How To Withdraw on Farmskins: Step by Step

If you like a good gambling session dedicated exclusively to open cases or defy the odds against other players in case battles, you certainly have heard about Farmskins. This Estonian website has been around since 2016, cementing its reputation as one of the best places to open crates to drop CSGO skins.

In this article, you will understand the Farmskins withdrawal system and how you can cash out your skins after a lucky drop. If you want to learn how to make a deposit on Farmskins, then check out our guide.

Withdrawing CSGO Items on Farmskins – Background & Stats

It is not possible to understand how to withdraw skins on Farmskins without a good sight of the platform as a whole. While the platform offers several methods available for deposits, the only withdrawal method for users is through CSGO skins.

In recent years, the platform was largely exposed to criticism due to the lack of a provably fair system. Most case opening sites have adopted this system, which guarantees transparency and fairness.

This encryption-based system allows users to verify the results of all rolls using a hash that is attached to each result. After opening cases, users can simply copy the encrypted code of each roll and use it to verify whether it was random.

Farmskins has not yet adopted this system but never experienced any issues associated with fraud, hacker attacks, or other severe cases that would smear the platform’s good reputation. Since 2016, the website has been operating in a high-quality fashion.

The website’s sponsorship of world-class CSGO tournaments and its active interaction with customers on social media also helps to solidify its respectability. Ultimately, Farmskins is safe and recommendable for CSGO case fans. 

How to Withdraw Skins on Farmskins – In Detail 

Both deposits and withdrawals on Farmskins have specific rules gamblers must comply with to complete transactions. Firstly, it is not possible to withdraw any items without depositing funds to one’s balance at least once. 

If you have never deposited money on Farmskins, make sure to deposit at least $4 (minimum deposit requirement) to enable withdrawals. The pricing standard used on the site follows the US dollar pattern, which facilitates the process for players around the world.

Whether you have deposited skins, cryptocurrency, or fiat currency, your balance will show the equivalent amount converted to US dollars. After opening cases, users also receive Gaben’s Bullets, a special virtual currency that can be exchanged for special cases and items on the website’s built-in store.

Withdrawing Items on Farmskins – Step-by-Step 

The process to cash out skins from Farmskins is not rocket science, as the steps look pretty similar to those found on other case opening sites. The first step is to sign-up for the platform by clicking on “Sign in Through Steam.”

This button is highlighted in green and located at the screen’s top right corner. Once registered, you must explore the website’s P2P marketplace and find skins you are interested in. After selecting the chosen CSGO skins, you must click on “Accept” to withdraw the items.

The selected items will be transferred to your Steam account. Before receiving the item through the Steam trading system, you must accept the trade request from the automated bot on Farmskins.

Please note that your Steam account’s privacy settings and Trade Offer URL must be set to “Public.” Otherwise, you will not be able to receive and accept skin offers on Farmskins.


In the following topics, you’ll find concise answers to the most frequent questions on Farmskins’ withdrawal system and rules. Check it out:

Is it Possible to Withdraw on Farmskins without Depositing on My Balance?

No, as users need to deposit at least $4 (minimum deposit requirement) to unlock withdrawals on Farmskins.

What Do I Do If the Skin I Want is Not Available on Farmskins?

There are two options in such case – you can either choose a skin of equivalent value available for an instant withdrawal or request a delayed delivery. 

Dan Norris, Author at CSGORadar
Dan Norris, Author at CSGORadar
Daniel Norris
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