elements of CS:GO gambling with a fresh layout.

Read on for a full review of Knifex:

Are you searching for a new CS:GO gambling hub to enjoy thrilling games and cases while depositing skins? You don't need to wander around the internet any longer, as Knifex is the perfect combination of the classiest elements of CS:GO gambling with a fresh layout.

Read on for a full review of Knifex:


Can You Trust Knifex?

Established in 2021, Knifex is one of the newest CS:GO gambling sites in the segment. This is a harsh competitive scenario for the site, as some of the oldest sites date from 2015 and beyond.

A solid background check reveals that it’s safe to affirm that Knifex is trustworthy. In addition to Provably Fair results, the platform’s history is 100% clean of stains like scams or fraud. 

There were no hacker attacks either, which is another indicator of safety. Knifex shields the users’ funds and data with advanced security tools to protect, which adds a robust “brick” layer between malicious actors and customers.

Knifex Review: CS:GO Skin Trading Platform

Here’s a comparison table between the advantages and disadvantages of Knifex:

100% Provably Fair Withdrawals may occasionally delay 
Excellent options of game modes and cases
Large list of bonus options 
Efficient support via Telegram 
Various options to drop free skins 

Despite being a new gambling site entering an overwhelmingly competitive stage, Knifex has built a solid gambling site with an excellent combination of classic skin game modes like Crash, Dice, Coinflip, and Wheel with Cases and Upgrades. 

Overall, it’s an amazing option for die-hard CS:GO gamblers who want something to try something new but with the same quality found in the most traditional platforms of the segment. 

Is Knifex a Reputable Site?

Considering the platform has been active for no more than one year, it has managed to build quite a solid reputation. As it seems, Knifex was originally focused on Russian fans, later expanding its roster to a global audience with the introduction of the English language.

Everyone likes a good novelty to shake things up from time to time, and that’s a major fact that contributed to boosting Knifex’s reputation within a short period. Currently, it became a solid alternative for CS:GO skin gamblers who don’t want to spend time wagering on the same platforms over and over again.

Is Knifex Fair?

Knifex allows players to verify the results of all games using the “Fair Game” section. Each game has a respective option on which players can click on and input the hash (number ID) associated with a specific game round to verify its randomness.

Currently, the world’s best gambling sites have adopted Provably Fair mechanisms to ensure full transparency between them and the public. In the past, players could only rely on trust, as they couldn’t verify the fairness of bets.

Thankfully, the online gambling industry has evolved a lot and adopted this encryption-based technology that guarantees a pristine sight of the whole process.

Casino & CSGO Gambling Games?

Players who like generous gambling catalogs with variety and quality combined will certainly fall in love with the Knifex roster.  Whether you like game modes or cases, you will not have trouble indulging in: 

  • Crash
  • Clash
  • Tower
  • Mines
  • Double
  • Wheel
  • Open Cases
  • Group Cases
  • Coinflip
  • Classic
  • Dice
  • Upgrader

At the vertical menu, these options are organized in duos by category. Games like Clash, Double, and Wheel have a pretty similar approach with strong reminisces of Roulette, especially the gambling mechanics.

The Knifex version of Crash is amazing. Instead of a multiplier line in a standard graph, the game combines a multiplier in the form of a timer with a mysterious character that juggles a trio of CS:GO knives.

When the timer crashes, the juggler drops the knives down, and players who did not cash out timely lose their bets. If you are fonder of Cases or Upgrades, feel free to open crates, drop items, and later try your luck to upgrade those you don’t want for better ones. 

Promotions & Bonuses

Knifex regularly offers promo codes with sign-up bonuses for players. Still, the most consistent rewards dwell in the “Free Skins” feature. This level-based system is not complex to understand, as it rewards the most active gamblers on the website.

The more you wager on games, the more rewards you can get. Keep in mind that the number of prizes depends on the player’s level of activity. The free CSGO skins are distributed raffle style, based on a pre-determined timer that resets to zero every time players earn free skins.

There are also easy bonuses for those who follow Knifex on social media. Another lucky way to drop free bonuses is the exclusive GiftRoll. 

After meeting the requirements to participate, you can spin the wheel and drop nice prizes like varied top-up percentage bonuses (e.g., 80%, 100%,150%, etc.), free skins, surprise gifts, and other fantastic prizes.

Does Knifex Offer a Good User Experience?

Knifex design could not be simpler. The layout is super intuitive, concentrating all the main tabs on the top menu. On the homepage, players can scroll down to find their favorite games or check the best promotions announced at the moment.

There’s also a live feed that displays all the winners with a description of the game, the amount wagered, the multiplier won, and the prize. On the right side of the screen, you can find another vertical menu with all the game options divided into categories.

It’s also possible to switch the layout between “Night/Day” mode depending on one’s preference. At the bottom of the menu, two links connect players to Knifex’s Telegram and VK pages, which are the main social channels for further interaction.

Coin Exchange Rate at Knifex

If you don’t like odd coin exchange rates, Knifex offers a fine solution. All cash, crypto, and skins deposited on the site are exchanged for credits following a 1:1 standard with the US dollar. These credits can easily be redeemed for skins through the website’s P2P market or any other payment option available.

Payment Methods

Even though Knifex does not offer tens of different payment methods, it is possible to choose the best option according to your preference. Players can opt for depositing real cash, crypto, or CS:GO skins through means like:

The option to deposit Litecoin (LTC) was recently introduced, which demonstrates the platform is going through constant updates and improvements. It’s worth noting that there are also specific benefits to those who choose each method. 

For instance, all CS:GO skin deposits have a 10% skinsback. Similarly, withdrawals are available in the same form. All transactions are fast, secure, and seamless, ensuring a solid gambling experience throughout the whole process.

Customer Support

Knifex does not offer a live chat feature dedicated exclusively to customer support. Still, the platform compensates with responsive support through other channels.

The first option is the platform’s Telegram channel, which offers instant communication with its team. All users need to do is click on the Telegram icon located at the right corner of the website and visit the link to join the channel. 

It is also possible to request support through any of Knifex’s social media channels.

There’s a FAQ section available as well. Even though it does not provide an extensive list of questions, it encompasses the most frequent questions about the website with the basics to start wagering on games, withdraw prizes, etc.