Insane.GG Promo Code

The special Insane.GG promo code for 2023 is "CR100" and can be used or both new and existing customers, enter the bonus code at both registration and when depositing. The promo code can be used across all countries.

The special Insane.GG promo code for 2023 is "CR100" and can be used or both new and existing customers, enter the bonus code at both registration and when depositing. The promo code can be used across all countries.

Many CSGO gambling sites either offer users the chance to indulge in games like CSGO Crash, Roulette, and Coinflip or test their luck in case of openings. InsaneGG combines the best of both worlds and delivers a unique experience for skin lovers.

Still, things can get even better with our list of exclusive promo codes you can activate on the website and claim free bonuses. Are you interested? Check the list below: 

  • “CR100”

Generous deposit bonuses, free skins, and other unique benefits await those who claim one of these promo codes. All you need to do is pick your favorite option, follow a few short steps and claim it immediately. 

In the following guide, you will find how to redeem the Insane.GG promo code and enjoy the bonuses claimed in the best possible style.

How to Redeem the Insane.GG Promo Code  

Some skin gambling websites have complex requirements when it comes to promo codes. Luckily for you, InsaneGG is not one of them. See how easy the steps are to claim your promo code bonus:

  1. Visit insane.gg
  2. Click on “Sign In” on the dashboard’s  top right corner 
  3. Register using your Steam account
  4. Following these steps, click on “Menu”
  5. Scroll down a bit and select the “Bonuses” tab
  6. Enter the Insane.GG promo code “CR100
  7. Activate it and enjoy the benefits!

These exclusive bonuses will make your experience at Insane.GG much more entertaining and profitable, as you can use these additional resources to wager on games or open cases. 

Where Can I Use the Bonuses Claimed

There is nothing worse than a gambling site that promises too much and delivers nothing at the end of the day. InsaneGG is the complete opposite as it allows users to indulge in a solid gambling catalog with their balances filled with promo code bonuses. 

InsaneGG offers a good range of gambling options that include:

Here’s a brief description of each option: 


The higher the multiplier grows, the higher your cashout possibilities are. If you like to enjoy a high-hazard high-reward game, Crash must be part of your gambling session. 


A version of CSGO Roulette, InsaneGG’s Roll allows you to bet on a wheel of spots with different colors (red, black, or green) and symbols. If the wheel spins and stops on the spot chosen, you’re the winner.


A standard feature in different case opening sites, InsaneGG allows you to select skins from your inventory and choose which skin you would like to upgrade them. 

The dashboard shows the multiplier and the chances according to the value of the selected skins. The more equivalent the amount is, the higher your winning chances are. 


A fan favorite in several CS:GO gambling sites, Jackpot is also available. Users are free to join a round and deposit their skins to the pot. The higher the value of the skins deposited, the more tickers the player can get. 

Once it is finally closed, the set will spin around the circle-shaped pot and eventually stop at some point. The selected player is declared the winner and can get the skins in the pot home.


In addition to this great selection of games, InsaneGG is a world-class case-opening website. The platform offers a range of special-themed cases inspired by different topics, such as Anime, slots, NFTs, and even some comical themes. 

To get things even hotter, users can open classic in-game cases like Gamma Cases, Chroma Cases, Clutch Cases, Danger Zone Cases, and several other options. 


Available exclusively on InsaneGG, Lava is a proprietary multi-player game where users must place a bet and choose one among different square-shaped tiles on a dashboard. 

A mix between CSGO Minesweeper and Towers, this game reveals that each tile has a “door” underneath it. Once the doors are opened, different titles can either have lava hidden under them or not move at all.

The players who choose the non-lava tiles survive this novelty game and receive their hardly-earned prize.

Other Insane.GG Promotions

While our list of promo codes is definitely a must for smart skin gamblers, InsaneGG also has other offers and promotions to boost your winning chances.

The first is the “Fan-Bonus” offer, which grants a 25% deposit bonus for players who add “INSANE.gg” to their nicknames with one of the specific avatars required by the platform. Another regular promotion is a skin giveaway called “Skin for Deposit.” 

Players who deposit $10 or more have the chance to be randomly selected to win a neat-looking skin. Keep in mind that the more you deposit on Insane.GG, the higher your chances to be selected are. 

Frequently Asked Questions

A well-laid-out site with generous bonuses and solid gambling options, InsaneGG never fails to deliver a flawless experience. If you want to join the website now, check out our list of exclusive promo codes and make the best use of them. 

To close this guide, we’ve answered the most frequent questions about InsaneGG promo codes:

Are InsaneGG Promo Codes Valid? 

Yes, all promo codes listed in this guide are valid and redeemable. Make sure to claim a bonus and redeem them today. 

Does InsaneGG Accept Non-Skin Deposits?

InsaneGG is a dedicated CS:GO gambling site where players can fund their balances using CS:GO skins and eventually withdraw prizes in the form of skins and cryptocurrencies.