Knifex Promo Code

The Knifex promo code in 2023 is "CSGO30" and can be used across the entire site, from CSGO crash to newly developed upgrader style game. This code is valid for all countries available on Knifex.

The Knifex promo code in 2023 is "CSGO30" and can be used across the entire site, from CSGO crash to newly developed upgrader style game. This code is valid for all countries available on Knifex.


With a straightforward approach and intuitive navigation, Knifex offers a pro-level CSGO gambling site for all levels of players. No matter how seasoned or inexperienced you are as a skin gambler, you will certainly find a way to have fun with the platform’s catalog. 

In addition to its extensive list of gambling options, you can make your experience even better with these exclusive promo codes. Here’s the list you need: 

  • CSGO30

Ranging from free cases to other excellent benefits, this selection of promo codes gives you the right to unlock all these generous bonuses without paying an extra dime.

In the following sections, you will find out how to activate our list of promo codes and everything else you need to make your gambling sessions at Knifex unforgettable.

How to Redeem the Knifex Bonus Code

Knifex Bonus Promo Code

It is hard to find CS:GO gambling sites with designs as seamlessly crafted as Knifex. With a background in blue and black, the website displays all the features available within a user’s mouse scroll. 

Once you have picked one of the promo codes from our list above, you need to follow these steps to activate it:

  1. Visit knifex.com
  2. Click on “Log in via Steam”
  3. User your Steam account to register
  4. Then, click on “Gifts” at the left of the top menu
  5. Find the “Referral bonuses” tab
  6. Click on “Use ref code”
  7. Enter the “CSGO30” and confirm it
  8. Enjoy your free promo code bonus!

With this first code activated, you can claim 5 Case Keys for free. Imagine opening five cases one straight after the other, and dropping skins in all of them. Now, these sweet dreams can be true if you give the Knifex promo code a chance. 

How Can I Enjoy My Promo Code Bonuses on Knifex?

While Knifex is a respected platform in the CS:GO gambling community, the site is not as famous as other giants like CSGOEmpire, CSGO500, Rollbit, CSGORoll, and other juggernauts.

Still, Knifex boasts one of the industry’s most complete gaming catalogs. The list of gambling options available on the site includes:

  • Crash
  • Tower
  • Mines
  • Wheel
  • Coinflip
  • Dice
  • Open Cases

Exclusive games available only on the platform are Double, Group Cases, Classic, and Upgrader. This guide will focus on the proprietary games, as the other games follow a standard similar to other popular CS:GO sites.


At first glance, the Double game reminisces of CSGO Roulette. The game works based on a horizontal wheel with 15 spots – seven green spots, seven blue spots, and one yellow spot. 

Players must place a bet on one spot and wait until the wheel spins. After the wheel stops, the spot where the arrow is pointed is the winner’s spot.

If the winner’s spot is green or blue, the lucky player will receive double the wagered amount. If the winner’s spot is the yellow one, the lucky player will receive 14x the wagered amount.

Group Cases

This feature is similar to Case Battles. Players can create a new battle or join an existing one. To create a battle, you need to set up the number of players (2, 3, or 4  participants), the format (1 vs. all, divide, or CT vs. T), and the cost of the game in skins or cases.

Once the battle begins, players must face each other according to the format of the brawl and open cases to find out who the luckiest player is. Depending on the value of the skins dropped, a player can lose the wagered amount or walk out as the winner. 


This proprietary game is one of the highlights of Knifex. Similar to the mechanics of Jackpot, players must wager on a cumulative pool until it reaches the maximum number of players. 

Players receive tickets based on the amount wagered, which means high rollers can significantly boost their winning chances. The game displays all participants with their respective odds in the game.

After the pool is closed, the game randomly selects a ticket. The owner of the ticket is declared the winner and can get the entire amount home. 


The “Upgrader” feature allows gamblers to upload skins from their inventories and get them uploaded for higher-tier items. The more equivalent the value of the uploaded skins is to the desired item, the higher your winning chances are. In addition to skins, players can upload CS:GO stickers as well.

Is the Knifex a Legit Website?

In their own words, Knifex defines itself as a “complex online games site where you can open cases, as well as play popular modes.” 

Undoubtedly, the platform never failed to attain this goal, as players can have fun with CSGO gambling games like Crash, Coinflip, and Dice while also having the option to open cases, upgrade skins, and engage in exciting case battles.

All game modes and cases are Provably Fair, which means users can double-check the randomness of all results based on a unique hash system. Before each game users have a hash that is associated with a bet, which cannot be changed or modified. 

After clicking on the “Fair Game” tab in the top menu, the website allows users to use these hashes associated with different games to transparently check the fairness of results.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to indulge in exciting CS:GO game modes and open cases using skins as your main form of deposits, Knifex will certainly keep you entertained. To close this guide, we’ve answered the most frequent questions about Knifex and its promo codes.

Are the Knifex Promo Codes Valid?

Yes, all promo codes selected and listed in this guide are 100% valid and redeemable. Before recommending any promotions or referrals, our team carefully tests them to verify their validity.

Can I Get Free Skins with the Knifex Promo Code?

Once you redeem the Knifex promo code, you can get 5 cases for free. Opening these cases can get you valuable CS:GO skins for free.