How to Play Duelbits in USA: VPNs for Duelbits

Fan of Duelbits but you live in the USA? Even though it’s restricted over there, it’s still possible to play your favorite gambling games at Duelbits with the help of a VPN. Let’s show you how to do it, so you can start playing today!

Duelbits Gambling Experience – What You Need to Know 

Founded in 2020, Duelbits is already considered one of the world’s best online gambling platforms. The most accurate word to describe Duelbits’ catalog is variety. 

If you want to enjoy a classic gambling experience, feel free to wager on more than 50 options of live dealer games. For fans looking for something newer, the platform offers Crash, Plinko, Mines, and Dice.

The website recently expanded the number of available gaming options with the “Sports” section, which allows gamblers to bet on almost every existing sport – from baseball to iGaming (e.g., CS:GO).

In addition to several payment options available, Duelbits is crypto-friendly and also allows users to withdraw CS:GO skins. 

Why Should You Use a VPN to Play Duelbits in USA?

Similar to several online gambling websites, Duelbits operates in several countries across the globe. The problem is many countries still restrict their residents’ access to the platform, including the United States.

The list of countries that completely blocked Duelbits within their jurisdictions includes the USA, the United Kingdom, Aruba, Austria, Bonaire, France, Netherlands, Australia, Spain, Saba, Statia, and St Martin.

According to the Duelbits “Terms of Service,” the website is banned in “any other jurisdiction that the Central Government of Curaçao (formerly the Netherlands Antilles) deems online gambling illegal or are blacklisted.”

If you are located in the USA and try to access the site, you’ll only face an error message signaling that “Your region is blocked from accessing Duelbits.” To bypass these geographic restrictions and enjoy the best online gambling experience, you can use a VPN service.

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) basically extends your private network across a public network, which allows you to exchange data across shared and public networks as if they were directly connected to your network.

With a reputable VPN service, you’ll be issued with an IP address from a region that has the right to access Duelbits. This way, it is possible to unblock the website from the United States, enjoy your gambling, and win big prizes.

How To Play Duelbits In USA – Step-by-Step

Using a VPN to play Duelbits is easier than you might think, as it is plain to see in the following steps:

  • Choose a reputable VPN service 
  • Download and install the VPN’s software 
  • Connect to a server in a country that allows you to play on Duelbits (e.g., Canada)
  • Once you’re properly connected, visit Duelbits.com using our special link
  • If you are not registered, click on “Register” to create an account
  • Remember not to provide real details when registering
  • If you are already registered, click on “Login” to sign in
  • Select your favorite game and payment methods for a deposit
  • Fund your account and start wagering to win!

One of the advantages of Duelbits is the possibility to use cryptocurrencies, which allows USA players to deposit and withdraw funds without depending on standard payment methods.

In addition to Visa, Mastercard, Skrill, WebMoney, PayPal, and Paysafecard, users are free to deposit funds using Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Litecoin, and BNB. To withdraw your winnings, you can choose between the same crypto options or CS:GO skins.

Ranking the Best VPN Services for Duelbits’ Players

Using a VPN is an amazing idea to circumvent the access restriction to Duelbits in the United States. However, it does not mean that choosing the appropriate VPN service is as simple as Google searching it and installing the first option available.

Before starting to use a VPN, you must be aware that any VPN that promises to be free is not in fact. The internet is filled with thousands of pages reviewing different VPN services, but the majority of the reviews are probably not independent.

Each VPN has its own privacy policy, which customers must review and double-check to identify possible loopholes. Unfortunately, thousands of servers may expose users of certain VPN connections to cybersecurity risks. 

Is it Possible to Rely on Free VPNs and Play Duelbits in the USA? 

It is not hard to find VPN providers promising to offer their services for free, which is something US gamblers should run away from.

From time to time, VPN services offering their services “for free” are caught selling customer data to unauthorized third parties. Plus, none of these so-called “free” VPN is sophisticated enough to bypass Duelbits region-restricted content. 

An alternative for Duelbits’ players is to sign up for a free trial of a respected VPN service, test its efficiency for a while, and later decide whether it is worth the investment. 

How We Picked the Best VPN Services for US Duelbits’ Players

Our team consisting of experienced VPN users and cybersecurity experts assessed the most respected VPN services available in 2024 to conclude which one offers the “crème de la crème” for Duelbits’ players. The criteria used in our in-depth assessment include: 

The User’s Ability to Unblock Duelbits 

The main goal is to unblock Duelbits for US online gamblers, which means no other topic could be the priority in the assessment list. Whenever you are located in the United States, the VPN service must consistently permit you to bypass the geo-block without any issues involved.

The User’s Ability to Unblock Other Contents 

Although the focus of the review is to unblock Duelbits in the United States, a proper VPN service must be sufficiently capable of unblocking other region-restricted content, such as streaming sites, gaming platforms, and foreign channels.

The Number and Quality of Servers 

The more servers a VPN grants you the right to rely on, the better the service tends to be. To unblock content from restricted regions, you need an overwhelming number of high-quality servers spread around the world.

Fast Processing for Gaming 

Enjoying the perfect gambling experience on Duelbits requires fast processing. Unblocking the content is not sufficient, as constant lags could ruin the entire experience. Our list of selected VPNs only features options with reliable processing speeds.

Security and Reliability 

No matter how efficient a VPN service might be, you cannot use it properly unless you can trust it. Strong security is a crucial aspect of a good VPN, especially if you are funding your gambling with cryptocurrencies.

The VPN providers featured in our list offer a list of security tools like military-grade encryption, a no-logs policy, and other valuable solutions.

