Insane.GG Review

Insane.GG has been around for some time, but it cannot be considered a pioneer of the CSGO skin gambling segment. Still, the platform has built a considerable reputation throughout the years.

Read on for a full review of Insane.GG:

Insane.GG has been around for some time, but it cannot be considered a pioneer of the CSGO skin gambling segment. Still, the platform has built a considerable reputation throughout the years.

Read on for a full review of Insane.GG:

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Can You Trust Insane.GG?

Since its inception, Insane.GG has suffered no hacker attacks or data leaks. An in-depth background check also reveals no occurrences of fraud, scams, or any related issues, which means players can rest assured about their data and funds.

All the supported payment methods were also checked and tested, offering no risk to players as well. The connection between the website and the server is shielded by SSL encryption. Ultimately, it’s safe to affirm that Insane.GG is truly legit. 

Insane.gg Review: Dive into the Madness

insane gg pros and cons?

Here’s a comparison table between the advantages and disadvantages of Insane.GG:

Entertaining game modes & casesNot available in some major countries 
Provably Fair outcomes
Decent promotions 
Solid customer support service 
Skin & real cash withdrawals 

Overall, Insane.GG is great gambling with an eclectic catalog of options to have fun, instant customer support, and the possibility to cash out skins or crypto.

The only drawback that keeps the website from being completely flawless is that it’s not available in places like the United States, the UK, France, the Netherlands, Australia, the Czech Republic, Denmark, and other major countries. 

Is Insane.GG a Reputable Site?

Growing more popular every day, Insane.GG managed to become a well-sought-after hub for skin gamblers. Available on desktop and mobile, it is possible to enjoy the website’s gambling catalog on the go.

So far, more than 12 million bets have been placed on the website, resulting in more than $2,361,051 worth of prizes withdrawn.

As part of our assessment, our reviewing team went through thousands of independent reviews posted online to check what users think about Insane.GG. The majority of the opinions are positive, despite a few former users ranting about it here and there.

Apparently, the complaints come mostly from people who did not read the website’s Terms of Use or simply started to wager cluelessly and got lost at the end of the session. 

Is Insane.GG Fair?

All the game modes and cases featured on Insane.GG are 100% Provably Fair. This unique technology was born back in 2012 and has been revolutionizing the gambling world since then.

With Probably Fair, gamblers can rest assured that they are not being cheated by a gambling site, as it is possible to verify the randomness of the results. Neither the platform nor players can change the results of games, which are generated by a complex hashing mechanism.

Basically, the system works based on cryptographic keys that are used to generate random numbers, which subsequently determine the outcome of game modes and cases before players even wager on them.

Once the results are out, players can pick the hash (number ID) associated with each round or case to double-check whether someone has tampered with the results.

Does Insane.GG Have Good Games?

games on insane.gg

Insane.GG has a great selection of gambling options that combine cases and game modes. The catalog goes as follows:

Crash, Roll, and Jackpot are classic skin gambling staples. For players who prefer to try their luck in a lesser-hazard environment, it is possible to have fun opening cases or getting fresh skins in the place of old ones with Upgrades.

The platform’s big standout is “Lava,” a proprietary game where multiple players compete to find the ultimate survivor. The mechanics are simple – the players place a bet and choose a tile from the dashboard.

Each tile has a “door” hidden underneath. This door is the only layer that separates users from a big pool of lava. At the end of each round, some doors will open and others not, determining which players will survive to claim the final prize.

Promotions & Bonuses

Many skin gambling sites have lavish bonus offers, but spread them through different channels and sections, making users confused. To prevent it, Insane.GG concentrates all bonus options in the “Bonuses” section.

The first bonus available on Insane.GG can be claimed via promo code. These free credits can be used to wager on games or open cases, allowing players to play without necessarily spending their own money.

There’s also the “Fan-bonus,” which grants a +25% bonus on top of all deposits. To participate, players must add “INSANE.gg” to the profile nickname and choose between one of the seven stylish mascot pictures to use as the avatar.

The “Skin for Deposit” is another interesting promotion. Basically, players must make a deposit of at least $10 to participate in a regular skin raffle. Similar to the Jackpot, the more funds deposited, the higher the winning chances. 

Does Insane.GG Offer a Good User Experience?

When compared to other CS:GO skin gambling sites, Insane.GG does not follow the “common” layout standard used in the segment. At a glance, the platform’s homepage looks like a combination between a skin cashout site and a crypto exchange.

Keep in mind that this is a compliment, as it demonstrates the website’s thriven to be unique. All game options are displayed on the homepage and are curiously categorized as “Mini Games.”

At the top menu, users will find the “Language” tab, where they can choose between the multiple options available – English, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, and six other languages. Additional sections include Bonuses, Support, and a few other functionalities.

Insane.GG also offers a live chat where users post their stats and share their thoughts with the rest of the community.

How Good is the Coin Exchange Rate at Insane.GG?

The coin exchange rate used on Insane.GG follows the same standard as the Steam Market. Hence, each credit is equivalent to one US dollar, which makes the whole system easier to understand and prevents players from overspending money they don’t have.

Payment Methods

Insane.GG offers a great variety of payment methods that might please the most demanding customers. The main deposit method is through skins. The website supports in-game items from CS:GO, Dota 2, and Rust, which can be deposited via P2P (Steam) or SkinPay. 

For those fonder of virtual assets, it is possible to pay with Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT), and Tron (TRX). Other methods include bank transfers and gift cards from Kinguin.

For withdrawals, players can either opt for CS:GO skins or crypto.  Surprisingly, the same crypto options used for deposits are also available for cashout, which facilitates the whole process for gamblers.

In fact, it’s excellent to find a skin gambling site where players can cash out real money directly without relying on third-party cashout sites.

Customer Support

To request support, you must click on the “Menu” tab, scroll down the options, and select “Support.” Then, you will be redirected to the website’s FAQ, which is well-written and carefully organized by categories and topics.

Most questions answered in this section cover issues involving user accounts, deposits, withdrawals, bonuses, and games. Each of the games has a specific section dedicated to it.

Thankfully, a live chat support tool is also available. At the bottom of the FAQ section, players will find the “I did not find an answer” button. Clicking on this button will immediately open a live chat dashboard for support at the right corner of the screen.

Code: "CR100"