How to Play Roobet in Australia

Considered the world’s first crypto-only online casino, Roobet earned a solid reputation with a great list of gambling options, generous promotions, and a great sportsbook. Ironically, the website with a smiling kangaroo named “Roo” as its mascot is unavailable in Australia.

It is a problem for Aussie gamblers avid for a fun session of pure and profitable fun? Of course not! While there are restrictions from gamblers from Australia, it is perfectly possible to play Roobet down under. Read on to find alternatives to playing Roobet in Australia. 

Benefits of Playing Roobet in Australia

Roobet offers a great combination of gambling options and lavish bonuses, including the Roobet promo code, free spins, and other benefits that can be used to bet on games like:

Gamblers have three options for deposits and withdrawals – Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), and Ethereum (ETH). Cryptocurrencies do not depend on banks or other intermediaries to function, which means users can seamlessly use them to gamble online with utmost privacy.

Bank transfers or other traditional methods would require processing days, while e-wallets would charge expensive fees. Crypto payments result in smaller fees and more effectiveness. 

How to Play Roobet in Australia

Unfortunately, Australia is listed among the blacklisted countries on Roobet’s Terms of Services, including the free Roobet promo code. Any of the website’s games and features are available for Aussie gamblers, requiring a Virtual Private Network (VPN) Service to circumvent this inconvenient obstacle.  

Once you’ve installed and activated an efficient VPN service, it will hide your identity and “spoof” your IP address. This way, accessing content blocked in your country, including gambling sites, streaming services, and other pages not available in your jurisdiction is easy. 

With a good VPN in place, Australian gamblers must connect with a server located in a Roobet-friendly country, such as Canada, Japan, or Mexico. Another advantage of VPNs is virtual protection, which will shield your connection from online threats while you enjoy Roobet’s game catalog. 

Can Roobet Detect Whether Am I Using a VPN in Australia?

If an Australian player fails to use a strong VPN connection, Roobet may send a message stating that the website has detected the use of a VPN. One of the reasons behind this message is usually because the online casino has already blacklisted that IP address, but poor structuring and data leaks might also explain this event.

Some players receive a message from Roobet’s support team requesting information for a location check. In such cases, the player may be required to disable any VPN service. Many gamblers fail when they choose free VPNs to play Roobet.

In addition to poor performance and slow speed, free VPNs may expose your connection to cyber threats and data leaks. Some paid VPN services may also not be sufficiently good to bypass Roobet’s watch, resulting in a frozen account or a request to verify your location.

Choosing an ideal VPN service is the only way to avoid these unpleasant situations and shield your identity to guarantee full privacy when navigating online as a “stealth gambler.” The key elements to finding a robust VPN include:

Carefully Reviewing User Opinions Online 

Many reviews are paid and do not always tell the non-unbiased truth about specific services. You must not believe anything you read online, considering most VPN companies rely on paid copyrighters to make them stand out among competitors in online reviews.

Instead of researching article after article, the best approach is relying on common sense and filtering out honest user reviews found on unbiased platforms. 

VPN Companies vs. Local Laws  

If the country where the VPN service is established has laws permitting government authorities to collect and store data from the entity, it may compromise your privacy as a user. The lack of legal control may also be a problem, which results in a sword of two edges. Be careful and reasonable when reviewing a VPN service’s Terms of Use. 

No Logs Policy 

As an anonymous user, you do not want any information related to your connection stored anywhere. Hence, a good VPN server must have a no-logs policy to guarantee they are not storing connection logs. 

Variety of Servers 

The more high-quality servers spread around the world, the better. Providing many server options allows users to choose servers from different locations and avoid crowding on a single server, which is often why Roobet players using VNPs get caught. 

Enjoying Roobet’s Gambling in Australia

A common concern for Aussie gamblers is preserving anonymity, especially avoiding gambling-related information associated with credit card statements and other receipts. A full VPN service will kill two birds with a single stone, protecting your identity and connection while you have fun gambling on Roobet. 

Another advantage of Roobet’s crypto-only policy is the ease of depositing and withdrawing funds from Australia. Whether you want to fund an account or cash out your gains, it can be done within minutes.