Fair Pricing 

If you want a good VPN provider, you must pay for it. However, it does not matter if you need to sell a house or a car to purchase a VPN subscription. We’ve dived into each option’s pricing catalog to identify which one offers the best price and special plans for long-term users.

Best VPN Options to Wager on Duelbits in USA – 2024 Updated

Selecting the best VPN options for Duelbits players is not an easy task. To help you save time and effort in this herculean task, we provide an updated review of the best VPNs to play Duelbits from the US.


One of the world’s most respected VPN providers, NordVPN is considered the best option for Duelbits players in the United States. This service provider offers over 5500 worldwide servers, including from Duelbits-friendly countries like Canada and Germany.

If you want access to additional content, NordVPN allows you to unblock an immense list of restricted contents from any country. Another aspect of NordVPN is the solid security tools and consistent processing speed for both streaming and gaming.

Additionally, the monthly price paid for subscriptions starts from $3.09. Whether you are on a tight budget, NordVPN allows you to enjoy its services at affordable prices. Special coupons and promotions are also available from time to time.

In short, if you want a VPN service with fast speed processing for multiple purposes, independent audits, solid security, and a multitude of international servers for an affordable amount, NordVPN is the way to go.


Another great VPN option for US gamblers is Surfshark. Considered one of the most budget-friendly VPN providers, it has over 3200 servers across the globe, including countries that allow you to play on Duelbits.

Featuring military-grade encryption and unlimited connections available at the same time, Surfshark allows you to enjoy superior processing speed. If you are focusing on price, Surfshark offers plans that start at $2.49/month.

The price chart increases as more advanced plans offer more features, but this VPN provider is considered the best in terms of price. If you are smart enough, you can find a good Duelbits promo code to get a nice percentage off the subscription price.

At the end of the day, Surfshark is the best option for US gamblers focused on saving money. Despite the cheap prices, this VPN provider delivers a high-standard user experience.


As its name suggests, IPVanish promises to vanish away any signs of private connections on unblocked contents. If you want a solid VPN focused on region-restricted content, this option has a reputable background among users.

Boasting over 2000 servers spread around 50 countries, you can use servers from Canada, Mexico, and Germany to access Duelbits from the United States. In addition, you can enjoy other streaming sites and gaming platforms in between intervals from gambling.

Similar to the other options featured in our list, this budget-friendly solution offers plans starting at $3.99/month. It is not hard to find coupons to seize advantage of seasonal promotions.

Even though IPVanish offers a similar standard to the other options featured in our list, the website does not accept Bitcoin (BTC) and is not available for users located in China.


ExpressVPN is a world-class service available for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Linux that offers unlimited broadband virtual private network, which makes your connection rapid and encrypted.

If you are looking for a beginner-friendly VPN service, ExpressVPN combines high-level tools with an intuitive app that anyone can install and use without any IT savvy required. Here’s a list of some other benefits offered by ExpressVPN:

  • Over 3000 servers in 94 countries
  • No storage of activity logs or any other data that could be used against users
  • Solid obfuscated servers
  • TrustedServer technology
  • Split-tunneling technology 
  • Up to five simultaneous connections
  • Safe 256-bit Encryption
  • Features automatic kill switch
  • Flexible performance with large set of VPN protocols (i.e., OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec, IKEv2, and Lightway) 
  • Responsive customer support available 24/7

Once you’ve installed and activated the program, you can rest assured that no one will snoop around or interfere with your traffic while you are accessing geo-blocked websites.

Additionally, the service allows you to change the IP address for any of the 97 locations in 78 countries around the world and unlock an extensive list of geographically restricted content. 

Another positive point is that ExpressVPN provides technical support 24 hours a day. If you suddenly find out something is wrong, you can quickly reach out to them through a live chat query or by email.

In terms of payment options, customers can use Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, PayPal, among others. For those who prefer an anonymous registration, it is possible to pay with Bitcoin (BTC).

For users overconcerned with their privacy, it is fundamental to understand that ExpressVPN collects only limited information.

For example, it can collect your email and payment method information used for subscription, but you can create a new email only for subscription and pay with Bitcoin for full privacy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Congratulations! Now you know everything you need to access Duelbits from the United States using a solid VPN and enjoy the best online gambling. In the following section, we answered the most frequent questions about VPNs and access to Duelbits from the USA.

Why is Duelbits Blocked in the United States?

Both at the federal and state levels, US legislation tends to be restrictive towards online gambling. Accordingly, Duelbits has to comply with local regulations by restricting its services to users located in the USA.

For legal reasons, US residents that try to access Duelbits’ platform are automatically blocked. The only way to circumvent this inconvenient circumstance is to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) provider.

Is it Legal to Use a VPN to Play Duelbits?

It is perfectly legal to use a VPN in the United States. Please note that Duelbits considers the use of VPNs to bypass geo-restrictions a violation of its “Terms of Service.” 

As of the date of this article’s publishing date, we did not find a case involving a gambler subject to sanctions on Duelbits due to VPN use. Ultimately, the best idea is to use a strong VPN and always play undetected. 

What’s the Best VPN to Play Duelbits in the USA? 

Choosing the best VPN service depends on your personal needs and budget. Generally, the most recommended VPN service for Duelbits’ players is NordVPN, especially if you are located in the United States.

Other reliable options include Surfshark, IPVanish, and ExpressVPN. The first allows you to unlock any region-restricted website from anywhere for a budget-friendly price, while the other two are both reputable options among the Duelbits community.