How to Play Roobet in USA

Gambling has been one of the oldest forms of entertainment in human history, but the expansion of the internet and digital gambling made it a global fever. Gamblers have never enjoyed prizes as profitable as those available today, especially when it comes to online casinos.

Roobet is a newly launched online casino with an extensive list of gambling options. Unfortunately, the website is not available in some countries, but players can circumvent this problematic issue using specific methods. Read on to discover how to play Roobet in the USA. 

Why Should I Play Roobet in the USA?

Founded in 2019, Roobet was the first online casino focused on cryptocurrencies as the main payment methods for users. So far, users have been depositing and withdrawing funds from the website exclusively through Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), and Ethereum (ETH). 

Cryptocurrencies do not depend on banking services or other government-controlled services, which allows users to use them on gambling with utmost privacy and no dependency on third party’s processing.

This factor made Roobet an even more reliable option for online gamblers, especially those seeking not to expose their gambling activities on credit card statements and other receipts. Additionally, crypto transactions are instantly processed, guaranteeing efficient deposit and withdrawals.

Another advantage of Roobet are the excellent promotions. In addition to the Roobet promo code, gamblers can enjoy a generous Welcome Bonus (70 Free Spins worth $80 for each player), an exclusive $100,000 Winter Giveaway, and other Roowards granted by mascot Roo. 

Roobet is available in different countries worldwide, but the United States is one unfortunate exception. USA’s strict regulations on online gambling restrict the ability to players to enjoy Roobet without relying on alternative strategies.

How Can I Play Roobet from the USA? 

The best alternative to play Roobet from the USA is to secure an efficient Virtual Private Network (VPN). This service will help you encrypt your internet traffic on unsecured networks, protecting your virtual identity and hiding your IP address.

This way, it is perfectly possible to visit websites unavailable in your jurisdiction, including gambling sites like Roobet. After getting a reliable VPN service, users from the USA must select a server from Canada, Japan, or any other allowed countries.

The full list of unrestricted countries is available on Roobet’s Terms of Service page. With a reliable service, US gamblers can visit Roobet normally, set up an account, and start gambling their way to profitable wins!

Playing Roobet from the USA – Selecting a Reliable VPN Service 

It is clear that you cannot play Roobet in the USA without a VPN service. Online security is the number one concern for US gamblers, considering you need to encrypt your connection and hide your IP address to enjoy the privilege of private gambling online. 

A robust VPN service allows you to connect to a remove server located on another country and browse the internet privately. Either you want to gamble online, pass through censorship, or access content blocked in the USA, a VPN will help you to attain your goal.

However, choosing a solid VPN service requires attention to certain factors. If a VPN does not meet specific criteria, it cannot be considered a good option to US gamblers seeking to play Roobet. 

Robust Encryption & Superior Data Protection 

If you want to gamble online on Roobet, the last thing you want is to be identified. A good VPN must offer a strong security protocol (e.g., OpenVPN, SSTP, etc.), encrypting your data and protect you from hackers and other cyber threats while you enjoy the world’s best online casino games.

Additionally, the selected VPN service must offer a no-logs policy, ensuring that it will not keep any record of the user’s connection date or any other online activity. 

Another important factor is the existence of IP and DNS leak protection. Without these two elements, your IP address and DNS can be expose when you are gambling online, which could result in disaster. 

Internet Kill Switch

An often-overlooked aspect of VPN services, the Internet Kill Switch is vital for US online gamblers playing Roobet anonymously. This feature ensures that your identity will not be exposed on the internet if the VPN connection drops for any reason, never revealing your IP address to whatever web-tracking tools.

Broad Server Network, Speed & Reliability

A broad server network ensures high speed and reliability, as the US Roobet gamblers can choose from an extensive list of servers located in different parts of the globe. Additional benefits include no lags or delays with stable connection all day long. 

Playing Roobet Games in The US

These are the fundamentals US gamblers need to know when seeking to have fun with Roobet’s great gaming catalog and bonuses. Some players opt for using free VPN, but this is far from ideal. 

Free VPNs do not offer the required level of protection for online gamblers, and may also contain malware or expose users to data leaks. When choosing a good Roobet VPN, US gamblers should opt for high-quality version of services like NordVPN, Surfshark, or AtlasVPN.